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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: FREE ENERGY 'RUMORS' SELF-RELIANCE BROWN'S GAS NEWS READER COMMENTS COMING UP   ****************************************************
WHAT'S NEW (top)
  • I have started monthly meetings for local discussions of Free Energy and Fuel Savers. Anyone interested in attending (in Creston, BC, Canada) can leave a message on 250-428-8755 or email me: <wiseman@eagle-research.com
• Dennis Lee's nationwide tour is done. I do not know how it turned out for him. My prediction is that you will not see the International Tesla Electric Company actually producing machines as promoted on the tour. My assessment, as information poured in from around the USA, is that Dennis Lee was VERY careful NOT to actually state that his machines were over-unity or even any more practical than items you can normally buy off-the-shelf. Some people assume he did state over-unity because of his 'investment' programs and his statements like "I can't tell you that this machine is over-unity because 'they' would come and throw me in jail!" People assume that the machine is over-unity instead of assuming that he can't say it because it isn't and he'd be thrown in jail for fraud.   I have nothing against Dennis Lee personally and I truly hope he DOES have what he leads people to believe he does. I'm just saying to be careful and to see a working device that Dennis Lee allows me or someone as knowledgeable as I to independently verify before putting ANY money down, unless you just want to give him money for putting on such a great performance.  
Water as Fuel, Book One is FINISHED and sets a new standard for Eagle-Research publications. The new standard is the direct result of the work of my new wife (Tenaj) using her skills to upgrade my publications. Eagle-Research is now an enjoyable reading experience, you'll see what I mean when you get a copy. It is sold for $20 on the website: http://www.eagle-research.com/store/   Water as Fuel, Book One is a compilation of worldwide research that is NOW running vehicles on water as their ONLY fuel, and several options that allow you to at least partially run YOUR vehicle on water NOW. There has never been a book as complete as this one on using Water as Fuel. This book is meant to inform people of the 'state-of-art' and to assist further practical development of these technologies by providing resources unavailable to the general public.  =====================================================
Issue Feature: FREE ENERGY 'RUMORS' (top)
  Find following a collection of Free Energy 'rumors' and related technolgies at people have sent to me. I call them rumors till I can prove they work through my own experience. If anyone has rumors to share, please do so. Let's track down these inventors and give them the assistance they need to produce viable alternative energy machines. Warning...proceed with caution on both sides, inventors and investors, I'll help (with advise) anyone who asks. I am not endorsing any of these technologies by including them here. I am providing a forum for public exposure.  
Over-unity Generator------ "I have new test results on my generator system. The new results are, aprox 1000 watts imput and 1200 watts output, it varies slightly at high rpm. Using the same one hp motor and with the motor running at normal temperatures, 12 - 100 watt bulbs fully illuminated. I can reduce the imput more by 200+ watts with the new controller that will replace the DC motor. I was able to increase the output by 300 watts with the addition of two more balanced coils. The motor/generator system is running as a open loop at this time, work is continuing to compleate the remainder of the coils, them I can activate the regenerating circuit and close the loop. Acheiving self charging closed loop operation as it is running. These are the results of the first 10 coils." From: AL Francoeur <aljan@bc.sympatico.ca>  
Over-unity Motor This is to authorize any person(s) who have entered into a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" with Robert "Paul" LeBreton regards Trade Secrets revealing the details necessary to construct his "Self-Sustaining Permanent Magnet Motors" -To construct such motors for their own personal use ... These "Demo" Motors are still to be regarded as being Trade Secrets and are not to be sold or given to Third Parties without the written authorization of Robert "Paul" LeBreton... From: Paul LeBreton, wizzard9@earthlink.net  
Over-Unity Generator We have a working, testable prototype of an electric current generator. The generator at Idle speed when a load is applied to the field coil, forward motion increases and the required input torque is decreased from idle. Which is to say the more output the less input. Please let me know someone to contact for help with this new technology. There is an U.S. Patent #5191258. I have been working with the inventor (Jim) for about 10 years. There is allot to tell about the trails I have had with trying to get help. Thank you for your time and have a great day." From: Steve, sww@lcc.net  
Wind Turbine I have a patented wind/hydro turbine that I will license or sell outright. I also will sell plans to build your own, to any of your members, this design won an advanced technology award, one of the distinguished people on the nominating committee is Dr Gordon Gould (inventor of the laser). From: George Sikes, inventors@xtalwind.net  
Free Energy Apparatus Demonstration of a simplified model of "Free Energy Generator" Our demo unit shows a simplified remote Power Unit tapping into the Earth Energy Field... The antenna used is composed of various metals about 24" long and is buried 3/4's in the ground. A solid state electrical circuit can then take this power and transform the out put to 60cycle 120 volt AC or whatever configuration is required." From: John C. Dahlen, Skywell@aol.com  
Water Pump For most of my life I have been interested in renewable energies and have finally managed to develop a really novel pump. This pump is powered by running water, similar to the hydraulic ram. However, this design is so advanced that it converts the pressure impulse into reciprocating linear motion resulting in very high efficiencies, lower supply head requirements and some 4 times more water delivered than a conventional hydraulic ram, as well as resulting in a weight reduction of about 80%. Unlike the conventional hydraulic ram it requires 2 drivepipes in order to achieve this linear reciprocating motion. It can also be utilized as an air compressor and pressures of 125psi have been achieved." From: Klaus Zimmer, kwickset@tpg.com.au  
A Novel Solar Technology I have several inventions in sphere of solar energy and scattering of light. http://www.gpi.ru/~sukhodol/ The main (problem) is the fact that some of my conclusion is in contradiction to official point of view. This very disturb any attempts to have money from goverment. The person who has money can not understand how I can put bodies in motion by solar light without any machines to provide me fund to make full-size-constructions. ...Any your advice would be great appriciated." From: Anatoly Sukhodolsky, sukhodol@kapella.gpi.ru  
Alcohol Check out our web site www.powerenergy.com. Let us know if you are interested in supporting us or letting others know about us. We are looking for funds to set up trash to alcohol plants. From: Gene Jackson, staff@powerenergy.com  
Renewable Free Energy Husband and wife inventors in Western Australia have found the solution to one of the world's most pressing problems. A revolutionary invention that produces electrical power from a renewable energy source, without recourse to nature. An invention which will reduce pollution and decrease the effects of respiratory disease; global warming; the greenhouse effect and holes in the ozone layer. An invention that does not damage the environment nor rely on fossil fuels. An invention which can save "billions of dollars", both economically and environmentally.   Patents are pending. But they are now seeking active interest from large-scale investors and/or companies looking to participate with a view to manufacture and/or production. Interested parties should contact the inventors at the address below:   From: Peter & Susan Olohan 41/289 Sydney Road GNANGARA WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6065 Phone/Fax: 0116189-4051588  
Whirlpower A machine that gets power from vortexes. Princeton and Berkley and just announced new data that backs up Whirlpower Theory. I have a lot more stuff to tell you and still really need some help with all of this. From: David Dennard, jclark@dcn.davis.ca.us   ===================================================== SELF-RELIANCE top 
I don't have a lot to say this time. If you are unprepared for Y2K this is your last chance and you will be competing with all other 'last-chancers.'   In reality I expect most people to bury their heads and hope that everything will be all right. I see it happening already. I've done all I can to advise simple preparedness habits and some people have listened. Everything may just be all right, nothing major may happen to any particular individual; that is not my point.   If something does happen, those unprepared will be 'cannon fodder,' their security and well being will be in the hands of chance; they will be a severe drain on emergency services that may be having trouble themselves. Those who have thought things out a bit, prepared a bit, will be far more secure; their security will be in their OWN hands and they will not hinder emergency services, thus being the most responsible citizens. That is one of the stated purposes of Eagle-Research, to promote self-reliance and responsibility.  
Remember I say two things:  
• Y2K bug IS going to cause problems, some big ones, a lot of small ones. This is going to cause some sort of a depression. The government may attempt to buy their way out (inflation) and there will almost certainly be military enforcement involved. This will happen on a worldwide scale.  
• Regardless if you believe that Y2K bug will affect anything, the fact that many people think that the Y2K bug MIGHT affect the economy, already has caused an effect on the economy. People are buying things this year and stockpiling. There will be a depression next year as people use up their stores, unless they are smart and just rotate them so they always are prepared.   My advise is to prepare as our 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' book details. In doing this you actually GAIN security while saving money. This is how we chose to help as many people as we could in the shortest possible time. The book includes information on how to help yourself even if you did NOT prepare in time.   "...a Gartner Group survey of 14,000 people showed that 67 percent of all Americans say they plan to buy seven to 18 days worth of food and other supplies within three days of Jan. 1."   Question: How many grocery stores have a 7-18 day supply of food for 67 percent of all the people in this country?   Answer: None.   Update your programs at: http://www.updates.com/   If the proverbial 'S___ hits the fan' I expect to be out of business for the duration. I have a stock of books to read, research to do and you won't hear from me either because I can't send out or you can't receive. Till next year :)))   =====================================================
  We are selling the ER1150 Water Torches to governments and companies around the world. Sales almost exceed production. We are moving to a better facility. We will be expanding both our production capability and our product line.   More people are completing their home-built units and have started using the gas.   As I predicted, all manufacturers of Brown's Gas machines are upgrading to Eagle-Research technology if they can. Some have too much invested in the obsolete technology to feel that they can afford to switch. The one's that don't switch will be driven out of business by the competition. Serious, practical Brown's Gas technology has finally arrived on the market. Over the next ten years it will change industry as we know it. We have further independent testing of the gas being done now, to continue to establish it's properties.     =====================================================

   Dear George,
thanks for the scoop on ITEC. i'm glad someone out there is calling them on their stuff. will spread the word. spoke briefly with gene mallove at the IANS conference. said he had 2 devices that were just about ready and he was very excited about them. don't have more info for you, tho. said it would be in next issue of infinite energy magazine, if remember correctly." best to you,
jennet ITEC is International Tesla Electric Company of Dennis Lee

I am so glad I ordered your battery charger so I can keep my batteries in top form...
Larry Rand

Great site......Subscribe.....I have taken liberty to add your site to my website

Thank you for newsletter. I have visited your web-site and find your efforts very impressive. Thank you,

I have just visited your web site and noted the comment that you made that implied that Yull Brown died penniless because Dennis Lee went around him to deal directly with the Chinese with regard to Yull's Brown's Gas Machines. I am a dealer for United Community Services Of America, the marketing division for the technologies brought forth by Better World Technologies. Dennis has explained in full to the dealers about his problems in dealing with Yull. There are/were problems with the gas machines as produced by Yull, as you are well aware. When Dennis tried to work with Yull to get these problems fixed, he found Yull to be uncooperative and even antagonistic. Dennis offered a large sum of money to Yull for help in straightening matters out; Yull refused to accept it. Dennis had to turn to the Chinese directly in order to salvage his investment in the Brown's Gas Machines. Yull was beginning to act irrationally in his business dealings, even attempting to get others to work with him even though he had given Better World Technologies sole distributor rights to his machines for North AMerica. If Yull died penniless, it was his fault, not Dennis'. I admire the work that you are doing and have purchased some of your literature and products. Your web site is bookmarked on my computer and I am on your newsletter list. Your work on the Brown's Gas machines is great; I would buy one of your machines if I could afford it at this time. Perhaps in the near future. Even as a dealer, I will not have anything to do with the Chinese version. I even sent some material to Dennis about your work and suggested that he stop promoting the Chinese Brown's Gas machine since what you have produced is so very much superior. He did not respond but he may have a contractual arrangement that has him tied up. Regardless, I'm very glad to have come upon you and your work and hope to see more good things on your web site.
 George Barringer  
Mr. Barringer,
I don't usually answer these reader comments, but hey, it's my newsletter. Everything you say is absolutely true and I complement you on the kind way you presented your knowledge of the situation. There is massive evidence that Yull Brown has always been his own worst bottleneck to his technology and that Dennis Lee is a world-class promoter. It is very true that Yull died pennyless mostly from his own fault.   It so happens that I not only have copies of Dennis Lee's Distributor Newsletters (so I know what he has told you) but I have many documents from people who have lived and worked with Yull Brown, including things like his marriage certificate, copies of his agreements with the Chinese and with Dennis Lee. I also have testimony that Dennis Lee acquired the exclusive rights to sell the China machines in North America by sending the Chinese a tape recording of Yull Brown talking bad about them.   In any case, the contracts clearly state that Yull Brown had the North American rights and Dennis Lee was his customer. The paper trail also shows Dennis Lee tried to deal with Yull Brown honestly and that the Chinese were unhappy with Yull too. It is my honest opinion that Dennis Lee (and the Chinese) deliberately bypassed Yull Brown (for whatever justification) and did not pay him any kind of royalty for the machines he then sold in North America. If I'm wrong I'd certainly like to know it because I believe Dennis Lee is in a position to do much good, if he conducts himself with integrity.

Dear Mr. Wiseman,
On another subject, last week I saw/met Dennis Lee for the first time in a presentation in Marin county (SF bay area, CA). Dennis demonstrated what he called a "free energy machine" using magnetic motors. Dennis "more or less" promised that these machines would soon be available to the public. Can you give me a your "nut-shell" opinion of Dennis Lee and his free energy machine which is said to produce up to 15kw of electric power. Thnaks again,
Mike Parker    

While you probably have heard this already, I had to send you a note about it. I attended a demonstration conducted by Dennis Lee here in Las Vegas And was not suprized to see some of your inovations with not a mention of your name. I have reason to believe this guy is a con and I don,t appriciate his useing your ideas to financialy benefit himself. Just thought I,d drop a line.
Sincerily,   Leon

I watched a news program this morn. I must have propane in my blood because it was boiling at room temp. after I heard what they were saying. I got to see 2 of his devices. They claim that he and his invention is a complete fraud. They plan on bring up charges against him for receiving investment capitol without going through the proper channels. This really pisses me off!  
Tommie Hull  

I had a few comments & questions about the contents of the Oct. newsletter. First, congratulations on your recent marriage. I hope your wife is as interested as you in "alternate technologies". If so, you two will never have a dull moment. OK, to the questions. Will you be posting the list of installers fairly soon (to the web site) as responses come in OR will this only be done in the spring once the entire list is available?   In the spring, I hope.   Your comments on Dennis Lee seemed to indicate you didn't think his technology is viable. I have to admit I really haven't looked into his work, but was sent some information about Joseph Newman's machine. He is in Arizona I believe. Maybe he is a possible inclusion in your upcoming December issue. I have a phone number sent to me for him (480-657-3722), though I haven't tried to contact him directly. Do you know anything about his machine? Does it have any potential or is he selling "snake-oil" like so many others in the "over-unity" field?   I think Joseph Newman has something. I also think he's not a good marketer. And lastly, I think that his machine, although O/U, is not quite practical because of it's weight to output ratio.   How does the technical level of your new "Water as a Fuel" book compare with your HYCO 2A manual? (less, more, about the same)   One of the nicest things about the new 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' is the rating system we are introducing, so your question can be answered in a proper frame of reference. The 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' compiles research, the 'HyCO 2A Manual' is actual plans to build a device.   I agree with your philosophy of developing the "fringe" technologies as you call them and look forward to your next newsletter.  
Thanks in advance for your response,
Jeff Engelhardt  

I wish you the best with your new marriage and new location. i am an inventor and alternative energy dealer in Asheville, NC. i am just writing to say thank you for your work and your integrity. I appreciate what you are doing.   In Grace as always,"   Gary Schwartz  --------------- "Hello, I ordered a few books from you and love them. I'm reading the HyCO 2A book and am wondering if there is a kit available for that system.   Yes there is.   I also want to order a bunch more stuff but am wondering if I would need the carburetor enhancer book. I also got the free energy accumulator book and would like something a lot more detailed into more advanced systems referred to that tesla worked on.   I really appreciate what you guys are doing and am very excited about this information, keep up the great work.  
Joel Haggar   ==================================================== COMING UP (top)
February/2000 issue will be on fuel savers, outlining those that I consider best for today's automobiles. Know of any that you'd like evaluated? Drop me an email.  
April/2000 will feature 'vested interest' suppression of innovation. Any stories you'd like to contribute are appreciated.  
June/2000 will feature Water as Fuel, giving you the latest updates on the research and results.    

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