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Brown's Gas and Radioactivity

I'm getting a lot of questions from people and organizations that have heard that BG can neutralize radioactive materials.  

Organizations are trying to help Japan neutralize their radioactivity at the source.
People are usually concerned and wanting to prepare for or deal with nuclear fallout.  
First, in my opinion, there is no real danger of serious (dangerous) widespread (worldwide) radioactive contamination.  Most of my readers are in America, Europe and Australia; all these areas will not receive enough radiation (from meltdown of Japanese reactors) to be too concerned about.  
There are a lot of myths that have built up about radiation.  Don't misunderstand me, it's a serious subject, but our bodies have evolved to be able to handle constant light doses which we get just by living on the planet.  

For example: Most naturally radioactive place on earth

There is radioactivity around us all the time.  Everything that lives IS radioactive!  Carbon absorbs and concentrates radioactivity from the sun.  All the plants and animals we eat are radioactive.  Living things start losing their radioactivity when they die... it's how scientists can 'carbon-date' how old bones are, by the 'lack' of radioactivity.  
In fact, it's against the law (in the USA at least) to sell non-radioactive alcohol.  Alcohol can be made (much cheaper) from coal but that would affect the revenue of people who make alcohol from plants.  Coal is carbon that's been in the ground long enough to lose most of its radioactivity.  So by mandating a certain level of radioactivity, the government prevents the manufacture of coal based alcohol.
So while I think it's a really good idea to have potassium iodine in your emergency preparedness kit, I do not think you need to get it now when the people who sell it are marking up the price to people who are panicking.  
Put it on your TO DO list to get once the crisis is over and the manufacturers reduce the price because of an over-supply due to producing for the current demand.   It's good to be prepared because we do live in a world of CONCENTRATED radioactive 'accidents' and  the American military seems to have no concern about dumping it's nuclear waste as bullets on foreign soil. 
Americans are largely unaware of the multiple nuclear accidents (and sometimes deliberate release of radioactivity for 'experimental' interest) that have occurred on or near their own continent.  Large areas have been irradiated similar to what Japan is now experiencing and the public (because American News Media is Suppressed) are uninformed.  I learn of these incidents when I travel to other countries.  Also remember that Americans nuclear bombed Japan in the second world war and the Japanise recovered fast enough to put a lot of Americans out of work by selling electronics and cars of higher quality and less expensively than USA manufacturers.
My advise is, don't panic.  Do pay attention and prepare for CONCENTRATED radioactivity, which will happen from time to time in the world.  There are several things you can do to prepare, see below.  
What can BG do to help?  
To answer that you need to understand that the only effective radioactive neutralization protocol I currently know of, that uses BG, is to mix the radioactive material with approximately equal quantities of iron and aluminum (by volume) and heat the whole mixture to liquid (using a BG flame).  When the mixture is hot enough it will explode... not like a bomb, more like a firecracker.  
Iron and aluminum make thermite (research thermite to learn the optimum quantities to use), and the BG provides the special transmutation energy.  BG exhibits transmutative characteristics in other applications too, like processing ore.
Most materials are radioactive because the electrons have been stripped off the molecules; the nucleus then ejects particles of various kinds (radioactivity) to try to 'balance' the 'weight' (and transmute to a lighter, glasslike, material).  Somehow, the molecules are able to use the special energy in the BG to complete this transmutation in seconds (instead of millennia), when the material is molten and given the shock of the thermite explosion.
So it's impractical to use BG, as far as I know, on anything that you don't want to destroy.  The BG 'explodes' the material and does the neutralization during the explosion.  You need to affect the material on an atomic level to neutralize the radioactivity.

Also it's impractical to use BG on any material that isn't concentrated radioactive.  It takes electrical power to make the BG, plus quantities of iron and aluminum to make the explosive reaction.  
Thus, BG works well to neutralize CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods or decommissioned warheads, but practically useless at remediation of radioactive materials that have dispersed into the general environment.  
BG has been proven (Canada government certified tests) to be an extremely effective, practical and inexpensive method to neutralize the radioactivity of materials generally produced by nuclear powerplants.  The neutralization can be done onsite, eliminating the need for transportation and storage of nuclear waste.  
There is an organization (PACE) that has been lobbying for the Canadian Government to use BG to neutralize radioactive waste... with zero results.  It seems that the Nuclear Industry does NOT want it's waste neutralized.  I think they see it as potentially useful to make small power sources (like nuclear batteries), bullets, etc.
I have assembled a bunch of information, (including a video showing the testing being done at the Canadian research reactor at Chalk River Ontario), that documents what I've just told you.  No need to buy it unless you want to be involved with using BG to neutralize concentrated radioactive materials.
Some FAQ
I am aware of the statements on your website indicating that you believe this application of Brown's gas is highly controversial and because of this you do not believe the time is ready to promote the use of Brown's gas to clean up radioactive waste.
Not entirely correct.  I do promote the use of BG to clean up radioactive waste.  I just think that the people who own the waste think of it as having a residual value (for low level energy production and assorted radiation applications) so do not want to destroy it.  Also, the people contracted to store it have very powerful lobbyists and pretty much squash any (and there are several) means of neutralizing radioactive waste.  So the time is right to promote it, because it works and is needed... but I do not expect it to be implemented unless the People can put more force on their representatives than the lobbyists. 
You have gathered together material on cleaning up radioactive waste using Brown's gas (available on your website). You imply on your website that you and your company have done enough research to confirm this application of using Brown's gas works. Could you expand on what research you have performed to confirm that you can clean up radioactive waste using Brown's gas?
I have done NO personal work with radioactive materials.  All work that I report about neutralizing radioactivity with Brown's Gas (BG) has been done by individuals and organizations that are trained and competent to handle radioactive materials.  I merely build the Brown's Gas electrolyzers that they can use.  Our WaterTorches are one of the most practical and efficient designs on the planet.
My research into using Brown's gas to clean up radioactive waste indicated that the process involved mixing or combining the radioactive material with other substances before applying a burning torch of Brown's gas to the combined material for a period of time. Could you explain your understanding of the protocol to use Brown's gas to clean up radioactive material?
My understanding is to mix the radioactive material with roughly equal parts of aluminum and iron by volume... then heat the whole mixture into a molten mass using BG.  As it turn to liquid and heats up, the aluminum and iron will turn to thermite and pop.  After the pop, the whole mass has 97% less radioactivity than it started with.  The whole process takes only a few seconds.  See the Chalk River video and data. 
My understanding of the protocol for using Brown's gas to clean up radioactive waste, imply that it is best used to clean up physical blocks of radioactive material, rather than radioactive particles in the atmosphere etc. What do you believe are best applications of using Brown's gas to clean up radioactive waste?
As you stated, BG works best on mass that has concentrated radioactivity. 
What further research do you believe is necessary to make using Brown’s gas an effective process to clean up radioactive waste?
The 'batch' protocol exists and is both effective and practical.  As far as I can see, there is no technical reason that prevents BG from being used to neutralize concentrated radioactive materials.  The bottlenecks for considering any type of neutralization are economic and political, as I explained above.
The statements on your website indicate that promoting Brown's gas to clean up radioactive waste is currently too controversial. What do you believe must have to happen to make this application of using Brown's gas more acceptable?
Convince the owners of the waste to let it go.
Links to BG Radioactive Neutralization on the Internet.
BTW, if you want to download anything from YouTube I highly recommend the "Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.7" for FireFox et al - the free version is fine (http://www.bestvideodownloader.com/).

New York State Assemblyman Dan Haley in 1993 or thereabouts discussing demonstration by Yull Brown; available from 


Mark Porringa neutralising Americium 241 with, I believe, one of your units:

Interesting lecture by a handsome man:

Tom Bearden's provisional patent application:

Various write-ups:

Things you can do to protect yourself personally:
 Do not depend on the Government to help you, they will be too late and use ineffective techniques.  Do not depend on the medical services to help you, their training is restricted to the same archaic, abusive, ineffective and expensive techniques.  Do your own research to find simple, inexpensive, effective and practical health solutions that are not taught to Doctors and are suppressed by the AMA, FDA and other organizations.  Watch Japan, because they have experience dealing with radioactivity on the scale of a bomb.  Of course help if you can; they are our neighbors on this small, fragile environment we call Earth.
 How To Make Sure Radioactivity Leaves Your Body As Quickly As Possible.
 THE LONGER IT STAYS IN YOUR BODY THE LONGER IT WILL DESTROY YOUR CELLS. THIS CAUSES CANCER IN SOME PEOPLE VERY QUICKLY. This includes normal, so called, background radiation which we all receive on a daily basis ( one of the reasons cancer has been rising very quickly - polonium, a daughter of radiation, is the culprit in all cancer patients tested by this Doctor. )
 The info below is very timely and helpful re: radiation which includes background radiation.This research from Hulda Clark is some of the best, if not the best, research in the world on the Immune System and the effects of radiation on same. This shows you how to get rid of he radiation that is coming into your body on a daily basis no matter the source.
 This is worth your time in todays world. Click on the link below to see two short videos. The second one gives you the meat of this info.
What to do in an earthquake or explosion
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