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The HyZor Technology Book is The Definitive Guide to making the world's most efficient on-board Brown's Gas (HHO) electrolyzers. It is based on decades of research (since 1984).

The HyZor Technology Book tells you how to design, build, install and operate the world's most efficient on-board electrolyzer technology (aka hydrogen on demand (HOD)), using no more than the normal tools and skills of a backyard mechanic. We've done test-builds by non-mechanical 21 yr old girls.

On-Board electrolyzers are one of the Water as Fuel technologies mentioned in Water as Fuel, Book 1.

The HyZor Technology details a specific application of Eagle-Research's super-efficient Brown's Gas technology, designed to be used on any internal combustion engine. The HyZor keeps regular fuel system intact and operational.  The HyZor also gives longer engine life by gently removing carbon deposits as the engine is driven.

Brown's Gas helps the combustion of fossil-fuel to be significantly more efficient (click here for proof). The HyZor Technology installs on all vehicles: natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel ~ fuel-injected & carbureted. The result is up to 50% more fuel mileage (with full system installed), more power, performance and less harmful emissions. Just fill 'er up with WATER.

A HyZor installation also requires the Carburetor Enhancer (for carbureted vehicles) or the EFIE (for fuel injected vehicles), so that the fuel from the regular fuel system is reduced when adding Brown's Gas. You need an EFIE Device for each oxygen sensor located before the catalytic converter.

You can also purchase The HyZor (Basic) Kit which comes with written assembly, installation & operation instructions and a step-by-step instructional DVD.
The HyZor Kit is a PLASTIC version that was developed AFTER the steel version depicted in the HyZor Technology book.  The HyZor Technology book does not tell you how to build the plastic version.
The actual design and function of the two versions (Steel and Plastic) are identical. The plastic version is simpler and less expensive to build and the Plastic Basic Kit instructions are available, as an electronic file, to purchasers of the HyZor Resources.  So be sure to add the 'Resources Access' option (below) to your order.

You can now also purchase a HyZor Wiring Kit.

Eagle-Research, Inc.
George Wiseman
8.5 x 11 inches

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I have read the 'Hyzor Technology' book. From that
reading I built one of the worlds most efficient Electrolyzer. Previously, I
built an electrolyzer, in my 95 Jeep with a 4.0, that gave me an increase in
MPG from 14 mpg to 19 or 20 mpg. With the Hyzor I bumped my mpg up to 22.3
mpg, and only 4 amps, and very little heat. What I used for the metal box
was a 50 cal ammo box I had sitting around. The box on the inside was an old
Tupper ware freezer box. To hold the plates in the box, I took a vinyl fence
pole, cut to length. I cut a cross-section of the pole, that looks like a
long 'C' or channel. In that I cut 6 - 1/8" slots 1/2" deep. Inserted my
plates in the slots. The ammo can being painted inside and out, I had to
clean it out after 2 days. That left me with a shiny can on the inside. Now
the electrolyzer gives me a clean run @ 22.3 MPG. :-) I am just plain
excited. Latter I plan to make it fully auto fill, and at the other
electronics as well. I am sill running the EFIE, and the PWM motor control.
When I get more fund available I will convert to the new electronics.
Please let me know what you think of the items I have used. I will try to
make it better. However at this time I had to use things that I already have
at hand.


I will tell you about my boss's truck. After telling my boss about using water in my Jeep, he said " I want one". So we built it..... 2 foot long 6" PVC pipe and 55 plates, and a pwm. This 1984 truck weighs 30,000 pounds, and has a GMC 454ci in it. Normally we burn a quarter tank of fuel minimum on any job we do. We took it on 3 jobs without using up the quarter tank. Then we filled it again, because we were going 40 mile away and wanted plenty of fuel for the trip. This is normally what we do so as not to be caught short at any distance. This is a 40 mile trip 80 miles round trip. We didn't even use 1/8 of a tank of fuel. A 30,000 pound truck with a 454 and lots of miles on it. The odometer is broke so I can't get a very accurate milage reading. However we know the approx. distance. 1/8 of a 32 gallon tank is 4 gallons @ 80 miles = 20 MPG?? Can this be? This is a carburated engine, fresh tune up, new plug wires, plugs, cap, rotor, air filter, oir change, and oil filter. Now the big question... What would we gain with carburator enhancement kit from eagle-research.


Here are some of the results I am getting.
I have an old Chev Silverado with a gaz gobbeling 350cc ( 5.7 ltr ) engine
Before I installed...I was getting 10-11 m/gal in local driving.
Going to Saskatoon etc, just with the truck I was getting 12-14 m/gal with good driving condition, no or very little wind, enough moisture in the air etc. Than I installed you Hyzor and my Gaz milage in local driving increased to 13-14 m/gal and on longer trips I would get 15-16m/gal. Last summer I pulled my 18/5 feet 5th wheeler before installing the Hyzor and got 10.71m/gal. Weather was ideal. After I installed the Hyzor this brought the performance up to 13.5 m/gal.
Than I built a second unit singel cell with two plates , 5 x 6 size, two sets like this in an old battery case, like I used to when I was a kid making a crude transformer. She bubbled good and it increased my milage with the camper attached to 16.2 m/gal.
That made me very happy. In September this year I had to go to Saskatoon , 650 km round trip. The weather was ideal , warm , no wind etc. That round trip netted me just
, hard to believe 22.82 m/gal. I was more than happy about this. Local trips are really good too. Yesterday I installed a third unit, series cell unit with 14 plates 2 x 2 inches stainless steel perforated metel. I use a heater motor to control the amperage, and with both units it draws only 8 amps at full blast. The amperage goes dow as I slow down the heater motor. And the bubbles are coming and the truck seems to run smother too. I have no idea jet what it will be with three units operating , but I am laughing all the way to the gaz station. Now it is getting colder and all may change a little bit but it should still be better than before. My milgage figures are right because I make sure that the gaz tank is allways filled to the top when I get fuel , otherwise I could be lying to myself and that would not be good.
I will keep you informed as time goes on but really next spring would be lot better when the weather improves again.
I hope that all this will make sence to you the way I have written it but I fell good about it.


I have been running and rebuilding this unit since Dec. 07, in my e-150 Ford 351ci. Over 2000 miles i've averaged 19mpg, up from 15mpg. Because of numerous mistakes and experiments, I now am running the original cells in a sched 80 shell, w/ 1/4" steel end plates instead of pvc cement to make take down/ clean up easier, replaced the nylon barbs w/ brass, replaced anode wire w/ thru bolt... and enjoy every minute. Never even bought a stereo, let alone solder a resistor, but am learning quick. Have burnt the pnp mosfet, broken LEDs, smoked wires and fuses, and studied your brown's gas and hyzor books, w/ great pleasure and curiosity. We are currently building several 4" 20 cell unit for our vehicles. thanks so much! -marc

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