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Brown's Gas
Brown's Gas, Book 1 - Front Cover$12.00 Brown's Gas, Book 1

A basic guide to Brown's Gas including a brief history and Brown's Gas theory.

This book explains some of the unique properties of Brown's Gas (BG) such as it's cold implosive flame. We tell you how to build an experimental Brown's Gas electrolyzer at home, with low cost parts. Then, with only water and electricity, you can make Brown's Gas!

Read this book before reading Brown's Gas, Book 2.

Brown's Gas, Book 2 - Front Cover$22.00 Brown's Gas, Book 2

This book gives comprehensive details on how to build a large or small, high quality, experimental electrolyzer that will exceed the performance of ANY known commercial electrolyzer.

Free Energy
Capacitive Battery Charger - Book Cover$18.00 Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer


Describes how to build and operate a simple, versatile, efficient and effective battery charger; with a component cost of less than $5. This is a spin-off of our Energy Conserver research.

The CBC can recharge sulfated batteries. It is simple to build and to use. It is automatically current limiting. It has automatic voltage adjustment. It can charge and maintain the charge of various voltage batteries at the same time.

'Capacitive Transformer' is now included with 'Capacitive Battery Charger'

H.E.A.T. Technology, Book 3 incl. Wise Cycle Report$12.00 H.E.A.T. Technology, Book 3 incl. Wise Cycle Report

H.E.A.T. stands for Heat Energy Available Today. H.E.A.T. technology takes universally available ambient heat from the sun, air, water and earth and converts that heat to mechanical power. 

Based on our new understanding, this book outlines how to build home power systems using 'off the shelf' parts. It also mentions a way you can make your own fuel, (to heat your home or power your car) with only water, air and the electricity you generate using H.E.A.T. technology.

'Wise Cycle Report' is now included with the 'HEAT Technology, Book 3'

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