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19 ~ Tabletop Brown's Gas Electrolyzer


Our ER50 Brown's Gas tabletop electrolyzer is now on sale in our eStore (click).  
This is the little machine that you see in the Brown's Gas for Health videos (click).
We are already ordering parts for the next batch so if you don't get one of these it won't be too long before we have more. 

The link for the third video in the Q&D Brown's Gas for HEALTH series is on this page (scroll down) (click)
It features Enhancing Water.  

Eagle-Research Affiliate Program:
We've been working on developing an affiliate program through Clickbank.  It turns out that almost all our work was for nothing because Clickbank no longer accepts eBooks for topics related to Fuel Saving, Free Energy, Tesla, and Water as Fuel...
which pretty much eliminates our books.  

Clickbank didn't tell us of this policy before we started AND they had no such notice on their website... I'm pretty upset that they pretty much 'gutted' our affiliate program.  All that is left is HEAT Technology Book 3Brown's Gas Book 1Brown's Gas Book 2 and the Capacitive Battery Charger.

So... If you'd like to be an Eagle-Research affiliate now (getting 75% commission for the books above), our current affiliate instructions are available here (click).

We are now working on our own state of art 'internal' affiliate program, which will allow us to offer commissions on ALL our eBooks (and a lesser commission on products).  So when you refer your friends to us, through either of our programs, you will get a 75% commission on the resulting eBook sales. 

Noble Gas Engine:
Free Energy (supposedly within the laws of physics) is near mass-production.  400 hp for under $300 and 'fuel cost as low as $1.00 per year. (click)

Nowling Magnetic Motor Project update:
I received some great tips from people about Magnetic Motors and right now we are over 20% funded on the Nowling Motor Project.  I've gathered together a bunch of great information for people who donate to the project (in addition to complete plans for the Nowling Motor). Please help us make this happen.  For more information (click).

Here's a link to Eagle-Research's current eBay sales (click)


News that's NOT in the News

Ron Paul still ignored by the GOP, the RNC and the Media 
as he gathers delegates (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click)
~ The GOP, Ron's own party, fights back (click) and CNN lies (click)
They want Romney because Ron Paul will take us back to the Constitution... 
THAT's the change we NEED! 

United States DHS preparing for massive Civil War (click).  Now what are they planning that would cause them to think we are going to be so upset?

FBI openly admits to masterminding terrorist plots on USA soil (click).

'No Speech Zones' are now law in the USA (click).  Bye bye first amendment (click).
Will the USA constitution even exist with another 4 years of Obama or Romney (click)? 
Is this the 'Real Change' we wanted when we voted him in (click)? 

Support the right to defend yourself, your family and your home (click)

TSA scanners destroy DNA (click

Iceland has thrown out the 'Powers That Be' (click) just as I suggest in my blog (click).
We don't need big government, this is how it used to be done (click). 

MMS (a home-based cure for many diseases) can now fight the FDA (click)

Further proof that Obama's identity documents are forgeries (click) (click) (click).
I'm thinking Obama has something to hide and is killing people to do it (click). 

End the Fed, with suggestions of what to do instead (click).
The US dollar may collapse.  I'm not saying to panic, just pay attention (click). 

Some of the lies we're told... not recommended for the faint of heart (click)

12 ordinary people can nullify a bad law:
If a law is bad (shouldn't exist) there IS a legal resource that most people don't know about.  The JURY (assuming you are having a trial by jury that this legal course tells you how to do) has the option to bring back a 'not guilty' verdict if the Jury believes that,even though the person might be 'technically' guilty, the LAW is bad or shouldn't or doesn't actually apply to his case... This is called Jury Nullification (nullify a law).  This is an example of the information that has been erased from the government supervised education system.  The Powers That Be do NOT want the general public to know this powerful tool to 'nullify' their copious laws.  Most people try to avoid jury duty... not understanding that this is one of the most powerful tools (and responsibilities) free people have to STAY free.

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