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To develop our fuel savers Eagle-Research examined hundreds of patents, government studies, refinery data, and, consulted experts who have set world records for fuel economy. (The current world record is over 9,000 mpg.) Using the information, we set up our own research and found practical applications.

HyCO 2A componentsThe HyCO 2A system assists the engine in burning more of the fuel in the combustion chamber, instead of the exhaust.

Even though performance is increased, harmful emissions drop to practically nothing, allowing any vehicle to easily pass California emission standards (assuming engine in good condition). Your fuel burns in the engine instead of in the exhaust!

The HyCO 2A system takes more money and time to install than the Carburetor Enhancer, but is really as simple in principle and application.   The HyCO 2A gets the greatest gains in the most practical package of any fuel saver that we know. It'd be a book in itself to tell you: How much testing and evaluation we've done on all kinds of fuel savers.   The HyCO 2A is the best there is, based on:  
  • Safety;
  • Reliability of operation;
  • Low cost of operation, automatic operation;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Parts availability and;
  • Lowest possible cost to install.

Vehicles with carburetors require a Carburetor Enhancer along with the HyCO 2A, preferably with the Electronic option added.

Vehicles with oxygen sensor feed-back, absolutely require the EFIE. This is most gasoline fuel injection systems, some late model carburetors and an increasing number of Diesel systems (for diesel gains see HyCO 2DT).

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