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Carburetor Enhancer Manual (Third Edition)

Carburetor Enhancer Manual (Third Edition) - Cover

The Carburetor Enhancer Manual is full of practical information on how to save fuel. This book takes you, step-by-step, to a complete understanding of how to increase the efficiency of the vehicle you already have! There is no power loss and vehicle emissions usually drop below California standards.

Based on our own results and those from testimonials; Gains of 25 percent are typical.

This information is practical, tested and easily used by anyone who drives a vehicle with a carburetor.

What's more; your cash out of pocket to follow the basic steps of the Carburetor Enhancer Manual, will usually cost you less than a tank of gas.

The Carburetor Enhancer is not a fuel saving device, it is a custom tuning technique that increases the efficiency of the carburetor you already have.

For your convenience, we also (separately) provide an assembly of parts to allow application of the Basic Carburetor Enhancer Technique.

Eagle-Research, Inc.
George Wiseman
8.5 x 11 inches

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68% increase in mileage.

68% increase in mileage.  
Hello George, before installing the carburetor enhancer I was getting around 15 miles per gallon in my 69 Volkswagen Beetle, now I am happy to report with the carburetor enhancer installed I am getting 22 miles per gallon!!!! And this is with all in town driving, thank you so much for making this wonderful invention! ~ Joe

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