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We know up-to-date information is vital to the optimal success for people who are applying Eagle-Research technology into their lives.

Printed literature is time consuming to change, often obsolete before it is published (even though the information is often still be the best in print). Upgrades are happening faster and faster as more and more people are contributing to the technologies.

These online resources can change quickly, allowing purchasers of our eProducts access to the latest improvements, notification of obsolete information, and a lot more support than could possibly fit into the printed literature we distribute.

These resources are crude and for the time being, incomplete. Please have patience as, with everything Eagle-Research does, we'll be consistently improving.

When we converted our printed Books to eBooks, we removed the 'printed resources’ section and made the eBook reference these ‘online’ Resources.

The 'original printed' Book resources (now mostly obsolete), bibliography AND any original Book corrections are publicly available below.













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