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1. What is Brown's Gas?


A. Eagle-Research defines Brown's Gas (aka BG, HHO or HydrOxy) as:

"A mixture of combustible gasses coming out of an electrolyzer that is specifically designed to electrolyze (split) water and to NOT separate the resulting gasses from each other."

Brown's Gas is a ratio of 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen and usually contains a significant water vapor component.

Brown's Gas is made using water and electricity in specially designed electrolyzers, like our ER50.

Research indicates that Brown's Gas has characteristics that cannot be achieved by simply mixing bottled hydrogen and oxygen in a stoichiometric ratio.

BG contains H, H2, O, O2, H2O (as water vapor) and a special 6th 'structured' gas that shows up in 'dried gas' as water vapor; George Wiseman calls 6th form of water 'Electrically Expanded Water' (ExW) and Chris Eckman calls it "linear water isomer with extra electrons, stable in a Rydberg Cluster".  

The 6th form of water (ExW) then acts like a 'glue' that holds 'structures' of water together, which is why atomic oxygen and hydrogen can exist in a stable form.  These structures of water can be large enough to be heavier than air.  

Yull Brown called these structures 'Fluid Crystal', professor Ruggero Santilli calls them 'Magnecules'.

Here are George Wiseman's theories of what Brown's Gas may be... (click

BG is also known under brand names like: Common-Ducted Gas, Rhode's Gas, Spirig Gas, Hydroxy, Brown Gas, Green Gas, Klein Gas, Aquygen, HHO, SG Gas, Ohmasa Gas, Knallgas, HNG and (erroneously by WikiPedia) OxyHydrogen.

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