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How to use Brown's Gas for health enhancement

Disclaimer: I cannot give any specific advise or I'd be 'practicing' medicine without a license.  I'm reporting 'rumors'.  Experiment at your own risk.

There are a lot of rumors floating around.  I'm trying to confirm them with facts.  So far, this is the best I can report:


Treatment protocol 1: 
To drink nothing but pure distilled water that has been 'hydrogenated' by bubbling Brown's Gas (BG) through it.  I do not know how long it takes to get maximum hydrogen absorption.  I'm guessing about 10 minutes per liter of water using a BG gas rate of 50 liters per hour.


It may be possible to detect maximum hydrogen absorption using some sort of Ph testing.  Ph means 'potential of hydrogen' and each of the 14 'steps' is logrithmic, meaning 10 times more hydrogen than the last.


There are also Oxygen-Reduction Potential (ORP) meters that respond well to BG treated water.  When measuring BG enhanced water, supposedly a low ORP is better.  BG bubbled water tests very low ORP.


There are many oxygen therapies and there is now an established belief that oxygenated water is good for human health.  Certainly, oxygen has been proven to reduce or eliminate some pathogens in water.


We are (by weight) mostly oxygen and oxygen is needed by nearly every chemical process in our bodies.  As much as we need it, oxygen is also a poison that can kill us if the mechanisms in our bodies don't control it.  Free oxygen, known as free radicals, cause huge damage inside our bodies.


Brown's Gas is a mixture of energized hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor (click).


There now seems to be some evidence that 'hydrogenated' water is much more 'healthful' than oxygenated water.  It seems that most of body ills and perhaps even aging are either caused by or predisposed by a lack of hydrogen in our bodies.  


We are (by volume) mostly made of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is essential in nearly every chemical reaction in our bodies.  It helps maintain cell vitality and absorbs free radicals before then can do much damage.


Most liquids that we drink today, even some water, are 'dehydrating'. This causes the body to become chronically 'dehydrated'.  Dehydration seems to be a cause or a contributing factor for nearly all disease.


BG bubbled water seems to 'hydrate' the body like nothing else on earth.  Seeming to enhance all body functions.  I've been drinking it almost exclusively (few other liquids) since July 1, 2004; but you won't see my testimonial anywhere because, as my wife points out, I have a 'vested interest' (I sell books and kits to help people make BG).  


Topically applied, BG hydrogenated water has been rumored to promote the healing of wounds, 'curing' infections and even skin cancer. 
The people reporting this say to keep the area 'wet' with the BG bubbled water.  They used cotton balls to hold the water and plastic bottle caps to hold the cotton and to keep the cotton from drying out. Changing the dressings frequently, as intuition guides you.


Treatment protocol 2: 
Bubble the BG through clean water and breathe the gas directly.  This will put the BG directly into the bloodstream.  Maybe start with only a couple of breaths a day and increase slowly until comfortable that it is enough.


The gas is explosive, so have NO ignition sources nearby while the gas is in your lungs.  Even static electricity can ignite BG!  Perform this protocol at your own risk (I do NOT recommend it)!

Also, the bubbling through water is to clean out the tiny bit of lye that comes out with the BG.  Use fresh water in the bubbler each time you breathe the gas.  Lye in the lungs will cause a form of pneumonia (I've accidentally done it and it isn't comfortable).


Also, the oxygen in BG is very reactive and may feel 'rough' if you breathe it directly.  Obviously, don't continue treatment that seems to harm.


Treatment protocol 3: 
Using the gas directly on the skin.  For example, to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a technique is to put on plastic or rubber gloves and feed the gas into the glove.  You do not need much pressure or gas volume.  So far, several short treatments seem to work better than a single long one.  Like 10 minutes three times a day.


Imagination is needed to make apparatus for other parts of the body, like suction cups or such.  I've heard ideas to use full body suits, like dry suits.  Maybe even a huge plastic bag.  Again, it is an explosive mixture, you must have NO ignition sources - even static electricity can ignite BG.

Direct gas application like this is said to be healing cramps, arthritis, etc.  See research done by Loyd Jacob, a chiropractor in Spokane Washington. Loyd's patients now insist on having BG as a part of their treatment.


Treatment protocol 4: 
Make 'new water' using an apparatus that collects the water reformed by the BG flame. I have not yet built my own apparatus.  Research in this area has been done by Joseph Bender and Norman Wootan.


You can just point the flame directly at water, and the water will collect the 'condensed' new water.

This new water has properties that seems to allow 'programming' and 'transmutation'.  


Program the water by having the environment you want to impress upon the drinker (or plants) in existence when the new water is formed (created) from the BG flame.


Rumors about transmutation (click): 


Once you have the reformed water, you put it in a transparent container.  Have sunlight shine through the material (you want to 'transmute' in the new water) and then shine on the new water.  This supposedly imprints the 'template' of the material onto the new water.  Some of the new water should transmute.  It may help to occasionally shake both bottles.

I have not done this myself, only have a secondhand report of this being done with a vitamin/mineral supplement.


Again, if the new water is formed without residual lye (use bubbler to scrub BG before burning) then it should be drinkable.  This is an area that I have almost no research and there may be fantastic possibilities.  Our bodies do this kind of transmutation all the time, this water could help that process.


That's all I can report at the moment.  See more information (and video links) here (click)

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