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    INTRODUCTION WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: SELF-RELIANCE BROWN'S GAS NEWS READER COMMENTS   *****************************************************

  This is the first Eagle-Research Newsletter. The newsletter is intended to allow me to mass communicate with all interested in the technologies being developed by Eagle-Research AND to allow you to communicate with me. This way I get to be efficient in answering common questions; I hope you will use and enjoy this newsletter. Please DO tell me about any mistakes or things you think I could do better with this newsletter.  

My name is George Wiseman; I am a self-employed inventor since 1984. What does that mean? Everything and Nothing, depending on your point of view. An inventor is a poorly defined occupation with no standards to compare one to another. A lot of you on this news list are inventors or know inventors. Some inventors can do a lot, some are specialists; some make money, most don't.

In my case I am a Jack-of-all-trades because whenever I've needed something done, I've preferred to learn how to do it myself rather than hire it done. This usually takes more time and often costs more than hiring an expert, but in the long run this method has served me exceptionally well. There are many people that are better than I at any particular aspect of my business, but very few that could operate an inventing business as I do and in the area of my particular inventions, I make the world's best. I can conceive an idea that is marketable, work through all the research and development and then market it. But no one person can think of everything or be best at everything so I structured my business in a different way than other inventors.  

I do not patent my ideas. I sell books (sometimes devices). I help others build projects that I have already done. In the process of actual implementation, a lot of people freely send me their thoughts, many of which can be included to make the projects better. I update the literature and EVERYONE benefits. Each person puts in their thoughts and benefits from the input of thousands of others. I sort information and do research to find the best combination of ideas (mine and others). When I use a person's idea, I give them full credit unless they tell me they don't want the publicity.  

My point here is to invite you to contribute information to this newsletter in any way you wish. Your contribution could enhance everyone's life. Send replies to: wiseman@eagle-reserach.com. 

I encourage (and assist) other people working on energy projects to follow my lead, as this is the ONLY way that these projects have a chance of succeeding in today's suppressive environment. I have done a LOT of research on the suppression techniques used by 'vested interest' and have boxes of files of inventors who had good (even great) products that never made it to market. For example (and you can easily check this out yourself in the patent office), for the category of 'fuel systems that use heat to vaporize the fuel' (this technique alone increases fuel system efficiency up to three TIMES) there have been over 800 patents in the last 25 years; not ONE of which has ever been available on the market. If anyone is interested in learning the general trend of the suppression techniques used by 'vested interest', send me an email; if I get enough interest I'll do an article on it in a future edition of this newsletter.   =====================================================

WHAT'S NEW (top)

  Since this is the first newsletter, everything is new :))))) But seriously, we have recently made changes in the order form, making the 'more info' feature so that it doesn't erase your order when you use it (handy, eh :)) and we've added a secure order form for those of you that had concerns about giving your credit card information on-line (justly so, even though in seven years we've not had a single problem).  

I am training installers for my fuel savers. I do not have time to do installations myself and I'm hoping this will help all of you that want fuel savers installed but haven't yet. We are still making improvements on designs as people get back to us with details on their installations.  

I am also finally getting back to the HEAT technology and we are starting an actual project whereby we will burn waste products to power a home, (we will use the 'Reverse Your Electric Meter' technology). The idea is to design a system that can be home-built, home-maintained and built inexpensively out of surplus parts. It will use LTPC technology, operating at about 160°F in the boiler and 80°F in the condenser (air cooled). At the moment we are installing the 1,000 gallon boiler-heat sink and the shed in which the power plant will be. More on this as we slowly build it.  

We now have enough information that we are poised for another leap in Brown's Gas efficiency. We already have the world's most efficient machines and the input from people using Brown's Gas has helped us to design even better machines. This 'leap' will take a few months to become evident.   =====================================================

Issue Feature: SELF-RELIANCE (top)

  We just had a 'preparedness' weekend; where we turned off the power and water, testing our alternative living techniques. It went well, particularly as we discovered some equipment that needed rebuilding and spare parts; this is easy to do now, not so easy in an actual crisis.  

At the moment we are living in an apartment in a small city; which is far removed from my wilderness background. I grew up on a ranch in central British Columbia, where we were 36 miles from town (across a ferry) and had no electricity, telephone, television, radio, running hot/cold water, etc. We hunted for food because our cattle were our cash crop; we also had a fair sized garden. We hauled our water uphill from a like over a mile away. Most people today can't imagine that daily life, even if they are familiar with 'camping.' Actually, this is the reason I so much appreciate the conveniences most people take for granted and have deliberately learned how to provide them for myself.  

In any case, I'm marrying a wonderful Lady who happens to be a city girl. She has many skills of her own and between us we can see that there are a series of major events coming and we know that everyone has crisis in their life at some time anyway. We know that most people live in cities and even those in rural areas have lost most of the skills needed to survive without reliance on others. One of our life goals is to increase our own self-reliance and then help others to do the same.  

We started to put together a program of self-reliance for ourselves; then as we discussed it with others (friends and family mostly), we discovered a great need for a simple yet comprehensive self-reliance program for everyone, no matter where they live or what skills they have now. Most people don't even know enough to ask the right questions to find the answers. So we wrote 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' to give people the basic knowledge to ask the right questions, to design a customized self-reliance program.  

We put a huge amount of work into the book to make it as 'user-friendly' and comprehensive as possible, yet also keep it simple and usable to most everyone. Helping to ask questions like 'Where do I put body waste if I live in a 20th story apartment and the plumbing isn't working?' And then providing practical answers or at least giving you places to go look for the proper answers for yourself. It's all in the book, so I won't detail it here.

We also are heavy into actually DOING the alternatives in practice. No matter how much you THINK you are ready, only a test will give you the truth. Thinking isn't good enough, as our own recent test proved. We know what we are doing and actual testing showed places we could do better.   Anyway, I'm not trying to promote the book (much), I'm actually trying to help you become aware of self-reliance issues. If you want to see more about the book, there's a lot of information on the self-reliance portion of our website: http://www.eagle-research.com   And there is more at Amazon.com For those of you who have read 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' I invite you to post your evaluation on Amazon.com; there is a place that allows readers to post their testimonials.  

I will not make an issue of Y2K here, except to say that it is far better to be prepared than not. Preparedness costs little (if you follow our recommendations) and will allow you time to act appropriately in any crisis. Prepared people can help others, unprepared people are a drain on community resources just at the time they are most needed to deal with the crisis. There are a lot of crisis to prepare for that has nothing to do with Y2K. Being unemployed, injury, fire, natural disasters of many kinds, even just losing your wallet or purse.  

Many people turn to Eagle-Research for help on projects that help them save fuel and create electricity to become more self-reliant. We are doing our best to fill those needs from 'alternative' points of view that take into account the earth's environment. We will continue to help in any way we can; this is not a 'job,' it is our LIFE.   =====================================================


I have good reason to believe that Brown's Gas is simply water that is in a gaseous state that is not steam and that it is mostly formed right out of the fluid itself, not off the plates. If you go to our website, you'll see a few more details:
http://www.eagle-research.com/browngas/whatisbg/watergas.php. We need to learn how to separate this gaseous water from the H2 and O2 that is also created in the electrolyzer; so that we can perform experiments using the pure gas.  

I am asking anyone with ideas on ways to separate these gasses to email them to me. We already have some ideas, but as before, no one person can think of everything. Also with your ideas, please include thoughts on the equipment needed to do the separation.  

We now have two Universities preparing to test some features of Brown's Gas. If you know of anyone who would like to test the gas, let me know.  

Quite a few organizations have approached us to see if Brown's Gas will work in their applications. In most cases the answer has been YES. If you use flammable gasses in your industrial process now, you need to check out Brown's Gas.  

Hundreds of people around the world have now built Brown's Gas machines of the Eagle-Research design and research results are coming in. We learn more nearly everyday and will be writing up further reports as we confirm details with our own testing. Anyone who has built a Brown's Gas machine can send a jpeg of it, along with an explanation of it's size and features, and I'll post appropriate ones on the 'homebuilt' portion of our website. If you'd like to show it off to others, just give me permission to post your contact information as well.  

For those people building electrolyzers from the plans in 'Brown's Gas Book 2,' the plans are still 100% valid. The commercial designs vary mostly in safety features that you don't need if you've built your own machine and follow the safety instructions in the book. Anyone who has commercial Brown's Gas machines (ours or others) may also send in their contact information (which I will post) so that readers can contact them directly to discuss their machines.  

We are now seriously designing a commercial ER4000, as we've discovered a huge market for it in industry. In these applications it will save an average of $23,000 USD per year by replacing industrial gasses now used. It will have the same innovation designed into it that the ER1150 Water Torch has, plus additional features like 'air purge' (to prevent backfires) and automatic water fill. It will be the smallest, lightest and most efficient 4000 liter/hr electrolyzer in the world.  

There was a rumor floating around the web some time ago that you could use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as an electrolyte in Brown's Gas machines. People liked that idea because the electrolyte is non-toxic. I had experimented with it in the past, but I had experimented with so many electrolytes that I ran another set of experiments to check my memory (I was correct). The results are this:   Yes, baking soda works as an electrolyte; but I do not recommend it for several reasons:  
• It does not have a long lifespan, it produces sludge in the cells.  
• It produces almost NO Brown's Gas, almost all the gas coming from the cells is H2 and O2.  
• It requires almost twice the voltage per cell to make gas compared to using Lye (my preferred electrolyte at 25% by weight).
This means that it takes twice the wattage to produce the same volume of gas; not much of a problem if you're making 50 liters of gas per hour, but a huge problem if you are in the 1000 liter and up bracket. For example, instead of my ER1150 Water Torch taking just over 3000 watts/hr, it would take 6000 watts/hr.  
After spending some time tracing these rumors, I discovered that the people who thought their efficiency was high (low voltage per cell) had previously run Lye as an electrolyte in their electrolyzers and did not completely clean out their machines before trying the baking soda, so they were still running on Lye and didn't know it. Remember, at the 25% solution I recommend, the Lye is not exceptionally dangerous. Dipping your hand in it is like using very strong soap and if you do not wash off the 'slippery' feeling with fresh water or neutralize it with lemon juice or vinegar, then you will start to feel a burn around fingernails or wounds; again just wash or neutralize. Once in the electrolyzer, the Lye stays there, only water comes out; it is safe.   =====================================================


Hi George,
For peoples who can afford it it would be wise to have /buy/invest in the small silver bars which come already in very small sizes and cam be an exelent way of having an alternative currency. As you have observed in your way our world is changing in manny ways. A 3 months pay in little silver bars is a good reserve.
Thanks for all the good work,George,May Spirit lighten your path.
Kind regards
Edward van Ulft Holland.  

Hi George!
We're looking forward to getting your newsletter and learning about more ways to become self-sufficient. You asked for tips. One is that we are member of the Family Preparedness Now Company which provides a wonderful selection of cool-dehydrated foods at very reasonable prices and it's the only company I know of that you can get your monthly shipment free if you join their program and sponsor only 3 people. Jim and I ordered a years supply for one person @ $1,395 and within a week had sponsored 6 people, so we've received our monthly shipment for over a year for free - which is building up for the second person.
We then purchased several containers of sprouting seeds from Life Sprouts. We figure if the transportation system is effected, we'll have lots of good food and I grow a little garden on my counter-top year round which supplies us with fresh minerals, vitamins and enzymes! You can store bushels of food in small containers if it is dehydrated or seeds and all you need is water. Our next project is to build solar ovens when our granddaughters visit the first two weeks in August. We can build one for their family, too. Then we want to get a composting toilet. So when will we have an alternative source for heat and lights? We've been praying a breakthrough would be coming. Just wish we had more money to support inventors whose hearts are in the right place and who are working on such things.  
Thanks for keeping us posted,
Janet and Jim Meisinger   =====================================================
The October/99 issue will feature inventor assistance; in particular some guidelines to paperwork that will save a lot of time and trouble. I already have some contributions along this line, more are welcomed.  
The December/99 issue will feature some Free Energy 'rumors' I call them rumors till I can prove they work through my own experience. If anyone has rumors to share, please do so. Let's track down these inventors and give them the assistance they need to produce viable alternative energy machines. Warning...proceed with caution on both sides, inventors and investors, I'll help (with advise) anyone who asks.  
February/2000 issue will be on fuel savers, outlining those that I consider best for today's automobiles.
Know of any that you'd like evaluated? Drop me an email.    

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