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    WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: INVENTOR ASSISTANCE SELF-RELIANCE BROWN'S GAS NEWS READER COMMENTS COMING UP   ***************************************************
WHAT'S NEW (top)
  • I got a lot of interest in the fuel saver installer training program. I did not explain it well. I was training LOCAL people to install, so that they could go out and make a business installing fuel savers. The training project has since been put on hold due to lack of time on my part. I did learn, however, that there is a serious interest in being trained and I will let you know (via this newsletter) when I can start a formal training program that is open to everyone.  
In the meantime, several people have self-trained with nothing more than my manuals and made good livings. Two of them have now retired, having made enough money to not have to work anymore.  
Which brings me to another subject, referrals and testimonials. About ten years ago I made a testimonial/referral form that I could send out to anyone who wanted to see how well others had done (testimonials) and for those people who wanted to have someone else install a fuel saver on their vehicle (installer list). This was a great help to everyone but I didn't keep up on it and it is now seriously out of date.

I am now reinstating the program and this time will list the installers on this website (as well as in a report). Anyone who wishes to participate (by giving their testimonial and getting listed as an installer), just ask for a TESTIMONIAL/INSTALLER application form. < >

  I expect that a new list will be available, for those people who wish to have someone install, sometime in the early spring.  
• Our local HEAT technology project is on hold too, as the person building it is having other things happen in his life right now. I am still advising on three other HEAT projects.  
• I'm now a married man and the wedding was wonderful. We held it outdoors on a beach and did it in Renaissance style.  
• Eagle-Research is moving it's lab to a new location. The closest USA town is Porthill, Idaho. This move will make the technologies advance faster. We also have facilities for those people who come to help or learn.   • I also got a LOT of interest in the 'vested interest' suppression techniques article that I offered to write. So it is a go, I'll post it to this newsletter April in the new year.  
• Dennis Lee is currently on another nationwide tour. I seriously recommend that you go to see the show; not because I think what he's promoting works like he lets you assume and certainly not because I think he needs the support; but because he puts on a great performance and incidentally makes people hope. Tour schedule is at http://www.teslaelectriccompany.com   If you happen to have a DC ampclamp, you might step up onto the stage and test the current. He shows that the current is 1 amp AC, he doesn't show that the current is also 15 amps DC.  
• I am just finishing writing a book titled 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' and offer it here for the 'advance' price of $18 (postage paid), which is $2 off the retail price and doesn't include the usual $2 postage. The book will be delivered to advance buyers before November 12, 1999.   This advance offer is made HERE first, as one of the perks of being on the Eagle-Research Newsletter List. The first production run of the books will be limited, so advance buying assures your copy.   'Water as Fuel, Book 1' is the result of gathering information for over 20 years and my experiments to date. There are now several different ways that you can use water as a fuel or as a fuel additive for internal combustion engines. Also, as I was writing the book, I found several VERY interesting correlation's that I did not see before. I have listed these thoughts, so book buyers will be able to improve on the technologies introduced. 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' is now the definitive book on the subject.   You can order by going to my website order form: http://www.eagle-research.com/order.php   and filling out your name and address as you normally would, except to put 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' in the comments box (because it won't be listed on the order form until we actually have inventory). You will automatically get the $18 advance price and the book will be sent to you postage paid. Of course, we do not charge credit cards till the book is actually shipped and our complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee applies as with any of our books. Traceable and COD fees still apply if you use those services.   • For those of you interested in BG. I am starting a special list just for those people who are actually working with Brown's Gas; regardless if you are using one of our machines, one you built yourself or one built by someone else. If you wish to be on this list send me an email detailing your machine and the tests-experiments you've done or would like to do. This special list is ONLY for BG experimenters and is intended to assist the development of the BG technology.   ===================================================
Issue Feature: INVENTOR ASSISTANCE (top)

Inventors are usually a group of people ignorant of what it takes to actually market an invention (this includes myself). As much work as it takes to invent the better mousetrap, it takes ten TIMES more innovation to market it. And this is aggravated by the tendency of inventors to have NO interest in the mechanics of marketing.  

The inventors biggest roadblock to getting a product onto the market is usually himself (or herself). Inventing and marketing require two entirely different mindsets and most people don't have the ability to do both. The inventor MUST recognize that there is a huge science of marketing and team up with marketing experts or learn how to market his own product. The problem with teaming up, is inventors typically have poor people skills which makes selecting and maintaining a proper marketing relationship hard.There's also a LOT of sharks out there that want the innovation but not the inventor. The problem with learning how to market your own innovation, is that the research typically STOPS while you are marketing, giving your competition a chance to catch-up to you.

I can't promise a 'golden key' solution to the problems but I can offer some of my perspective as an inventor that has developed his own simple marketing strategy and makes a good living with it. Obviously my strategy may not work for you, but it will give you some idea that there are alternatives to the 'traditional' methods.

When I chose to be an inventor I didn't take a course on inventing, so the advise I give you was discovered the hard way. As my experimenting proceeded, I found that I needed to define my goals in life, so that my inventing could work toward them.  

My first goals were to achieve physical and financial security. My method was to learn enough skills that I could guarantee my physical security by not being dependent on anyone else for my food, shelter, clothing and warmth; also limiting how much money I required to maintain a good standard of living.  

As my business evolved I learned to make money teaching others to do the same. And then I learned to care enough about people to WANT to help them. My skills are now fairly well developed, I am competent in quite a few trades and can market my knowledge, skills and devices. Now my goals include developing home-built alternatives to centralized power, to developing energy solutions that will allow people to stop using fossil-fuel and to make sure that these technologies actually reach the public. After nearly twenty years of research I'm now in a nearly unique position to accomplish these goals.   In the beginning I also learned that I must impose some guidelines on my research or I wouldn't be able to achieve the goals I set for myself.  

My first guideline is: I DON'T PATENT Some reasons for this are covered on my website: http://www.eagle-research.com/nopatent/patfree.php  
My second guideline was to limit my research to a specific area. I was working on all kinds of things and getting nothing done. So I chose to research ENERGY and resolved to work on methods that both saved energy and gathered free energy (energy that is not metered and doesn't harm the environment, like gravity power). I still work on too many projects but am working with enough people that something is getting done on each one. Free Energy exists all around us all the time. 'Vested interest' gathers free energy and sells it to us. We can already use 'off-the-shelf' free energy technologies like wind, hydro and solar power. I understand these 'off-the-shelf' technologies but as an inventor I concentrate on developing 'fringe' technologies to the point that they are practical, so people have more options. Options that produce power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere on the planet.  
The next thing I had to do was to develop the skill to decide which projects I was to work on. I needed to work on projects that I could reasonably sell before I starved to death. That developed perspective skill has built Eagle-Research into a world class Research and Development organization. The perspective is to see an innovation from beginning (concept) to end (people buying it) BEFORE you start working on it, or at least after some initial experiments.   If you can't see a need for a particular innovation AND the means to market it, then it is not wise to pursue it.
Then, of course, you also need to have some realistic idea that you can actually develop and market the innovation before you starve (smile).   Writing books has been an excellent means to achieve all my goals. My books help people directly and I make money right away. My copyrights have MUCH more teeth than a patent and are automatically upheld in over 100 countries. By spreading my innovation in print, people have been able to duplicate my research to their benefit and their thoughts have often continued to develop the technology. My books have introduced me to a special group of people (of which YOU are one) who are willing to look at alternatives and to DO something about the problems they see.  

Once my books have sold a few thousand copies, there has usually been enough interest that I can follow up with an actual device. First, the sale of the books further develops the technology by customer feedback. And second, the sale of books creates a market for a device because people can see it'll work and want one, but often don't have the time or tools to build it.   All this starts a circle where the money from sale of books and devices goes back into research to further develop technologies which get books written and so on.  

If you have innovation that you want someone to see, and you want to maintain secrecy, then get them to sign a Non-Disclosure document. I have some examples and explanations at: http://eagle-research.com/nopatent/nodisclose.php    

Being an inventor is very hard work, you usually don't make lots of money and you're regarded as an oddity. So you must enjoy the process of developing the innovation, often this is your only reward. Good luck (smiles)     ===================================================


  If you refer to my message of 07_1999, you will see where I mentioned that although gold buying by the public has reached unprecedented levels, the price of gold was dropping. Combine this with the fact that large buyers of gold (for jewelry) have been unable to purchase the tons they need, the stories of Governments selling huge percentages of their reserves and the approaching possible Y2K panic.

I finally thought of something that takes all these contradictory facts and makes sense. I think that 'vested interest' knew that people would hedge Y2K by buying gold and also knew that if the price of gold went higher (due to many people wanting a limited supply) that people would start to pay extra attention to the potential problems of the Y2K bug. This would escalate the problem into panic and 'vested interest' would be hurt, because 'vested interest' CANNOT provide cash for all their debt to the public.  

I think that 'vested interest' deliberately manipulated governments to sell their gold, to provide a supply to keep the price of gold down. I also think that large sales of gold have been prevented for the same reason. This would help stave off or prevent public panic and 'vested interest' would be safe.   I think that the supply of available gold has now been bought out and the rising price will now go very high (I think over $1,000 per ounce) as Y2K approaches. People will not want to sell their gold as in a normal economy, because they didn't buy it as an investment, but as a hedge against Y2K. These are people who know enough not to sell their lifeboat when they know that there is a serious possibility that there is going to be a flood. The price rise will be limited only by those people who see a chance to recoup their investment by selling a portion of their gold.  

I repeat: A large portion of the world's gold is now in private hands. Your chance to buy your share at reasonable prices is now past. Your chance to buy any reduces as Y2K approaches. You can still invest in real goods, items as simple as toilet paper may be important and it actually makes sense to buy such items in advance and in bulk, even if only for your own use.  

Remember I say two things:  
1) Y2K bug IS going to cause problems, some big ones, a lot of small ones. This is going to cause some sort of a depression. The government may attempt to buy their way out (inflation) and there will almost certainly be military enforcement involved. I hope to have links to appropriate sites set up soon.  
2) Regardless if you believe that Y2K bug will affect anything, the fact that many people think that the Y2K bug MIGHT affect the economy, WILL cause an effect on the economy. People are buying things this year and stockpiling. A lot of different scenario's could happen because of this, which I won't discuss now.  

My advise is to prepare as our 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' book details. In doing this you actually GAIN security while saving money.  

I received a statement (September 13, 1999) from one of my banks that made me chuckle but also made me think to warn you (again) about the WORDING of Y2K compliance. This statement came from the Bank of Montreal in Canada. Banks in Canada need many billions in assets before they can be a bank, thus in Canada there are only a few banks that have a lot of branches. So a statement from them is a powerful thing; I wish I could show you this brochure . . . it is a wonder in misdirection and calculated emotion.   It states "100% of Bank of Montreal critical systems and business operations are prepared for the Year 2000." Note the word 'critical' and refer back to my message (see archive 07_1999), where I explained how 'critical' means about 10% of the actual businesses systems. Do you see the misdirection here? They do not say ALL, they say 'critical,' there is a BIG difference and you NEED to be aware of it.
They also point out how dangerous it is to have your money as cash; I assume in an attempt to prevent people from taking out a hedge. It has already been calculated that if 5% of the population each took out $500, the banks would not have enough cash to give them. This is why they MUST issue the strongest assurances that their lawyers will permit.
Having assets is NOT the same as having cash. Banks lend over 20 dollars for every dollar you have in the bank (called fractional reserve banking), this is computer generated 'money' and never did exist as cash; so if everyone came in for their cash, there is only yours and twenty other people will want it too.  

The banks are also making very strong statements that your money will be SAFE in the bank, that it will not be lost. Of course this is true as it's ever been but assures people without addressing the issue. The issue has never been that the data would be lost. The issue is that the data may NOT be able to be properly ACCESSED!!!!! Yes, your money is safe but can you get it?????   Now I'll quote some of the disclaimer of the bank statement: "We are providing you this information . . . without any responsibility on the part of BOM Group, and . . . on the understanding that you agree that BOM Group has no liability to you for providing this information, whether or not you rely on it."   ????? Doesn't that make you feel all secure and snugly?????  

My advice is to remove a significant amount of your money now. I do not expect most of you to do it, because it is hard to hedge against the system that's been so secure for you. I'm personally thinking this way; if I have the cash then I can spend it regardless if the banks are running or not.   I buy fire extinguishers for the same reason: I don't expect to have to use them, but if I do then I've got it. By the way, I've personally saved five vehicles and three homes with fire extinguishers. If you don't take some cash out NOW, there may not be cash there when you need it. But maybe nothing will happen (smile), are you a gambler?  

My advise is to stockpile a bit of food (use your money while there is food). If nothing happens, you have lost nothing; even gained a bit because you bought tomorrow's food at today's prices. If supplies become scarce, even for a few days, then a little supply will be a great value to you.  

My research on Y2K shows me that there are ABSOLUTELY going to be problems, the only question is how big the problems will be and how we deal with them. Being self-reliant is good no matter what. I don't predict the end of the world, but I do predict an avalanche of problems that will affect everyone, some more, some less. For those that know the quote, these will be "interesting times." I expect most problems will be fixed or bypassed in a 'short' time and life will go on; during that 'short' time it will pay to be self-reliant. My friends in Fort Erie have a notice in their hands from their local utility, Buffalo Hydro, that states 'expect disruptions' concerning Y2K. This is one of the original power generation stations ever built in the USA. I have customers that have reported similar statements from other utilities. It is the extremely rare utility that will sign a liability affidavit that guarantees that they will not lose power due to Y2K related events.  

We have written 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' to help YOU and your loved ones prepare in the least time and at the least cost, for ANY crisis (not just Y2K). We at Eagle-Research want YOU to be happy and comfortable no matter what.   Our local preparedness center has helped us a lot. Check them out: Northdoorway Family Preparedness Center visit at: www.northdoorway.com, contact at: info@northdoorwy.com, or call at: 1-888-522-2999   ===================================================

  The information gained by individuals testing Brown's Gas and sharing that information with us continues to grow. A lot of people have built their own Brown's Gas machines and quite a few (around the world) have now purchased the ER1150 Water Torch.  
One very important note that has come up is: Brown's Gas will explode all by itself (no spark igniting it) if there is a sharp point in any container that has the gas in it, the potential of this 'self-ignition' increases as pressure or temperature increase. Evidently there is enough 'static' electrical charge potential difference on a point or sharp edge to ignite the gas. Remember the gas is an electrically charged water, so there's a lot of electrical potential just waiting to be released.
Be sure your Brown's Gas containers and electrolyzers have all smooth, rounded edges inside them.   =====================================================

thanks for the quick response. I and a friend have listened the Lee internet presentation and did not have good feelings about it. We have spoken several times the last couple of years and you have been the most direct and practical experimenter I have had the pleasure to meet. I am already on your news letter list and am looking forward to testing and contributing to your efforts. I have built and tested several of your devices with complete success each time.  
Good luck in your current and future efforts.
Rick Reynolds

Dear Mr. Wiseman,
I am a good engineer. Also a scientist and a physicist. YOU are a good engineer. Also a scientist and a physicist. We both know about would-be perpetual motion machines, scams, and frauds. Dennis Lee must be a pretty good engineer, BECAUSE he is able to make all these demonstrations LOOK LIKE he is making energy out of thin air. What an enormous FRAUD he is!!! Give him hell!!!   You are soon getting some people on YOUR side - maybe we can help. HOLD ON! We can give him hell, all together!! Best wishes. /rap /
Robert A. Pease, Engineer.   

Thank you, George, for the Newsletter.   Most inventors lose their invention because they are unaware of the background to our daily life - who pulls what strings. For some years I kept people posted on what was going on around us by holding meetings. I am still as uptodate as anyone on this continent, but instead of meetings, we hold telephone conversations, during which we counteract much of the evil going on in this world.   It occurred to me that if you have a situation where you expect, or are having, opposition we could be of assistance. Write and tell me about it, who the individuals/groups/corporations involved are and we will see to what extent this can be negated. We do not do anything on our own, incidentally. And there is NO charge!   For ongoing 'background' information the world's leading source is "The Spectrum" (877-280-2866 for subscriptions). The information over the last decade has been quite remarkable and more precious than gold ..... ........Keep up the good work! MILSON.  

Hi Folks! NON-DISCLOSURES AS LEGAL ENTRAPMENT Saw the need for this...I know after hearing that story, I certainly will learn from it;   http://keelynet.com/interact/archive/00000531.htm   Might be a good warning to share with anyone else you know who might be into sharing information.   Jerry Wayne Decker / < > http://keelynet.com / "From an Art to a Science" Voice : (214) 324-8741 / FAX : (214) 324-3501 KeelyNet - PO BOX 870716 - Mesquite - Republic of Texas - 75187     ===================================================

  The December/99 issue will feature some Free Energy 'rumors' I call them rumors till I can prove they work through my own experience. If anyone has rumors to share, please do so. Let's track down these inventors and give them the assistance they need to produce viable alternative energy machines. Warning...proceed with caution on both sides, inventors and investors, I'll help (with advise) anyone who asks.   February/2000 issue will be on fuel savers, outlining those that I consider best for today's automobiles. Know of any that you'd like evaluated? Drop me an email.   April/2000 will feature 'vested interest' suppression of innovation. Any stories you'd like to contribute are appreciated.   PROVEN RESULTS ON FILE FAIR MARKETING DISCLAIMER TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER Eagle-Research advocates fair marketing practices in all endevours.  Therefore, in support of government efforts to protect the common good, we have created these icons (left).   Statements on this page may be subject to any or all of these self-policing icons.   Click on the icons for detailed information.
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