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ER50 WaterTorch Resources

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Bedini SG Motor made practical - Build your own Over-Unity electrical motor/generator
ER50 Draw Entry - Enter by August 25th 2014
ER50 Assembly Tips - read BEFORE you assemble your ER50
Upgrade the ER50 kit - to use the ER50 as a WaterTorch
Brown's Gas for Health - astonishing use for Brown's Gas


Stand-Alone Resources Access - ER50 WaterTorch - get access to all the ER50 WaterTorch resources
AquaCure Model AC50 - AquaCure model AC50 sales page
Water Gas Generator Parts - Water Gas Generator Parts
Float Switch Circuit Board - Keeps amperage through reed switch low


application/pdf iconER50 Simple Circuit - 64.3 KB - Sep 16, 2018
application/pdf iconER50 AC schematic - 271.61 KB - Sep 16, 2018
application/pdf iconER50 DC Schematic - 290.52 KB - Sep 16, 2018
application/pdf iconHyZor C version Circuit Board Data and Test - 465.54 KB - Sep 16, 2018
application/pdf icon21_ER50OpManV~170124 - 2.91 MB - Jan 26, 2017
application/pdf iconBubbler2.pdf - 1.19 MB - Nov 9, 2015
application/pdf iconER50 Bubbler 141218 - 668.18 KB - Dec 20, 2014
application/pdf iconER50WTupgrade141001 - 692.05 KB - Oct 1, 2014
application/pdf iconER50Wiring130801.pdf - 213.78 KB - Jul 31, 2013
application/pdf iconER50OpManV130801.pdf - 2.2 MB - Jul 31, 2013
application/pdf iconER50OpManV121119+.pdf - 744.33 KB - Nov 20, 2012
application/pdf iconInstructions to upgrade ER50 to WaterTorch - 271.85 KB - Oct 21, 2012
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