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  The newsletter will be emailed every two months, the first issue on about August 15, 1999. Then October, December, February, April, June, and repeat. Usually about the third Sunday of the month.  

In each issue I will address Self-Reliance, Brown's Gas, Fuel Savers, Free Energy, Alternative Energy Projects and Inventor Assistance. I will also post reader responses to previous newsletters as appropriate and encourage reader contributions.  

The first (August/99) issue will feature self-reliance. This will be the last possible moment to prepare for the Y2K. We have added a self-reliance section to our website.  
The October/99 issue will feature inventor assistance; in particular some guidelines to paperwork that will save a lot of time and trouble. I already have some contributions along this line, more are welcomed.  
The December/99 issue will feature some Free Energy 'rumors' I call them rumors till I can prove they work through my own experience. If anyone has rumors to share, please do so.  

• Eagle-Research has a 'referral ID' program in place. You can use it in two ways.   First, if you use the word < eagle > in the referral ID box on the order form, you will receive 10% off your order. In this case the referral is directly from George Wiseman to you; I want to express my appreciation to Eagle-Research customers and to help the people who use and share our technology.   Second, you can make money by Eagle-Research. You can check out the program at: http://www.eagle-research.com/bulkbuying/bulkbuy.php  
• Eagle-Research promotes individual preparedness. A prepared individual is an asset in a community. An unprepared person is a severe drain on a community during any crisis; not to mention that an unprepared person is likely to be somewhere between uncomfortable and dead. Every person has crisis during their lives; simple preparedness procedures take little time and money, but can save major hassle when you need it.   I do not want to scare you. I want to save lives. At the very least I want to save quality of lives. We have written 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' to help people prepare for personal crisis. It's had great reviews, check it out on the 'Preparedness' section of our website.  

Eagle-Research researches alternative energy technologies, and because of being on the 'fringe,' I am exposed to alternative medicine technologies, alternative education and alternative government options. I also see suppression of all these alternatives by 'vested' interest. If this were 'all' it would be plenty, but I see more . . . I see economic manipulation on a worldwide scale.   Am I paranoid? Would I think I was if I was? (smile) I'm not trying to prove anything here, all will come out in due course. My point here is to give you, my readers, a head's up.   I have concerns about several 'possibilities' that I see looming. I am in a fairly unique position to have a different perspective on these potentials than the average person on the street.
These 'possibilities' include:  
• 'Vested' interest gaining increasing control over our lives via economic crisis (deliberate manipulation of economies), near complete control of money transactions, fractional reserve banking, private issue of money to governments (Federal Reserve Bank). This issue MUST come to a head, it is designed that way, because 'vested' interest prints money, loans the money to government and then asks back more than loaned, called 'interest and printing fees' (where is the extra to come from?). Thus we end up with an increasing national debt that CANNOT be paid; the resulting bankruptcy causes the 'vested' interest to effectively 'own' the country. Fractional reserve banking compounds the problem, lending over 20 dollars for every dollar saved in the bank ($20 created by computers, not even printed), for which interest is again expected, (interest that was never issued, so where does it come from to pay back?). The longer before this problem is rectified, the larger will be the crash, already predictions are that the depression would be much worse than the 1930's.  
• The Y2K issue (which I am personally investigating yet I have determined that we are NOT being told the whole truth). You should not trust reports from companies that stand to lose if you panic. I'm not saying to panic, but I sincerely recommending simple preparedness. The statements that you see have some common wording that should alert you, if you understand a little background. Companies (and governments) first do an assessment of the potential problems of Y2K, then separate the problems into three categories; CRITICAL (systems that must be fixed or business can't proceed, usually about 10% of the total), NON-CRITICAL (systems that need attention but business can proceed if not fixed, average about 60%); and NO-ISSUE (systems that need little or no attention). The statements that you read will say something to the effect that all 'critical' problems will be solved by 2000. Even if they are telling the truth, this leaves a huge percentage of problem unresolved (they do NOT tell you this). I'm not predicting the collapse of civilization as we know it, I am predicting an avalanche of little problems that will cause a depression.   Prepare NOW while supplies and resources are available. At the very least, other people are going to prepare, which will cause shortages and runs on banks even if there were NO Y2K issue. We've written 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' to help you prepare for ANY crisis in your life.  
• Note this weirdness: Governments around the world are selling gold at a huge rate. Yet, investors that want to buy large volumes of gold, including large jeweler manufacturers, have been told that the gold cannot be delivered. Many people are buying small quantities gold as a hedge, this has already caused most of the small denomination gold coins in America to be sold out. Gold is selling at a rate greater than at any point in history, yet the price of gold is staying down. These things tell me that there is something very different about the gold market and the economy today. Alone, these items mean little, but combined with all the other issues pending, it means that it would be wise to make simple preparedness arrangements.     ****************************************************  

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