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Eagle-Research is doing very well building it's reputation for practical solutions that are delivered in a home-grown, no fluff, and cooperative manner that more and more people are showing their appreciation for.

Brown's Gas
George Wiseman is not the original discoverer of Brown's Gas, but he sure has brought the technology to the world in a practical, usable, best all around, machine in the world. The ER1150 Water Torch is blazing a trail around the globe.

Fuel Savers
Satisfied customers around the world have implemented Eagle-Research fuel savers with glowing success. In fact, quite a number of people have started businesses of their own selling and installing Eagle-Research fuel savers. (bulk pricing is available)

Free Energy
If ever there was a gathering of charlatans, silver-tongued charmers and hopeful, but misguided groupies, one finds them in 'free energy'. It's not because the concept of free-energy is a hoax or that legitimate and viable alternatives can't or don't exist, it's that the great Need for solutions to our energy challenges can blind a lot of people to the facts. Eagle-Research doesn't claim to have all the answers, in fact many of our free-energy offerings are in the theory and early development stages - but we don't gloss over the realities of transforming free-energy from phantom to fact!

That's a great Idea!
The dream is big, the time and budget constraints must be reckoned with. Gradually, we're puting the pieces in place to build a globally-linked, 'community' of creative thinkers to help solve the serious challenges humanity is faced with. In the meantime, we keep doing the research to find the best all around, practical energy solutions.

Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival is a compact mixture of easy to implement preparedness information (urban & rural); not-so-common commonsense; action-oriented organization and a healthy serving of Good News that's gaining attention and getting applause everwhere it goes!

No Patents
Eagle-Research does not patent! Learn why it is better (for us) NOT to patent.

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