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Ohmasa Gas vs Brown's Gas


Brown's Gas (BG) and Ohmasa Gas both contain a gaseous form of water that I named Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) in 1996.  

ExW is a 'stable' and combustible gaseous form of water.  ExW is water that has 'soaked' up electrical energy like a sponge soaks up water.  This highly energized water transforms from a water-liquid to a water-gas; it is a form of H2O that is not water vapor or steam.  When 'combusted' it gives up it's electrical energy and returns to it's liquid-water state with only implosion, NO explosion.

Normal electrolyzers produce Hydrogen on the cathode plate and Oxygen on the anode plates.  Our electrolyzers, in addition to the 'normal' H2 and O2, demonstrably (and visually) form a gas BETWEEN the plates.  This is the ExW!

If Ohmasa Gas contained no H2 or O2 then it would not the same as BG. However, Ohmasa Gas does contain monatomic and diatomic forms of Hydrogen and Oxygen so I definitely call Ohmasa Gas another trade name of BG

BG can be pressurized too, just like the claims of SG gas and Ohmasa gas. BUT they ALL are self-igniting under certain conditions so are inherently unsafe for high pressure operation in public use.

BG shows all the characteristics, including health enhancement, that Ohmasa gas does. I can see nothing that is uniquely different.

The only 'unique' thing I see that Mr. Ohmasa has done is stir the water with frequencies in the 100 Hz range to keep the bubbles small.
Our BG Electrolyzers have done that (since 1991) by using pulsed DC (50 or 60 Hz full wave rectified) from our simple, super efficient, capacitive power supplies.

I have not seen a gas analysis showing the percentages of water vapor, ExW, H, H2, O, O2 in Ohmasa gas; so I can't make a direct comparison with BG.

I have not yet seen the efficiencies of Mr Ohmasa's electrolyzers (ours are now independently verified (click here) to be under 2 watt-hours per liter of gas produced).

I commend Mr. Ohmasa on his further development of Brown's Gas technology and applications.  Ohmasa Gas Video.  Another Ohmasa Gas video.  
Ohmasa Article.
Motorbike running on compressed Ohmasa Gas.



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