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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: Water as Fuel SELF-RELIANCE BROWN'S GAS NEWS READER COMMENTS COMING UP   ****************************************************
WHAT'S NEW (top)
  Our shop-lab in Creston, BC is now operational. We have lights over the workbenches and all of our equipment set up. It is so nice to be able to just reach for tools and DO something :)))   We are proceeding with a 'Bessler' style Gravity Wheel experiment. For people unfamiliar with this technology, it is an attempt to move weights on a wheel to always have one side 'heavier' than the other; thus allowing gravity to turn the wheel and having gravity become a useable power source.   Our preliminary research and calculations led to a 'single weight' rotary experiment which turned out positive. However, the positive was within range of error for our measuring techniques (of which we used two and confirmed several times). Since the result was positive, nothing is left but to build the wheel and see if it works. We've designed the wheel and ordered the parts.   We've sent our Gravity Wheel design off to 'peers' for review and duplication. We would be interested in communicating with anyone who is (or would like to be) working on 'Gravity Wheel' technology.   < >   As a reader of this newsletter, you are likely aware that we published the book 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' some months ago. Our next book is well on it's way, it is called the 'HyZor Manual'; we expect it to be published by October.   The HyZor takes one of the concepts presented in the 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' and makes it into a practical technology. As time goes on, we will do the same for each of the technologies presented.   The HyZor is an on-board electrolyzer, combining our years of Brown's Gas experimental research, our automotive technical expertise and extensive Water as Fuel research to bring you a PRACTICAL hands-on Manual that will tell you how to home-build the world's most efficient on-board electrolyzer.   I will be speaking at the Exotic Energy Conference during July/00. More details at: http://www.eagle-research.com/events.php   =====================================================
Issue Feature: WATER AS FUEL (top)
  Since I would expect anyone interested in using Water as a Fuel to buy our very good book that introduces the subject, I won't duplicate here what is already in the book. Instead, I'll bring you up to date on stuff that I did not include and has been happening since I wrote the 'Water as Fuel, Book 1'.   I've been writing the HyZor Manual, which should be published in October/00. This Manual will detail how to home-build the world's most efficient on-board electrolyzers to help internal combustion engines achieve higher efficiencies.   As I've been writing the HyZor Manual I've come across several studies that confirm that on-board electrolyzers have a seriously beneficial effect on vehicle performance, combustion efficiency and extremely lowered pollution (without depending on 'traditional' anti-pollution equipment). This is because the hydrogen acts as a 'catalyst', knocking the carbon-based fuel apart faster so there is more complete combustion. I will include reference to these studies in the HyZor Manual.   It's always made more sense to me to burn the fuel in the combustion chamber instead of in the exhaust. I don't know, is it just me? Would you rather burn your fuel where it actually powers your vehicle? Or do you like paying thousands of dollars extra for equipment attached to your vehicle that burns about half of your fuel in the exhaust? And then paying thousands of dollars in extra fuel costs because you need to burn twice as much to go anywhere?   (rumor) Neodymium has been added to the list of catalysts that help split water using low amounts of power. Evidently sunlight (or ultraviolet light) associated with neodymium has been used by Chinese researchers to split water. New Energy News; March 1994 "Will Coal and Oil become Obsolete?"   Although I knew about him, I did not include Daniel Dingel's work in the WAF book. He has an 'electrolyzer' technology that supposedly allows an internal combustion engine to run exclusively on water. I do not know enough about what he is doing to comment.   Another 'Water as Fuel' inventor not mentioned was Yoshiro Nakamatsu of Japan. He invented the floppy disk and the digital watch. He has a device he calls the 'Enerex' that is supposed to make vehicles run on plain water. That's all I know at this time.   David Wallman has continued to do well in promoting 'Aqua-Fuel' technology. He presented it at the Conference on Future Energy recently. This is making 'City-Gas' from carbon materials and water, to use as an alternative fuel. Tapes of this event can be acquired from Integrity Research Institute, 1422 K Street NW, Suite 204, Washington, DC, 20005, USA. 800-295-7674   Likely the most advanced developer of using hydrogen peroxide as a fuel is Les Adam of AZ Industries, who is developing a helicopter based on the concept. He presented his technology at the same Conference on Future Energy as above and tapes are available. http://www.futuremag.net   I have recently come across a technology with amazing promise. It's a reversible fuel cell; essentially a 'water battery' with a power to weight ratio 1/3 of conventional lead-acid batteries. This would make electric cars much more practical, as well as storage of electricity for any use. There is a little educational kit available. Check out http://www.ecosoul.org .   There have been advancements on splitting water using algae. Not practical yet, but interesting as a developing option. February 26, 2000 Science News, Volume 157, page 134; "Power plants: algae churn out hydrogen".   I recently learned of the work of David Thatcher. He invented a technology that used an on-board electrolyzer that allowed vehicles to get double or triple mileage. There is no question that it worked; the question is HOW it worked. I think it had to be making extra hydrogen by 'replacement' technique (which means the plates erode away during the process).   You can find a book (called the Hydro-Boost Manual) that describes how-to-build an on-board electrolyzer using 'replacement' technique at: http://www.himacresearch.com   I will be experimenting with this technique soon, after we get the HyZor Manual published. There are actually several ways that it can be done; we will sort through the ways till we find the most practical for YOU.   In conclusion: The technology to use water as a fuel has reached a practical stage with the on-board electrolyzer enhancement. Using water in a very high energy form (Brown's Gas) to enhance combustion of carbon based fuels.   Another practical use of water is simple water injection (covered in 'Super Gas Saver Secrets'), this has many of the advantages of Brown's Gas and can be very simple and inexpensive to set up. Again, the water supplements carbon-based fuel for increased efficiency.   There are many 'Water as Fuel' technologies struggling to come alive. The Darwinian process of elimination is weeding out those ideas that are impractical; pointing out WHY they are impractical so that inventors know what problems to solve.  

As we inventors say when something doesn't work: "Well, it's back to the drawing board". :)))))

  We have a minor crisis happening here in our hometown of Creston, BC. It seems that even here, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the water can have problems that cause people to have to boil it before drinking it.   Several years ago, it was a microorganism that is commonly called 'Beaver Fever'. This month it is a strain of e-coli. Water in any community can become deadly contaminated at any time. In fact, this is a famous terrorist scenario and unfortunately, a likely one.   The point is, that it is good to maintain self-reliance on a regular basis. Since we regularly keep supplies of fresh water and we treat our water in various ways, this e-coli did not catch us. My Lady Tenaj, who will proudly call herself a 'city girl', went into self-reliance mode smoothly because we have studied possible problems and figured out solutions in advance.   Anything can happen in you life and SOMETHING is guaranteed to happen. When something happens, the prepared person (even if only mentally prepared) has the best chance of staying happy and healthy.   My advise is to prepare as our 'Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival' book details. In doing this you actually GAIN security while saving money. This is how we chose to help as many people as we could in the shortest possible time. The book includes information on how to help yourself even if you did NOT prepare in time.   Since we are talking about water pollution I'll mention another health hazard.   Chlorine and Fluoride are deadly poisons that are used to as a mass weapon of war and as rat poison; which are harming the health of nearly every North American person. There is absolutely no doubt of this anymore, plenty of evidence is available to anyone who looks. In the future, the people who are now putting these chemicals into water and products (like toothpaste) will hang their heads in shame as they learn how many people they've helped to an early grave.   The drama is ongoing near our home as a local town is struggling against the government for the right NOT to Chlorinate their water; insisting that it is a poison and asking for permission to use alternative means. I wish them well.   Already, most first world nations use ozone or ultraviolet light to purify water. These methods are actually MORE effective and the end result does not harm you. There are natural products, like Grapefood Seed Extract, that are more effective than any commercial purifier additive and are completely friendly to the environment. Check out your local health food store for GSE.   North America is sadly lagging in these health upgrades and I can only assume that it is because of the general public's ignorance of the danger combined with the needs of the powerful 'vested interest' to keep this 'dumping market' for their industrial waste. Just think, people BUY this hazardous waste from them and poison themselves with it. In another country they'd have to use some (usually expensive) means to neutralize these thousands of tons of hazardous waste.   The 'vested interest' of the drug companies and the medical system of North America is another problem which I recognize but won't comment about here.   And bugs don't just come in the food or water; I'm sure that most of you have heard of the LOVE BUG and it's immediate clones that went around recently. You can read about the LOVE BUG at: http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2000-04.php   Some of my friends had their hard drives wiped out. It did not affect us at all; even though we got several hits. If you are not prepared then you get bit and HURT. Some advise to be prepared in the future, from: Patrick Douglas Crispen, crispen@NETSQUIRREL.COM FIVE YEARS of Searchable Archives at http://www.TOURBUS.com Full article (about the six preparation points) available at: TOURBUS Volume 5, Number 89 -- 4 May 2000 --------------------------------------------- Crispen's *SIX* Antivirus Rules --------------------------------------------- PURCHASE A GOOD, COMMERCIAL ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM LIKE NORTON ANTIVIRUS OR MCAFEE VIRUSSCAN.   UPDATE YOUR VIRUS DEFINITIONS FREQUENTLY (AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK).   NEVER DOUBLE-CLICK (OR LAUNCH) *ANY* FILE, ESPECIALLY AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT, REGARDLESS OF WHO THE FILE IS FROM, UNTIL YOU FIRST SCAN THAT FILE WITH YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM.   TURN ON MACRO VIRUS PROTECTION IN MICROSOFT WORD, AND BEWARE OF ALL WORD MACROS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT MACROS ARE.   RUN WINDOWS UPDATE AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH (assuming you run windows); (this will update the newest plugs in your WINDOWS program to block the security holes that are constantly being found in WINDOWS).   IF SOMEONE UNEXPECTEDLY SENDS YOU AN EXECUTABLE FILE OR VISUAL BASIC SCRIPT FILE -- IN OTHER WORDS, A FILE THAT ENDS IN .EXE OR .VBS -- THROW IT OUT. (Then contact the person to tell them you've done so and to make other arrangements if applicable.)   In addition to the above I share these thoughts:   Use Macintosh computers, they are (in my opinion) superior machines for user-friendliness AND they are not susceptible to most of the 46,000 viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs that are floating around the web.   My brother came up with an idea several years ago; he put two hard drives in his computers and put an external switch on the 'write' portion of one of them. Then he put all his programs and operating system on the 'protected' drive and turned off the 'write' function. This meant he could protect his programs and at the very most would only have to reformat his 'working' drive.   Another idea using today's technology is to 'burn' a CD with your programs and system, allowing you to operate off the CD and have your system 'virus proofed'.   Back up (at least once a week) all your work onto a reliable form of media that can physically be removed from your computer. I know people who back up every day. Don't back up till you've confirmed that you do NOT have a virus. Keep originals of all the programs you use and your operating system, in case you need to completely reformat your hard drive.   You can make this less work by keeping separate backups for each type of work that you do, so that you don't have to back up things that you haven't changed.   Keep more than one copy of your backup and keep the second copy stored completely away from the building in which your computers are kept. This second copy should be upgraded as often as the local backup.   The easiest way I've found is to have two external backups, one that is by the computer, which you back up when you do the local backup and then take it to the external storage to exchange it with the previous backup; then you take the previous backup back to the computer for the next backup.   Do not do anything with any disk (or file) that arrives at your computer, till you run a virus checker over it. Automatic virus checkers are excellent for this. Yes it slows you down, but it's good insurance so be patient with it. You'll feel much better after you've caught a few viruses and start imagining the 'delay' a corrupted hard drive could cause.   It is a good idea to have dedicated computers connected to the Internet, that deal exclusively with Internet stuff. These computers are not connected to any other computer except by exchanging information on disks. This gives an extra level of security to your system because you can scan those disks before allowing information into your actual working machines.   I've had at least one deliberate attack on my computer system through the Internet. I'd call it an Internet bomb, because it was designed to 'destroy' my hard drive. I had only a momentary inconvenience while I dealt with it. There may have been others that didn't even reach the level of my awareness because my programing took them out automatically.   We have developed the technique of keeping everything off our computers except the actual operating system and some programs. We use various exchangeable media (like Zip disks) for different projects. This not only gives us another level of security, it allows anyone to work at any of our computers on any project. It also solves the problem of internal hard drives being too small.   =====================================================
  I just got back from a conference that explored many applications of Brown's Gas, in the home, in industry, for waste reduction and radioactive neutralization. The conference was a good one because several of the most important people in the Brown's Gas field got together and shared ideas.   In the home, I'd say more work needs to be done on Brown's Gas storage techniques. Since it takes electricity to make Brown's Gas, it does not make sense to use it to make electricity again immediately (you might as well use the electricity directly). Brown's Gas technology as it exists today must use the gas as soon as it is generated. At this time, I am not aware of any practical safe storage method. If a safe storage can be figured out, the technology already exists to have Brown's Gas literally power a home, providing all heating, electrical and even vehicle fuel needs. Of course, electricity already does this simpler, without the help of Brown's Gas.   Note: I have unverified rumor that when Brown's Gas is used in a ceramic radiant heater, the heat output is three times what the energy would have been if the electricity used to make the Brown's Gas had been used to directly make heat. This would be very interesting, if true.   In industry, there are enough practical applications of Brown's Gas to change industry as we now know it. The obvious first markets are applications currently using bottled hydrogen and oxygen. Then nearly every application that is using bottled acetylene, MAPP gas and propane can be upgraded. We have developed specialized electrolyzer technology to seamlessly integrate Brown's Gas into several common applications. The companies that take advantage of Brown's Gas first will have a significant leading edge over their competition. I'd also say that our technology is the first PRACTICAL technology for applying the Brown's Gas on an industrial scale.   As waste reduction, the market exists but electrolyzer application technology needs to be developed to apply Brown's Gas. Waste reduction can take place in enclosed containers that do not let material or gasses escape till they are inert to the environment. There also seems to be a resistance from government to have hazardous waste eliminated in this manner.   As radioactive neutralization, there are now techniques (using Brown's Gas) that reduce radioactivity to background levels in minutes. This has now been proven in several locations around the world. There is no longer any need to transport or store radioactive waste, it can be neutralized right at the reactor. Nuclear Weapons can be decommissioned right at the storage.   In addition to the above, we are discovering that Brown's Gas itself seems to assist healing of wounds. External application of the gas relaxes muscles and kills anaerobic organisms. We may be able to use it to sterilize water for drinking.   Another application is to use the Brown's Gas to 'catalyze' combustion of carbon based fuels. This works in both internal and external combustion. The HyZor is an example of application to vehicles. We are also looking at increasing the efficiency of power plants and steam generators by increasing the combustion efficiency of the carbon based fuels.   =====================================================
Dear readers, I appreciate the emails sent to me. I apologize if you do not see your email here. To keep the newsletter shorter, I select those that best represent the emails I get. Thank you :)))))    ---------------  Hey George,  I owe you another thanks. Remember when I e-mailed you about if you thought Y-2K was going to be bad and you said "Maybe yes - maybe no. Some people might die" I had a $600 plane voucher I needed to use soon and I was planning on going to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos in December and January. But your advise caused me to rethink that. I used the voucher instead to buy my Mother a plane ticket to visit me in California for Christmas and to buy myself a ticket to visit her in Wisconsin this Summer. She came and we had a nice visit but I was kind of mad that I missed out on that big trip to S.E. Asia when not much happened re: Y2K.     But it was all for the best. My mother was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer at the end of February and passed away in the middle of March. I used my ticket for this Summer to go home and be with her during that time. I'm so grateful now I had that time with her in December and recently. It was more meaningful than a trip abroad could ever have been. It's funny, and synchronous, how things sometimes work out.   Cat, I've enjoyed your submissions and I know you must miss your mother a lot. I'm glad to have inadvertently allowed you to to be with her one last time. Your apology is interesting in that you recognize the synchronistic nature of life. Have you read 'The Celestine Prophesy' by James Redfield?  --------------- I really enjoyed the last Newsletter and no it wasn't too long at all. In fact it was very interesting... I spent a little over 20 years in the military and have absolutely no doubt that the Government will cover-up and supress... I also was taught through exercise how to speak to press and to not let others speak in an incident if I was on scene regardless of position or rank... Fortunate I never used that Knowledge in practice. Simply "I can neither confirm nor deny" As an official statement in spite of whatever. I saw countless weapons officers at high levels who were absolutely ignorant except for public information and certain positions were consistent in this. I know cause I had to set up thier files for inspection then sometimes even me or someone I worked would inspect them while filling the office of a higher authority only for the inspection. Well this wasn't dangerous as it may sound but I now see this was more orchestrated than laziness as I once thought... Don't misunderstand. I actually feel that nuclear weapons are safer than nuclear power. They are actually inherently begnine and require a great deal of resources and knowledge to employ while nuclear power is active... (portions deleted and Anon to protect)  --------------- I tend to believe your view of vested interests. The occulting of Tesla's work points that way. A book that physically traces modern wealth is "The Rich and the Super-Rich" (1970s). It reveals if I remember correctly that 70% of all pecuniary wealth in the world is in the hands of about 100 families. Francis Pedley    --------------- George, I just finished your latest newsletter an am glad that you were willing to address the suppression issue. I have also known about it for years and have heard several first hand accounts from inventors. I met an engineer who was working on a cold fusion project. One day he received a phone call from someone who had his family under surveillance and told him he had better quit his job now, or lose his family. He quit immediately after the phoner went on to describe the weekly routines of his family members each week (hair dresser, little league practice, etc.).   More on suppression of cold fusion at: http://www.padrak.com/ine/SUBJECTS.php   Just for the record, here is another documented story about early suppression of LTPC technologies. A means for producing pollution free transportation and electric power from kerosene using low temperature phase change (LTPC) or refrigeration based technologies was developed in the early 1970s by Wallace Minto and Archie Gay. These devices are based on a new application of refrigeration technologies. Mr. Minto had refined several generations of prototypes for powering automobiles on a closed loop Freon driven engine powered by a low emissions kerosene burner. This technology was reviewed in Popular Science Magazine in October of 1970, where it reported that he was negotiating with Datsun for collaborative production in 1972. Yes, the means for pollution free transportation was on it's way to the marketplace 30 years ago. However, Mr. Minto apparently sold the rights to his inventions to an anonymous higher bidder who "disappeared" it. Mr. Gay, who had been casually collaborating with Minto, was building LTPC electric generators. He already had a $2.5 million stock offering in hand, when he too was approached by a higher bidder. He refused to sell because the "buyers" insisted on remaining anonymous. His refusal was followed by two nearly successful attempts at murdering him and his family, sabotage on the assembly line, and sudden and contrived charges of tax fraud by the IRS. His investors withdrew their money and his refrigerant driven generators never made it to the marketplace. .. I think that you are right that eventually free energy devices and systems will break through into the market place and our every day lives. The Japanese are desperate to have their own energy independence, and people like you are beginning to share their ideas openly. I am grateful to you for persevering and publishing your pamphlets. I will be ordering more stuff from your website. Gary Schwartz  --------------- Dear George, I enjoyed your latest newsletter dealing with suppression. Very analythical and easy to understand. I am puzzled why it happens. Human life is priceless, which some of our fellows humans can translate easily in worthless. I have studied a lot on various cancer treatments, so I cannot deny information on suppression related to medicine. Do you have any better explanation why this all happens? Is money and power what moves this world, or is it a love, contribution and sharing? Wishing you well Pavel Pavel, I think it will become love, contribution and sharing one person at a time. It will be easier when people no longer have to worry about warmth, food, clothing, communication or transportation. To achieve such goals requires great dreamers (contributors)who just will not stop till it happens.  ---------------  George, Many thanks for the great newsletter. I always look forward to receiving them and wish they came more frequently. You can never get enough of a good thing! Anyway, I notice that you advocate the use of water to enhance combustion. Does this technology work for diesel engines? Does your book on the subject show how it can be easily applied to a turbocharged diesel? Any advice you could give would be most appreciated, because the price of fuel here in the UK is very high, equal to about $1.30 per LITRE!! Obviously my intention is to save money as well as reduce my emissions. Many thanks for your help and good luck with upgrading your website, Paul Hopewell  Paul, Yes, there are several ways to use water with turbocharged Diesel engines. You can introduce it as steam, using the exhaust heat; or vapor-mist by using the HyCO 2DT technology; or as Brown's Gas using the HyZor technology. There are other technologies being developed that you can read about in the 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' and 'Water as Fuel, Book 1'. =====================================================
  AUGUST/2000 was intended to feature Fuel Saving technology. We hoped our comprehensive upgrade to the fuel saver section of the website should be complete. If you know of fuel savers that you'd like to see evaluated, drop me an email: < >. Instead, we feature more free energy rumors and will feature fuel savers in a future edition.   October/2000 was to be skipped due to our planned trip to Australia but the trip got postponed till October/2001. This issue will be used to feature fuel savers, even though our website upgrade has not yet happened and it will be some time before it does happen because other projects are taking up our time. Sometimes you just don't get everything done and you go with what you've got.   December/2000 will feature Gravity Wheels. Anyone who has experience with them is invited to contribute < > . *****************************************************


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