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How to use Brown's Gas for health enhancement

Disclaimer: I cannot give any specific advise or I'd be 'practicing' medicine without a license.  I'm reporting 'rumors'.  Experiment at your own risk.

There are a lot of rumors floating around.  I'm trying to confirm them with facts.  So far, this link outlines the best data I can find:


Below are various ways to apply Brown's Gas (HHO) to yourself.


Treatment protocol 1: 
To drink nothing but pure distilled water that has been 'hydrogenated' by bubbling Brown's Gas (BG) through it.  I do not know how long it takes to get maximum hydrogen absorption.  I'm guessing about 10 minutes per liter of water using a BG gas rate of 50 liters per hour.  

The bubbling is MUCH more effective / efficient if you use a fish tank air stone to make lots of small bubbles.


It may be possible to detect maximum hydrogen absorption using some sort of Ph testing.  Ph means 'potential of hydrogen' and each of the 14 'steps' is logrithmic, meaning 10 times more hydrogen than the last.  Typically the pH of BG bubbled water reaches just over 8.


There are also Oxygen-Reduction Potential (ORP) meters that respond well to BG treated water.  When measuring BG enhanced water, supposedly a low ORP is better.  BG bubbled water tests very low (usually negative) ORP.  
My ORP meter reads -250 when I bubble my tap water that I've run through an undercounter RO machine (removing chlorine and other impurities) then through a Kangen 'flow-through' electrolyzer (splitting the 'bad' ions out of the 'cleaned' water).  The water tests at about 0 ORP before being bubbled with BG to achieve the -250.


It is IMPORTANT to use pure water!  If your water contains chlorine (for example) you will be drinking/breathing chlorine gas (very poisonous).  Other impurities have similer toxic issues.


There are many oxygen therapies and there is now an established belief that oxygenated water is good for human health.  Certainly, oxygen has been proven to reduce or eliminate some pathogens in water and supplementary oxygen(and/or ozone) therapies help many people.


We are (by weight) mostly oxygen and oxygen is needed by nearly every chemical process in our bodies.  As much as we need it, oxygen is also a poison that can kill us if the mechanisms in our bodies don't control it.  Free oxygen, known as free radicals, cause huge damage inside our bodies.


Brown's Gas is a mixture of energized hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor (click).


There's now evidence that 'hydrogenated' water is much more 'healthful' than just oxygenated water.  It seems that most of body ills and perhaps even aging are either caused by, predisposed by or exacerbated by a lack of hydrogen in our bodies.  


We are (by volume) mostly made of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is essential in nearly every chemical reaction in our bodies.  It helps maintain cell vitality and absorbs free radicals before they can do more damage.


Most liquids that we drink today, even some water, are 'dehydrating'. This causes the body to become chronically 'dehydrated'.  Dehydration seems to be a cause or a contributing factor for nearly all disease.


BG bubbled water seems to 'hydrate' the body like nothing else on earth (except breathing BG).  Seeming to enhance all body functions.  
I've been drinking BG bubbled water almost exclusively (few other liquids) since July 1, 2004; but my testimonial is 'questionable'  because I have a 'vested interest' (I sell books and kits to help people make BG).  So I post testimonials of other people (with their permission) who have independently verifed the efficacy of BG.


Topically applied, BG hydrogenated water has been used to promote the fast healing of wounds, 'curing' infections and even skin cancer. 
The people reporting this say to keep the area 'wet' with the BG bubbled water.  They used cotton balls to hold the water and plastic bottle caps to hold the cotton and to keep the cotton from drying out. Changing the dressings frequently, as intuition guides you.


Treatment protocol 2: 

I'm SHOCKED how far the Orient is ahead of us with using BG for Health.  
For example: EPOCH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY located in Taiwan, has successfully developed Brown's Gas for Health businesses. 
Here's a video of a walk-in clinic The video is a Taiwan local news interview of EPOCH commercialized products (not in English but you'll get the idea).  
Anyone can step in for a BG treatment, easy as getting a cup of coffee.
Over the years I've breathed BG many times (pure Brown's Gas is absolutely non-toxic) but have recommended not breathing it because it's explosive...  
The above video reminded me that if you mix the BG with enough air, it becomes NON-explosive!  
I didn't think NOT breathing BG was that big of a deal because BG (particularly the hydrogen) does go through the skin OK, but the lungs are 'designed' to get gasses into the blood stream so are the most efficient delivery of BG into the body. You get a LOT more effective treatment using a lot less gas, and I'm all for efficiency!
That video caused me to totally reverse my recommendation about breathing BG.  
I'll tell you WHY.

In the past I've always said that it's a bad idea to inhale an explosive gas into your lungs;and I still think that's true, IF the gas is explosive.  
BUT there is a way to breathe BG safely as a NON-explosive gas... by mixing it with air!  
If you mix BG with enough air, the volume of hydrogen falls below the lower ignition limit and the BG becomes NON-explosive and you STILL get all the wonderful health effects!  
There is no question that, even though BG can enter the body (get into the blood) through the skin, it is MUCH more effective to get into the blood via the lungs.

There are THREE important aspects to consider when breathing Brown's Gas (BG or HHO):

First, there MAY be a tiny bit of lye mist in the BG, this can cause a painful kind of pneumonia.  I had it happen to me in my early breathing experiments (1996).
To prevent that, use two bubblers (or you can use oxygen humidifiers) in series so that the BG flows through water twice before you breathe it; to be SURE there is no lye in the BG.  Here's a quick video showing how to build two bubblers in a few minutes for less than $10.  This is even better than the Epoch method of using only one bubbler.
Water absorbs (scrubs) any residual lye so the BG is fresh and clean.  Change the water in both bubblers (humidifiers) after each hour of electrolyzer use.  It's best to use distilled or deionized water so you won't be inhaling chlorine and other gasses often found in tap water.  
If you use pure water and your electrolyzer isn't tossing out foam, there's no reason you couldn't drink the BG bubbled water (so doing two techniques at one time).  I drink my bubbler water and I give it to our cats.
If your electrolyzer is excessively foaming (which makes it inefficient and can spit out lye with your BG) then you can use this VACUUM technique to suck out the foam. Update Video #1.

Second, 'new' oxygen formed in the ER50 is very 'active' (high oxidative potential) and feels harsh if you breathe it directly.  Fortunately, bubbling the BG through water 'smooths out' that harshness so it's literally BETTER than a breath of fresh air!

Third, to be SURE that the BG is NON-explosive, don't use too much! 
You don't want to exceed the explosive limit for hydrogen (hydrogen will NOT explode if there is only a little in the air).

To find out how much BG is safe, let's do some quick math 
(you can skip this for now if you wish, I know most people don't like math):
If I breathe (normal adult resting) 5 liters/minute of air = 300 liters/hour
and hydrogen lower combustion limit is 4%
and BG is 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen...
(300 L/h * 0.04 = 12 L/h)  (12000 mL/60 per minute = 200 mL/m)  
I take away the oxygen from the calculation to find how much hydrogen I can breathe safely.  200/(2/3) = 300 mL/m of hydrogen

So I can have up to 300 milliliters/minute (18 liters/hour) of BG and still be in the safe (non-combustible) zone.  

So I adjust the capacitance of the ER50 to limit the gas production.  At 120 VAC, 60 Hz and with 80 uF of capacitance, the ER50 produces 50 liters/hour of BG.  

So to produce 18 liters per hour, I'd use about 30 uF of capacitance.  I recommend oil-filled 'motor run' capacitors and you can pick them up at surplus prices online.
Another great side effect of this ER50 modification/application is that you'll only be drawing about 0.5 amp DC, which means that it'll take a lot longer for the ER50 to get too hot, if it ever does.  The ER50 can then be operated (in clinics, etc.) for long periods of time without supplementary cooling.
Also, I note that 'Goat Logic' applies here (and I see Epoch did that).  
It takes 5 goats to equal the milk production of 1 cow.  But if that one cow gets sick you lose ALL of your production.  If you have 5 goats, you can have some of them not in production (for various reasons) and still have milk (besides I prefer goat milk).  
OK, I wasn't always an inventor, I grew up on a cattle ranch and after agriculture college I had a 60 head goat herd (my cattle ranching Dad wasn't impressed); but that is another life and story.
So... In this case, having several ER50 is much better than having one ER1200.  They are easily portable and each 'health station' can have it's own unit.  You can also have a couple of spare ER50's to trade out when any need maintenance.  
If you need more gas production for a particular project, it is also perfectly acceptable to combine the gas production of two or more ER50s
I know (as of January 2016) that there are at least three clinics that are now using ER50 technology to treat their patients and ALL report good results.  I hope to get permission to provide you with details.  The nice thing about the ER50 is that you can get these results AT HOME!
Since I've started experimenting with breathing the Brown's Gas again I was amazed at how much energy it gave me (revved me up so much I had trouble sleeping) and it helped clear gunk from my lungs that I didn't even know was there.  
I have several other health benefits too, but my wife told me not to report them publicly because MY testimony is not credible (I have a Vested Interest in you buying my machines) so I'll be reporting other people's results.
Since breathing BG (since March of 2016) I've experienced NO negative side effects but when I started breathing BG, I did a 15 minute treatment before going to bed and didn't sleep all night.  I've also heard of an effect called hexheimer reaction, where the body can feel weird as it 'adjusts' to it's healthier self.
My advise, if you breathe BG, is to start slow (starting with 5 minutes the first day, increasing 5 minutes each day) to let your body get used to it.  Also, it's more effective to spread the minutes out over the day (like 3 of 10 minute treatments) rather than 1 of 30 minute treatment.  I can now breathe BG continiously throughout the day (for hours) because my body has gotten used to it.  
Another advantage is the Brown's Gas contains TWICE as much hydrogen as oxygen (and a special form of water I call Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)).
Hydrogen could be called the element closest to GOD, being the smallest and simplest physical atom and comprising most of the known Universe.  
It's my opinion (based on transmutation research) that EVERYTHING is made from hydrogen.
Our bodies (like the Universe) are mostly hydrogen by volume.  
Our bodies NEED hydrogen (both in elemental and ion form) but there's a catch... Hydrogen is NOT easy to get!  
Hydrogen attaches itself to other atoms to make all kinds of different molecules.  So our bodies have developed the ability to get hydrogen by splitting molecules!  
The most common reaction is between Carbonic acid and the hydrogen and bicarbonate ions
The point is that as we age and when we are sick, our bodies have less ability (both lack of energy and impaired 'splitting' mechanisms) to 'get' the hydrogen that we NEED to heal and stay healthy! 
Enter Brown's Gas!  
By breathing the hydrogen and oxygen (and ExW) we give the body a chance to acquire these essential life supporting elements (particularly hydrogen and ExW) without having to spend energy (we may not have) AND we bypass potentially impaired 'splitting' mechanisms!   
It's my opinion that Brown's Gas would also help healthy bodies STAY WELL!  
Of course living a healthy lifestyle is also essential :)
For those people who have already assembled their ER50s, you can order oxygen humidifiers and nasal cannulas to experiment with breathing the BG as per the Oriental clinics.  

Oxygen humidifiers (example 1)  (example 2)  Or Build your own!
and nasal cannulas (example 1)  (example 2)
If orderig the oxygen humidifiers, you'll also need to order this special oxygen fitting to connect your 1/4" ID vinyl hoses, from the ER50, to the oxygen humidifier:
As I've said years ago, In the 1990's, I've breathed pure BG from a 3000 L/hr electrolyzer with no issue (pure BG will even make a squeaky voice (like helium) when in the lungs).  
However, I still Do Not recommend breathing Brown's Gas undiluted; if you do so, you do it at your own risk!  Not because the BG is poisonious, because it's been proven healthy to breathe.
It's my understanding (from Yull Brown's literature) that even the US Navy has tested BG as an underwater breathing gas.  I don't know if they are actually using it... Because BG is EXPLOSIVE, see BG exploding in this video...  The KEY to breathing BG safely is to dilute it to UNDER the lower explosive limit (as I've detailed above).
Here is me, breathing BG from my personal ER50.  It is set to 18 liters/hour for my breathing.  I've now set it up so I can do a BG treatment when working on my computer or watching TV.  
NOTE: I now (since June of 2016) personally use the full 80uF capacitance to make my breathing BG, which is about 50 liters/hr.
Note: If you (or a family member) are on oxygen already (bottled or concentrator) then you can tee in the Brown's Gas and get a hydrogen health boost at the same time.  Adding hydrogen will NOT make the oxygen explosive, if you stay below the ignition limit as described above.
I now (January 2017) have a report, from a customer, that BG is as effective at raising blood oxygen levels as breathing pure O2 from a bottle or concentrator.  You can prove this for yourself if you have a blood oxygen meter.
It's still OK to bag your arm/leg/etc. See below:


Treatment protocol 3: 
Using the gas directly on the skin.  For example, to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, a technique is to put on plastic or rubber gloves and feed the gas into the glove.  You do not need much pressure or gas volume.  So far, several short treatments seem to work better than a single long one.  Like 10 minutes three times a day.


Imagination is needed to make apparatus for other parts of the body, like suction cups or such.  I've heard ideas to use full body suits, like dry suits.  Maybe even a huge plastic bag.  Again, it is an explosive mixture, you must have NO ignition sources - even static electricity can ignite BG.

Direct gas application like this is said to be healing cramps, arthritis, etc.  See research done by Loyd Jacob, a chiropractor in Spokane Washington. Loyd's patients now insist on having BG as a part of their treatment.

Here's a young woman getting an effective treatment for her Carpal Tunnel.


Treatment protocol 4: 
Make 'new water' using an apparatus that collects the water reformed by the BG flame. I have not yet built my own apparatus.  Research in this area has been done by Joseph Bender and Norman Wootan.


You can just point the flame directly at water, and the water will collect the 'condensed' new water.

This new water has properties that seems to allow 'programming' and 'transmutation'.  


Program the water by having the environment you want to impress upon the drinker (or plants) in existence when the new water is formed (created) from the BG flame.


Rumors about transmutation (click): 


Once you have the reformed water, you put it in a transparent container.  Have sunlight shine through the material (you want to 'transmute' in the new water) and then shine on the new water.  This supposedly imprints the 'template' of the material onto the new water.  Some of the new water should transmute.  It may help to occasionally shake both bottles.

I have not done this myself, only have a secondhand report of this being done with a vitamin/mineral supplement.


Again, if the new water is formed without residual lye (use bubbler to scrub BG before burning) then it should be drinkable.  This is an area that I have almost no research and there may be fantastic possibilities.  Our bodies do this kind of transmutation all the time, this water could help that process.


That's all I can report at the moment.  See more information (and video links) here (click)


I hope this information helps you safely apply BG to yourself, your family and friends for health and prosperity. 

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