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Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer

Capacitive Battery Charger - Book Cover
CBC Page 1CT Page 1Capacitive Battery Charger


Describes how to build and operate a simple, versatile, efficient and effective battery charger; with a component cost of less than $5. This is a spin-off of our Energy Conserver research.

The CBC can recharge sulfated batteries. It is simple to build and to use. It is automatically current limiting. It has automatic voltage adjustment. It can charge and maintain the charge of various voltage batteries at the same time.

'Capacitive Transformer' is now included with 'Capacitive Battery Charger'


A simple modification of the Capacitive Battery Charger which allows a capacitive power supply to act in the same manner as an inductive power supply (transformer). The capacitive nature of this 'transformer' allows super efficiency and is very simple to home build; much simpler than its inductive counterpart. It can be custom built and easily modified at any time.

Eagle-Research, Inc.
George Wiseman
8.5 x 11 inches

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The CBC is still doing a


The CBC is still doing a great job (since Feb. 2013) restoring lead-acid batteries for me and my friends. The plans are a bargain at your price; I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to save money.

Dear George,I am a doctor at

Dear George,

I am a doctor at the Hospital of Vanga, Bandundu Province in the
Democratic Republic of Congo. Our resort has a generator that provides
electricity 2:30 each evening. I am obliged to conserve energy to
improve the quality of life for my family and my work.

I can not tell you how your book was helpful. Immediately after
receiving my copy, I made my first charger with two 50 microfarad
capacitors. This charger works wonderfully so far. I was able to
convince most tank, my wife! not to mention many technicians

Better, with this charger, I was able to retrieve several discarded
batteries (five gel 100 aH batteries!) Who gave less than 10.5 volts
and I am helping to preserve the environment. What could be better?

Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Public Health and I would like
to offer my parents in Kinshasa the same comfort during power outages.

I'm thinking about the fuel economy as the next project ...

Thank you sincerely,

Dr Patrick MANGONI

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