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(excerpt from Extreme Mileage 101 )  
Without a doubt, it has been possible to achieve > 200 mpg in a 2,000 lb car, since at least the 1940s!

In short, YES! Greater than (>) 200 mpg is possible. And we're not talking about a model airplane engine powering a bike. We're talking about a 2000 lb, four-door passenger vehicle.

  However, if you want higher mileage, more power and lower pollution in the holy grail 'little black box' format you'll have to do-it-yourself.   ER will continue to show you that it's possible and how to go about achieving it. For now, the assembly of ER combustion enhancement technology is up to you. We've already experienced that various agencies can tie us up for years, if we try to market a finished product.   By giving this information to you directly we short-circuit the 'suppression system'. We hope.  


(excerpt from Extreme Mileage 101)

If extreme mileage is possible, why isn't it applied? Our truest answer:   "We don't know!" It does seem odd to us that anyone in their backyard can develop a simple system (like the
the HyCO 2A or the HyZor) and get better results than from the billions spent in the Research and Development programs of major vehicle companies.   There have been thousands of fuel saving patents. As far as we are aware, not even one is on the market. PROVEN RESULTS ON FILE FAIR MARKETING DISCLAIMER TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER Eagle-Research advocates fair marketing practices in all endevours.  Therefore, in support of government efforts to protect the common good, we have created these icons (left).   Statements on this page may be subject to any or all of these self-policing icons.   Click on the icons for detailed information.
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