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Make money! 

With no money investment and no inventory! 

Can you email, chat, text, Facebook, Twitter, comment on blogs?

Can you talk to your friends and people who would be interested in fuel saving?

With any one (or all) of the above you could be earning money promoting our products.  Its fast and easy to set up.  Everything is free, there is NO COST to start making money.

We place NO LIMIT to what you can earn. Frankly your earning will depend on your willingness and ability to put your Affiliate Link(s) where people will click and order.  

Each link you put out there will stay and continue to work for you as you post more and more!

You'll then be making money while you sleep, go on vacation, spend quality time with your family and friends, go back to school or anything else that is meaningful to YOU.  The whole world is full of your potential customers and as they order from us, your commission money is automatically credited to your ER Affiliate account.

The Internet is open 24 hours a day, so you can work any hours you choose.  Your 'work' schedule will be flexible and/or this can be a supplemental income to a ‘real’ job.  Your money will also be 'arriving' as people buy product anytime of the day or night.


 HOW?  It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Sign up as an Eagle-Research Affiliate (it's all free).  

Just log into your Eagle-Research user account at
https://www.eagle-research.com/cms/user    (start an account if you haven't already)

Click the 'Affiliate Signup' tab at the top of your user account overview page.
If you agree to the terms and conditions (posted below), click the 'accept' button.

Note: Some people may not see an "Affiliate Signup' tab.  For those people just click on the 'Affiliate' tab and then look for the button to turn on your Affiliate privileges.

2. Get your Affiliate Link(s).  

An Affiliate Link is a customized link to a page on our site that contains your username (or user number) which you can post to lots of places on the internet.  

When someone clicks on your link, they are directed to eagle-research.com and the website automatically records them as being your referral.
(a 'cookie' is also placed on their computer so that the website will 'recognize' them if they come back, via any other link, for a year).  
If they make an Eagle-Research user account or place an order (for even a 'free' productwithin the year, YOU get a percentage of anything they buy... 'forever'.

To find your Affiliate Link(s)
log into your account at
Then click the 'Affiliates' tab at the top of the page.

The next page you see will be the 'Affiliates Dashboard'.  It gives you an overview of the current activity on your affiliate account.  Near the bottom of this page you can see your affiliate link for THAT page. This general Affiliate Link will bring your potential referees to the home page of the Eagle-Research eStore.

(e.g., my affiliate link for the main eStore page is: 
http://www.eagle-research.com/cms/catalog?a=5 )

Now you can find your affilliate link for ANY page on the Eagle-Research website by going to the very bottom (right side) of any page and clicking on the 'affilliate link';
THEN, after the page 're-loads', copy the resulting link (url) that's in the address line of your browser.  THAT is your affiliate link for THAT page. 

THAT LINK can be copied and pasted into Facebook, forum or blog posts, web pages, emails, or anywhere else that people might see it.  

These 'customized links' are VERY helpful to your affiliate campaign, because you can customize your sales text to encourage people to click on your links... and when they findwhat they EXPECTED, then they're likely to stay and read, then buy SOMETHING (usually a little something at first, just to test me out).  Remember what it was like when YOU first found me.

So, for example, if posting on fuel saving websites, or YouTube, or Blogs, etc. that talk about  fuel savers, you might write something like this:

Here's part 1 of a eBook called "Double Mileage, Guaranteed", (use the 100% discount code on the eBook sales page)

Obviously use YOUR affiliate link instead of mine.  
If they download this eBook, YOU just locked them in as your affiliate customer and will receive a commission on anything they actually buy FOREVER.  

People are MUCH more likely to buy something after they've tried out my information.

Again... If you'd like a 'customized' affiliate link to a specific page on our site, look for the 'Affiliate Link' text at the bottom of the page you want to link to and click on it. 
Our website will then create a customized affiliate link for that page, just for YOU.  
The customized link will appear in the url bar at the top of your browser.

(you need to be signed into your ER account and signed up to be an affiliate to see this link on our pages)
Copy this link and use it (paste it into) in your online promotions.
Tip: One way you can quickly copy your customized link is by right (control) clicking on it and choosing the 'Copy Link' option.

If you want to get a little more fancy (and more noticeable), try copying the HTML code for an affiliate banner (make sure you get it all).  Banners need to be posted on webpages that you control because they are inserted directly into the page's html code.

3 Get a PayPal account.

In order for us to pay you simply and efficiently you will need an account at PayPal.com  It's free.  We ONLY pay our affiliates via PayPal, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Your PayPal email address can be different from your Eagle-Research user account email address.  
Even if they are the same, you need to log into your ER user account and record your PayPal payment email address there, or the ER website will not be able to pay you.

Once you have a PayPal account, log into your account with us at https://www.eagle-research.com/cms/user then click the 'Edit' tab at the top of the page.  This page allows you to modify your account information and password. 

If you scroll down a little you can also add your 'PayPal Email Address' under the 'Affiliate settings' section.  Please fill in this field (even if it's the same as the email you have on your user account)


You are now set up and ready to make money

4 Start spreading the Good News!

All you have to do is put your Affiliate Link(s) (and a bit of appropriate text) in places your Link will be clicked on by people who should be interested in buying (called targeted traffic).

The Eagle-Research website automatically records anyone that comes through YOUR Affiliate Links. If that person buys any Book, Resource or Product YOU GET CREDITED 40% of the sale for Books (literature) and/or Resources and 10% for sales of products (we don't have much markup on our products).

IMPORTANT!  We maintain high ethical standards.  As an Affiliate your promotion/link/text will be the 'face' the customers first 'see'.
We absolutely require you to be honest 
as you promote our products or we WILL shut off your Affiliate privileges.  

We are taking a big risk, allowing affiliates to promote our products.  Don't promise what we don't actually deliver.  If you have any question about your wording, or have marketing ideas you think will help, just run it past us!  

PLEASE make us proud to have you as an Affiliate :) 

Twice per month we payout qualifying accounts.  
At this time these credits do not expire, so you have as much time as you need to build up enough to get paid.  
Some affiliate programs, like Clickbank, have a policy of charging an 'inactive' fee for dormant accounts... We won't do that without
1. informing you via the eNews and
2. seeing a real need to clean up/out dormant accounts.

FYI, we do NOT report your earnings to any taxation agency.  
You are independent contractors that have the responsibility to report your own 'income'.
Note that money made using this affiliate program is NOT 'income' as defined by the USA IRS taxation code.  If you are in the USA you do NOT need to report this money as 'income', nor any other money that doesn't come from a Federal source (learn more at losthorisons.com)


Money making Strategies

Of course there are a LOT of affiliate marketing strategies (ways to make money as an affiliate). You can find lots of good advise on the Internet... But do beware, there are lots of scams too.  If you find strategies that work, please share them because the more of us that are effectively spreading the word (telling the truth) out there, the better it'll be for us all.

Here is our own simple Affiliate Money Making Strategies document as a PDF (click).  
We'll continue to develop (and change) this PDF so pay attention to the version number.

I have GREAT news for Eagle-Research Affiliates.  You can now tell anyone, whom you are referring, that if they use your affiliate link, they will automatically get a 10% discount on anything in the ER eStore.  This 'affiliate discount' cannot be combined with any other discount and is separate from your referral commission.

This affiliate customer discount is designed to help people order using your affiliate code, rather than just ordering from us directly (without your code).

These Strategies are specifically designed to help you sell our Products.  

A few NON-Internet ideas are:
1. Write up your experiences in 'letters to the editor' or 'press releases' or have a reporter do a 'story' on your project for your local paper (include your link).
2. Make business cards and/or brochures that you can pass out when you talk about your project (include your link).
3. Distribute flyers to local businesses or onto vehicles in parking lots, make them nice because this is a kind of spam (include your link). 


Q ~ How do I get my money?
A. Once you have over $100 credit, you can request a payout through your Eagle-Research user account.  We process payouts twice a month.  We ONLY payout through PayPal, so be sure your PayPal email address is added under the 'Affiliate Settings' section of your account.

Q ~ Can I track my income?
A. Yes, you'll find the details under the 'Affiliates' tab of your Eagle-Research user account.

Q ~ What about future orders from a customer I referred?
A. The ER website records, right in the customer's user profile when they make an order, who the referring Affiliate is and whenever that customer orders again the original Affiliate will get his/her commission.  
Many people do place a small order at first and then make a second larger order when they receive our products and learn we are not frauds.

Q ~ What if the customer doesn't order when they first visit?
The cookie on their computer is set to one year.
This means that if a person goes to the eagle site through your affiliate link, the cookie placed on their computer will remember them each time they come back within the next year, even if they don’t create an account or place an order.  
If they do create an account within that year, that account is permanently recorded as being referred by YOU, and ALL future purchases on that account will earn the YOU a commission.

Note: If the cookie is deleted from or superseded on the person's computer (by clicking on a different eagle affiliate's link) before an eagle-research.com account is created, the original referrer will not be credited.


Affiliate Terms and Conditions:

We wrote these Terms and Conditions after reviewing T&Cs from websites that have had Affiliate Programs for a number of years, so have figured out the potential issues and how to deal with them.  

We fully expect that our Affiliates will operate from principles of integrity and thus the 'legal remedies' will not be required.  It's a bunch of reading but it's a good idea that you take the time to go through it so that you'll be aware of the detailed rules we'll be applying to the Program.

Generally, who reads all that stuff?  If you choose not to read it, be assured that it's all 'boilerplate standard' that boils down to:  Follow the proceedures listed above, treat the program with respect and dignity and we won't cut you off, keep the money and sue you.

We WANT you to succeed and make a bunch of money because frankly, when you make money, so do we.  
BUT NO AMOUNT OF MONEY is worth compromising our integreity, which I have maintained since first starting my business in 1984.

Everything you need to know, to make money, is listed in the 4 STEPS above.
DO ASK if you have any doubts or questions.  

If there are any changes to the Terms and Conditions since you last viewed them, you'll see a red 'updated' next to the page that has changed text.  You may need to be logged into your ER account to see the 'updated' notice.

Have FUN with this, because making money CAN BE FUN :)


PROVEN RESULTS ON FILE FAIR MARKETING DISCLAIMER TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER Eagle-Research advocates fair marketing practices in all endevours.  Therefore, in support of government efforts to protect the common good, we have created these icons (left).   Statements on this page may be subject to any or all of these self-policing icons.   Click on the icons for detailed information.
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