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ER50 - Flat-Plate Kit (Mini BG Electrolyzer)

ER50 (Basic) Kit (Mini Brown's Gas Machine) - Unassembled
New ER50 Kit
  • Practical 'table-top' design.
  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • Simple 40+ series-cell design.  
  • Significantly more efficient
    ~ than traditional electrolyzers.
  • Produces Brown's Gas
    ~ for experimental purposes.
  • Compatible with all worldwide power standards
    ~ from 100 to 270 VAC and 35 to 65Hz.
  • Produces 50 litres per hour at 120 VAC and 60Hz using 2 capacitors.
    ~120 VAC BG production can be increased to 100 L/Hr by doubling capacitance.
    ~ we tell you where to order extra capacitors if you want them.
  • Produces 100 litres per hour
      at 120 VAC and 60Hz using 4 capacitors.
  • Produces 100 litres per hour
      at 240 VAC and 50Hz using 2 capacitors.

This kit includes the 'special' parts needed to set up this small, high quality, experimental electrolyzer that will exceed the efficiency of ANY known commercial electrolyzer (except ours, of course :))

Commonly available (or optional) parts like the timer switch, float switch, wires, terminal ends and supplies like glue and lye (the electrolyte), are not included.  
The 'extra' components shouldn't cost more than $60.

You need to know how to wire a light circuit to have the skill level required for the electrical assembly and simple construction skills (and tools) to cut the plastic tubing and build the stand.

Comprehensive, up to date instructions are in the ER50 online Resources, which you get access to immediately after purchase of an ER50 Kit.

NO transformer needed: This electrolyzer uses Capacitive Amperage Limiting (CAL) power supply technology, as detailed in our Brown's Gas Books (2 capacitors are included in box) to achieve its super-efficiency.  For more gas (BG) production, use more capacitors ~ the ER50 Resources tells you where you can order extra capacitors at surplus prices. 

The gas Pressure Relief Tubes (PRTs) Upgrade ($50 value) is now included at no additional charge.  These are the transparent side tubes.  This is a SIGNIFICANT efficiency upgrade as it helps increase gas production without increasing electrical input.

Access privileges to Eagle-Research's ER50 Resources is automatic (no extra charge) with the purchase of this ER50 Electrolyzer kit.  

ER50 Resources includes upgrades, assembly instructions and application details that you need to understand, optimize, build and use your ER50... 

The tubes and tower are no longer Transparent PVC. To see the liquid level, just use the transparent side tubes (PRTs).  

Transparent PVC is GREAT to see the Brown's Gas (and ExW) being produced but the clear plastic has a really low softening temperature, exhudes oils into the electrolyte (which causes foaming) and gradually clouds (becomes translucent) anyway.  
So all new kits will have white PVC only.

The Electrical Efficiency Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  There are several ways to increase the wattage effciency of the ER50.  We don't do it in the 'standard' version because (frankly) it's more costly... But if you want maximum efficiency (which can go over 100% Faraday efficiency) we tell you how to do it.

The WaterTorch Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  The ER50 was originally designed to be a tabletop electrolyzer to provide a superior fuel-gas to mini-torches.  Handymen, Jewelers and Artists LOVE this gas once they try it, as it does a MUCH better job than traditional bottles gasses like acetylene.

The Float Switch Upgrade option is described in the ER50 Resources.  Float switch (automatic low water shutoff) is added when upgrading to the Agriculture application of the ER50, because the ER50 will be operating for hours unattended and low water level would kill the machine.

Assembled Chamber Option (below):

The term 'assembled' applies ONLY to the electrolyzer chamber itself.  If you choose the assembled option below we'll pre-assemble the electrolyzer chamber ONLY.  You'll still need to build your own stand, add the parts mentioned above and wire the ER50.  

If you want a FULLY assembled ER50, go to this sales page.

ER50 - Fully Assembled Option Example of Fully Operational Set Up
Eagle-Research Assembled Chamber Customer-Finished, Fully Operational


SKU# ER1-K1-0004 • kit • 12"H x 22"L x 3"W • 6.6137lb / 3000gm

For people who find the upfront cost of our electrolyzers high for their budget, we now offer a financing option through PayPal

The financing is 6 equal monthly payments + a small finance fee.  
To get the financing, just purchase the product using the PayPal option as you check out (you'll need a registered PayPal account) and the financing option will automatically be presented to you (if you qualify) during the normal checkout (payment) process.

The 'finance option' is presented to you once you 'log into' PayPal but BEFORE you actually purchase, so you can see if you quailify before actually spending your money.

Most people who have had their 'verified' PayPal account for longer than 3 months will qualify for financing. 

Questions about the "Bill Me Later" PayPal financing program should be directed to PayPal Customer Support at (866) 528-3733

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Lupus GONE!


I recommended 52 yr female with Lupus that has been getting worse for 13 years, to take two 30 min treatments a day (from my machine) for 5 days, then one 30 min a day for 5 days. One LPM Brown's gas through nose canola(sp?). 
She had about six 30 min treatments over a 3 or 4 week period. 
First she noticed that her rashes had cleared up and was feeling better. Now she reports that all Lupus symptoms are gone and even tho I recommend she continue occasional treatments. She says she doesn't need any more. Reports not tired, no fatigue, full of energy, previous migraines also gone. Sleeps normal at night with no day time naps. Breathing back to full normal (a bigy she says), no more diarrhea, Aches in hands and joints completely gone (another bigy). The constant rashes never came back. This was reported today, so it remains to be seen if this is a permanent cure or needs more treatment, bur definitely encouraging. Wow.

I'm still breathing 30 to 60 min a day. Feel great as before, but libido high. 

Oct 5/17 update "Lupus guinea pig still symptom free after two months."

ed shippen

Controlling Blood Pressure


My blood pressure went on a little rampage yesterday,  the first time in well over 6 months.  It was running 186/102 and holding there.  I sat down and began inhaling (Brown's Gas), and within 20 minutes it was down to 118/68. I had not done any inhalation on Friday or Saturday,  which is why it probably went high.  When inhaling on a daily basis I do not need my BP meds,  but it is now apparent that without it,  I do.



We are both 67 years old.
My wife swears by the BG water for keeping her skin flexible and more 

She can’t use much lotion type stuff and says the BG water does more than anything else.  
She drinks an average of a quart a day, usually freshly made.  I drink it instead of tap water or bottled water.  I appreciate it the most on hot, sweaty hard working summer days when you can’t get enough to drink of any other liquid but a big glass of BG water kills the thirst and doesn’t bloat me up.  The water seems to be completely used by my body and not just pass through during those conditions.

Warts and all


I had quite a big warts between my toes that was inflamed due to rubbing while
walking. I soaked a cloth with BG water and put it over night around the toe. Next morning the
inflammation was gone. I repeated every night. Three days later the warts had
dissappeared for 75 % and is now getting smaller and smaller. Lovely!

My friend R. with rheumatic problems had a painful knee with difficulty bending it.
During her visit we treated the knee with BG gas and gave her BG water. Already after 
the treatment the knee felt lighter and an hour later, she was able to bend the knee without pain.
This is almost miraculous….

Also I experience deep relaxation after and during breathing the BG. The
same does my friend M.  We of course drink the water and feel refreshed and energized -
we are 72 and 73. BG seems to generate too slow processes in the organism.

I work on my legs that are blue from varicous veines and stagnation. After
a first treatment I almost could not sleep so strongly circulation was increased.
Now it is less, but also the very blue of the legs is diminuishing. I am very hopeful
to be able to regenerate the leg. Now I am so happy to continue.

Plants Don't Lie


I've put together this document to prove that Brown's Gas is an amazing human HEALTH ENHANCER, using information my customers have sent me, whereby they also use Brown's Gas to enhance plant growth... And fish growth.  

I've also included my own testimonials which you can see verified by ones my customers send me after using the Brown's Gas Protocols.

Healthy Weight Loss, Helped Allergies, Smooth Skin...


My experience so far with browns gas has been positive. 

Browns gas is the only thing I've used to change up my normal routine.  

I have been around a lot of people who've all had the flu or a sever cold, things which I'm always susceptible to, I have not experienced those yet.

My left hand years ago started out with one finger that was always consistently dry and cracking and it eventually spread to the other fingers. It is now gone and normal looking and feeling. I wish I had some before pics.

Seasonal allergies are terrible around here right now. This is the first year I haven't experienced my allergies and had to use medication's.

Drinking water with the browns gas bubbled through it seems to have helped me curb my appetite and stopped over eating and unnecessary snacking. I've lost 20lbs and have kept it off without exercise.

I would like to get to the point where I'm growing my own fruit and veggies with it. 
I bubble the gas into a gallon of water every morning and take it to work. 

70 Years Old and Getting Younger


Dear George Wiseman         1/22/2017
Since I bought a ER 50 from you it's been hecktic for me. I have many healing exsperiences, both of my own and others. 

Each person has different healing exsperiences and seemingly faster or slower and more evident or not so evident. 

For me I almost have died a few years back from LGS (leaky gut syndrome). It took a week to recover with heavy antibiotics and then 3 months to get my gut functioning agian. With the Brown's Gas, 30 minutes the first day and I thought well I don't feel any different.
The second day I was sicker than a dog. I was exsperiencing all the same things that I felt with leaky gut. 
The big difference was a day later all the symptoms were gone. No antibiotics, and gut working normal. 

I like this exsperiment. Friends with heart , prostate , joint pain etc. are improving. The thing that we all seem to be exsperiencing is way more energy. This is only a month down the road.

Now my question to you is as I have gone through a big learning curve in building two of these and sourceing materials, I find a need to imburse to you some amount for the years of getting to this point, where you have shared with the world this information.

GW/You can donate using this link

By the way, the new video on youtube you made reinforced my learning curve.

GW/GOOD NEWS, due to popular demand I FINALLY uploaded (January, 2017) an ER50 assembly video (1.5 hour long).  
If you've purchased an ER50 Kit, you can access the video through your ER50 online Resources.
(be sure to log into your ER user account and access the Resources THROUGH your account)
The only addition I've made is a tube going from the tee up to the male adpt., for observation of the electrolyte level. It works great. I do the observation before turning on the electrolizer. After the machine is turned on the level is no longer accurate.
GW/It would stay accurate if you put the upper end of the tube into it’s own fitting, instead of teeing into the gas out tube.
Your welcome tp use my personal testimony. I don't have permission from others to go public with their info. 
Without names I will say that the one person who was treated for prostate cancer said he was gettinng up to pee 4 times a night. It suprised him to sleep all through the night. He wants me to build him the hydrogen machine more for the energy though. He had it for a week trading with others daily. 
Another friend started using 30 minutes a day 3 days after a stint put in for his heart. The first day he felt a tightness in his chest. The second day he felt more energy than he felt in a long time. He went from his easy chair and TV all the time to getting into his shop 2 then 4 then 6 hours a day. 
As I loaned out my ER 50 I felt a slackening in the energy I had felt. 
Although I eat pretty good I plan on improving on things like fermenting food, release stress, and continue to exercise. I am 70 years old and getting younger.
Thankyou for what you've done and are doing. May God Be With You!!           Bill
GW/Thank you for taking the leap of faith that allowed GOD to use me to help you!
May the blessings be.
George Wiseman
Purchase your ER50 Basic Kit (here) or a FULLY assembled ER50 (here)

William C Wellisch

Carpal Tunnel Cure


Update on my corpal ginnie pig. 
She is 50, not 45, but had quit working at Tyson chicken plant 20 yrs ago because she developed corpal tunnel. Condition had gotten worse over the years; worse in right hand with numbness and tingling in fingers.
Used a French bread bag like your video. Got relief in 5 min(WOW). Did 10 min on each arm and she felt 100%.
Two days later she felt slight tingling so gave another treatment. Been a week now and still 100% cured.

ed shippen

Brown's Gas for Pain Relief


Today I did treatments to a 45 yr old lady that had broken her back and neck at 14 yrs old. Did 15 min on lower back and same on neck using a shallow 4" square plastic Tupperware type container draping a small towel to minimize loss.
Got relief in less than 5 min. Not only did her neck and back become pain free, but the biggest improvement was to her arm where she before she had chronic pain for years from elbow to and including fingers, now completely pain free.
Will do followup to see how long it will last and if she will need more treatments.  

I'm using a 110 plate electrolizer(overkill) where i controll the flow of BG with a variac to .5 lpm. Shortly after the previous treatment in hobbled a 50 yr old male friend. He had broken his lower back and had 2 screws to fix it. But had fallen down and broken the screws( he is scheduled for surgery to re-fix his back).
He also had arm pains, so i treated lower back, then shoulder 15 min each. 50% relief in pain to back and 100% to arm.

Then 43 yr old lady with carpal tunnel in both arms showed up, so treated her exactly like the video with french bread bag. She was 100% pain free in both arms after 10 min per arm.

Everyone was skeptical (including myself) at the degree of relief; but not anymore. Suspect fallow up treatments may be needed, will be monitoring.

ed shippen

It's ALIVE :)


OK - it's (the ER50) running with two Caps and is bubbling away!   Hooray! :o)

I Already had a reaction in one of my knees that's been bothering me (slightly posteriorly rotated Tibia bone).  It feels like I just had it adjusted at the chiropractor - but better.  Held it above the open end of the pipe and cupped my hands around the pipe to let the gas go into the back of my knee/leg for about 10 minutes.  
I've now got less pain with movement.  About 1/2 hour later, it felt good walking up the stairs and when I got to the top, the knee joint "cracked" once as I stopped walking.  Then as I pivoted while starting to walk, it "cracked" twice and it feels very relaxed - and different in a good way - like the joint just released a bunch of tension.  
This is consonant with your musings about hydration and muscular relaxation that occurs.
Great stuff!   :o)

Healing Burns and other Wounds


It was so good to hear of your positive results from application of the gas (Brown's Gas aka BG or HHO) and makes me feel as though I have not shared enough of the health benefits my wife and I have discovered (accidentally, in most cases) of nearly miraculous healing powers that can only be attributed to our regular and as time goes on, intentional, exposure to BG.

1) Like most people, we endured a cold, or two, or three every year. In the fourteen years we have been using BG, the total colds between us: ZERO

2) BURNS- Working with red hot metal every day for years, severe second and third degree are not uncommon. Misting the burn with water and using the BG to cool it for 10-15 minutes to brings moderate relief but the real magic begins 2-4 hours later when you realize ALL pain is gone and a tan colored, flexible and tough covering (or temporary "skin" has formed over the red area with black (burnt) edges where the original skin had been removed, sizzling on the metal. In 4-6 days the covering comes off in the shower and there is NO scar (where you would expect a beauty!)
I will gladly endure the initial pain of a severe burn to document and demonstrate this process for any serious medical professional who would pursue BG to alleviate the suffering of burn victims. BG is unbelievable! 

3) Oral surgery (and possibly other open wounds) Several years ago, I had to have 14 molar teeth removed at one sitting. Prior to surgury, I asked my orthidontic surgeon if he had any objection to my applying the BG to the open sockets. When I explained it was only hydrogen and oxygen, he shrugged and said, " I don't see what it could hurt." When I went back a week later he was amazed and said, "I've never seen healing like this. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it." and cancelled my next followup check, declaring it "obviously unnecessary." 

4) Plant growth. Over the years in three different locations, the trees, shrubs and flowers in close proximity to our shop where we release the BG when we depressure the machine at days end, have exibited 2-4 times the rate of growth of all others in the surrounding vicinity. We had a live oak ( a normally very slow growing tree) extend it's branches over 40 feet horizontaly to completely cover (you might say "embrace") our shop in only a three year period. We have repeatedly started seedlings separated onto two flats. Using water from the same source, we water one with untreated water and the other watered with water we first treated by bubbling it with the gas through an airstone for 10 minutes. At the end of two weeks after germination those getting treated water are clearly twice as large as the others. 

Conclusion: There are obviously positive biological advantages of exposure to the BG. My wife, an R.N. theorizes that it neutralizes free radicals. Whether that is valid or not, the obvious benefits that accrue to living organisms is obvious and replicatable. Anecdotal evidence, I'm sure the skeptics would respond, but I have little doubt if controlled studies where to be conducted and published by responsible researchers, it would open up a whole new field of theraputic medicine OR be shut down immediately by the powers that be. But you have much more expertise in that area than I :)

May GOD continue to bless your mind that creates, your eyes that see, and your heart that gives, my friend.

BG (pain relief) saved my business!

Just received your latest news letter and read your testimoninal.  I felt the need to add my story which I have not mentioned to you before.  I used to suffer with debilitating arthritis.  Specially in my wrists and hands. 
Back in 2010,  it had gotten to the point that on some days I could not even grip a ball point pen.  I would have what I termed bad days and very bad days.  There were no good arthritis days anymore. 
The use of my hands is an integral part of my business as well as my personal life,  and I was at the point where all of the drugs, creams,  linaments,  etc, were not helping anymore. 
It was about this point in time that you mentioned using BG as a possible pain relief for me.  I gave it some thought at the time but did not immediately act on your suggestion.  One day when the pain was so intense and my range of motion was about 25% of what it should be, in sheer desperation,  I grabbed a bread wrapper ( bag ) and inserted my right arm into it up to the elbow.  I then ran the gas hose from one of the HyZor type generators on our test bench into the bag and placed a rubber band around the top to keep in snug and seal in the BG.

Well it will soon be 6 years since the first treatment,  and I am for the most part pain free.  I got some, immediate relief after the first treatment, and repeated it for 4 or 5 days until the pain was completely gone. 
Since then,  I give myself a treatment about once a week to maintain.  The pain is gone 99% of the time,  and my range of motion in my fingers and wrists is about 95% which is remarkable considering my 81 years of wear and tear that I have subjected my body to.  Since the first treatment,  I have been able to fully utilize my hands as evidenced by the fact that I have been able to build several thousand HyZor Type Technology generators as well as successfully repair mini circuit electronics that we manufacture.

Without BG for pain relief,  I would be over 400K poorer than I am today because I had reached the point that I could no longer build my products.  Thank God for your suggestion and Thank you for all of the technology break-throughs we have shared through all of these years.

See my hand, before and after BG treatments
Darol Mason Hand before BG treatment
Darol Mason Hand after BG treatment




MIKE GRAHAM jazomimi

Relieve Arthritis Pain


I have arthritis as well, runs in the family. I play bluegrass guitar leads and banjo as well. I was slowlng down, I figured I was getting older, I was about 52 at the time, I got a (purified) water machine, bubbled the hho (Brown's Gas) gas in my drinking jug, My arthritis went away!! I can pick a 100 miles an hour like when I was 18. No joke! I believe the drinking water did it!


Brown's Gas for Enhancing Water


Does the process of bubbling grown's gas from the electrolyzer through a separate container of drinking water impart any of the lye electrolyte into the drinking water?

A tiny bit.  The amount of lye in the BG is NOT enough to have any health effect in the bubbled water.  It would take 20 years for lye lost in the BG (and imparted to the water) to have any measurable effect on the lye lost from the electrolyzer.  I've been drinking BG 'direct' bubbled water almost exclusively (no other drinks) since 2006.

Has anyone ever tested the drinking water after the bubbling process?

Yes, there have been lots of tests.  BG bubbled water is not only safe but several experts on healthful water (like Patrick Flanigan, True Ott and Bruce Tanio) tested BG bubbled water and immediately bought one of our BG electrolyzers for themselves.


Brown's Gas helped our Health!

Dear Mr. Wiseman,
A neighbor purchased one of your ER50's and I assembled and wired it for her. She is 91yrs. old and had Partial Paralysis of her left arm and hand from a miner stroke she had a while back. After drink Brown's water and a few treatments, she has regained control of her left arm and hand. She gives me some of the treated water to drink each day and I have been able to get back to work. I have 5 ruptured or herniated disks in my lower back. I have now ordered an ER50 for myself. Thanks for the help from your machine.
ER50 mounted on a cabinet
~ Sincerely, Ronny Clark & Thelma Haselton
Headrick, OK.
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