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This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. These resources are crude and for the time being, incomplete. Please have patience as, with everything Eagle-Research does, we'll be consistently improving.

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WHITELIST Eagle-Research.com - so you can be sure to get our emails
Over Unity PRIZES - List of sources that claim they'll pay for proof of OU
Directory of Fuel Saver Services - Find Installers of Fuel Savers
HyZor Assembly Options and Tips - Read BEFORE you assemble your HyZor
On-Board Electrolyzers Work - PROOF whitepapers
Learn Soldering & Electronics - Empower Yourself
Helpful Products for Fuel Saving - Assist tuning and/or enhance gains
Testing the HyZor - Forms to fill out when troubleshooting


Double Mileage Guaranteed (Part 1) - Why and How Double Mileage is Possible
HyZor Technology 'Get More MPG' - Assembly and Installation of C Version HyZor Basic Kit
HyZor Device (Fully Assembled version C) - just install and drive
Float Switch Circuit Board - Keeps amperage through reed switch low
HyZor Wiring Kit - Wiring parts not included in the HyZor Basic Kit
Resources Access - ER HyZor - Buy access privileges without buying product
HyZor (Basic) Kit - Buy parts assembly + DVD

Updates, Upgrades and Options

Heating the HyZor versions A-B-C
application/pdf iconHeating the HyZor versions A-B-C - 824.64 KB - Feb 18, 2010


application/pdf iconHyZor C version Circuit Board Data and Test - 465.54 KB - Sep 16, 2018
application/pdf iconTesting the A-B Versions of HyZor - 398.5 KB - Feb 26, 2010
application/pdf iconTesting the C Version HyZor - 465.54 KB - Feb 26, 2010
application/pdf iconHyZor Version C Assembly Instructions - 367.92 KB - Feb 26, 2010
application/pdf iconHyZor A-B Assembly Instructions - 335.35 KB - Feb 26, 2010
application/pdf iconHyZor Version A Update - 266.37 KB - Feb 26, 2010
application/pdf iconH2 SI Engine Figures.pdf - 216.04 KB - Feb 15, 2010
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