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          Installers,   DIY Consultants,    Distributors,  and   Manufacturers
of fuel saving services and products.

If you'd like to provide one of these services in your area,
please (log into your Eagle-Research account and thenAdd Yourself.

Once you've created your Fuel Saver Services Directory entry, the website will send me a notice and I'll make it publically visible. 


For decades people have been asking me

"Where can I get fuel savers installed?"
I've always felt bad, because these people really want the savings but (for many reasons) can't install these technologies themselves.  
Lack of Installers is one of the biggest things holding back ALL fuel saving technologies.  Very few people have the time, space, tools, experience, etc. to actually install themselves.
 And Most mechanics think fuel savers won't work, because of the lies they were taught (click).
For every DIY guy that has installed his own fuel saver, there are hundreds of people who want technology installed and would willingly pay for it.  
Some are even willing to travel long distances, like requests I've had from Florida, to drive all the way to Washington State.
Until now, I've always had to answer that I 
1. Do not personally install anymore.  I am too busy on other projects (like this one),
2. Do not give out personal information (of people who have installed) without express consent and
3. We don't keep records of what people have done with installations.
Finally, I now have a DIFFERENT ANSWER!
We've installed website functionality we call 'Fuel Saver Services Directory'.
The Fuel Saver Services Directory allows Installers, DIY Consultants, Distributors and Manufacturers to register so that potential customers (Installees) can find them.
The Fuel Saver Services Directory is simple and practical, just like our fuel saving technology.  We'll add options as people ask for them and we get time.  
Note: Like many of the special features of the Eagle-Research website, the Fuel Saver Services Directory is ONLY viewable by people who have an Eagle-Research user account.  And they must be signed in to their account before it becomes visible.
So NOW people, who have experience installing, can register to be Installers and/or DIY Consultants.
We included the DIY Consultant category because there are a lot of people who have installed who may not want to actually install for others but would be willing to give advice and encouragement to others who might otherwise not install for themselves.  Often, that's all it takes.
NOTE: Either way, the Installee should be paying for your time, so make your rates clear when you register.  
Personally I'd suggest using PayPal as the payment medium, because it's simple to use and protects both the installer and the installee.
Installers and DIY Consultants should (optionally) give some description of their education, experience, accomplishments and what fees they charge so the Installees know what to expect.
If you have any question about what you are doing (or can do) with your profile, please contact me for policy clarification.  Generally, just be considerate and honest, and you'll do fine.
Your registry page allows you to control what personal information is available and what technologies you are involved with.  The page allows people to contact you without having to post your email address online.
All of the people who register will have comment fields attached to their profiles so anybody having interaction with anyone else can give feedback.  We expect this to help keep the entire program honest.  If you have happy or sad experiences, be sure to comment so that others will be helped!
Support for Businesses replicating Eagle-Research technology:
Manufacturers and Distributors of Eagle-Research fuel saving technology can register also.
I teach people how to build their own fuel savers and then encourage them start their own business manufacturing, distributing and installing their variations of the technology.  
If they register here, you'll be able to find local sources for parts/kits/etc.

Yet to be added
INSTALLEE Register (yet to be added)
We'll be including an option so that people, who want fuel saving technology installed, can register as an installee, so installers can contact them.  
If you are one of the people that WANTS someone to install your fuel saver, I strongly encourage you to post yourself.  There are people literally everywhere that have installed Eagle-Research technology and your post may encourage them to register as an Installer or a DIY Consultant.  The register is designed so that messages to and from you are private and confidential until you specifically choose to reveal your actual contact details.
Besides, you never know... This program might help people get together who would otherwise never have known that there were several other people nearby who had already installed (or were interested in) fuel saving technology.  It really helps to have someone to talk to who is interested in listening!
BLACKLIST (yet to be added)
We will moderate to see that this program IS kept honest.  Dishonest people will become known, banned from participation and added to a Blacklist for all to see (the reason for blacklisting will be made abundantly clear).  SPAMing and inappropriate posting are example reasons for blacklisting
3RD PARTY FUEL SAVERS Registry (yet to be added)
Right now, it's just Eagle-Research fuel savers listed, but we intend to add a limited number of 3rd party (in addition to ours) fuel savers to this Program.  
If you are a Manufacturer or Distributor or Installer of Fuel Savers that you'd like to have added, contact me.  
Preference will go to fuel savers that are complementary to ours but we will not prejudice against ones that would normally be considered 'competition'.  
The over-riding considerations are practical effectiveness and customer service; we want to gather the best out there in to one place!
Participate and enjoy this Directory
May the blessings be.
George Wiseman


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