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Brown's Gas, Book 2

Brown's Gas, Book 2 - Front Cover
Table of Contents page 1Table of Contents page 2Page 1 ~ IntroductionPage 15 ~ Assembly SamplePage 48 ~ BG characteristicsExample: Customer Built ER50Example: Customer Built ER1200 WaterTorch

This book gives comprehensive details on how to build a large or small, high quality, experimental electrolyzer that will exceed the performance of ANY known commercial electrolyzer.

You can home-build an Eagle-Research design of electrolyzer that will put out 1,000 Liters per hour of  Brown's Gas (BG) for less than $1,000.
Previously, this volume of BG was only available by buying a $7,000 USD electrolyzer.

When BG is used as a torch fuel-gas, it can weld virtually any material including: glass, quartz, ceramic, brick, copper, aluminum and cast iron. It fuses dissimilar compounds like brick to iron and brass to glass. It can vaporize carbide, diamonds, and tungsten!  

BG cuts steel much cheaper, faster and cleaner than an oxygen-acetylene (oxy/acet) torch.

Our 2400 Liter/hr home-built BG electrolyzer costs only $0.65 per hour to operate! Just add WATER!
By comparison, oxy/acet torches often cost over $50.00/ hr to operate at 2400 Liters/hr.

Our electrolyzer designs are long lived, safe and easy to maintain too.  We, and our customers, have used them daily for years with no trouble.

Eagle-Research, Inc.
George Wiseman
8.5 x 11 inches

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