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WHAT'S NEW (top)
  This newsletter has been delayed due to time away (wedding anniversary) and a dedicated effort to complete our commercial ER4000 prototype. It is now in testing and doing well.   Our Australian trip has been rescheduled to October of 2001, due to developments that need our attention now. We are coming because we have family there and there is a sincere interest in our technologies that we wish to address personally.   We have all the parts for the Gravity Wheel experiment, but it is one of the technologies that have been put on hold to complete the ER4000. It is still on hold till the HyZor Manual is written.   The 'HyZor Manual' is expected to be published by February/01. It is one of the projects delayed due to the ER4000. On the positive side, it has benefited from the delay and will be an awesome book.   We now accept 'PayPal' as a purchase option for our books and products. This allows you to purchase products online, completely securely, without having to use a credit card.   PayPal has a $5.00 sign-up credit (you get $5 for signing up). To sign up for PayPal, you are welcome to use the following address:   https://secure.paypal.com/refer/pal=wiseman%40eagle-research.com   (If you use this address, eagle-research will also get $5 when you sign up)   6) Eagle-Research is presenting the World's most advanced BROWN'S GAS technology! Wed March 7th & Thurs. March 8th 2001 / Missoula, Montana LIMITED SPACE to qualified Investors, Manufacturers & Distributors Attendance by reservation ONLY, contact: < >     =====================================================
Issue Feature: FREE ENERGY RUMORS (top)
  I have been contacted by Byron Peck (a reliable)person who says:   "I have been contacted by a researcher in Alberta who claims to have operating a magnet motor running a 60 Kw generator. His group wants to license it out for manufacturing, etc. He does not want to deal with Dennis Lee. He will demonstrate the unit in operation o someone qualified and serious about obtaining a license. There will be a $20,000 down payment on the license in order to have it demonstrated.   If you know of anyone interested, let me know and I'll give you the name, phone & Fax numbers of the contact person in Alberta."   In addition to this version of the rumor, I have been in contact with another person (whom I trust) who has seen a magnetic motor in Alberta but did not want to give me the inventor's name. I tried to arrange a demonstration so that I could verify the technology before telling anyone, as MY reputation would then be on the line. I'm not sure what happened to the line of communication, because he never got back to me after I stated the kinds of tests I'd like to see done. The problem as I see it was that I needed to be talking directly to the inventor and this person did not have the inventor's full confidence. I suspect these are rumors to the same researcher/inventor.   This rumor has enough validity for me to pass it onto you, if anyone has the ability to finance such a project and is willing to pony up $20,000; contact me at < >.   My recommendation is to put the $20,000 in trust that will be paid to the researcher once an acceptable demonstration is made. Both parties first signing a contract that states that the technology has to be marketable and that it perform to specifications agreed upon before the demonstration. I also recommend technical experts present and everything covered by an appropriate nondisclosure contract. I'd appreciate being part of the technical expertise but I do not require it to pass your name onto this man who is looking for investors.   Here is another rumor, from Steven R. Elswick:   "After 16 years of searching, I have stumbled across a device that appears to be overunity! We call it the Kipper Power System. It is simple, easy-to-build and is capable of 360W output. The system is built out of off-the-shelf components that are readily available.   The inventor, a naturepath doctor, moved into the wilderness to avoid much of the pollution and other ills of civilization. A source of reliable power for lighting and cooling was a major concern. The nearest power lines were about 10 miles away and prohibitively expensive to install. Additionally, the unsightly telphone poles would ruin the pristine area. Faced with this dillemma, Mr. Kipper decided on a two pronged approach to power his homestead... conservation and an independent power source.   A motor/generator/battery system was the solution. After its construction, it was ran for 3 weeks without a problem. The batteries were kept continuously charged for 3 weeks... and the homestead had more power available than required. The system has since then been temporarily disassembled so that a better housing could be built. A second unit is being built for further R&D at the Exotic Research facility. In the meantime, the inventor has authorized plans to be drawn up and sold through Exotic Research.   Those interested should contact me as soon as possible.   Steven R. Elswick Publisher, Exotic Research Report PO Box 411, Stanfield AZ 85272 (520) 424-3581 < > http://www.exoticresearch.com"   Another rumor:   "George, You might be interested in this one. It is my understanding that John Bedini received threats when he first announced his invention. Keep up the good work. Haines Ely http://www.cseti.org/position/addition/bedini.htm (link dead)


  Gasoline Prices: I believe I predicted they'd rise? Nothing like a safe prediction. I now predict that due to various factors, they'll continue to rise. We are seeing government controls starting, which will lower cost for awhile. This can't last because the government gets about 70% of every dollar spent on gasoline, lowering the tax on the gasoline will lose them billions. This is why they don't enforce the laws they make requiring vehicle manufacturers to produce vehicles with higher mileage.   I provide fuel savers and how-to information, check it out. http://www.eagle-research.com/store/   =====================================================
  We are just putting together a meeting-demonstration for anyone who seriously wants to participate in the production and distribution of Brown's Gas machines and technology.   Wed March 7th & Thurs. March 8th 2001 / Missoula, Montana LIMITED SPACE to qualified Investors, Manufacturers & Distributors Attendance by reservation ONLY, contact: < >   World interest in Brown's Gas continues to rise as more industry becomes aware of the potentials.   There are glimmers of more players in the Brown's Gas Machine manufacturing business. One in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and one in Florida, USA have started advertising machines available now. More information as I get it.   =====================================================
Dear readers, I appreciate the emails sent to me. I apologize if you do not see your email here. To keep the newsletter shorter, I select those that best represent the emails I get. Thank you :)))))    ---------------  Hi! This was the best article on suppression (April 2000) that I have read so far. Congradulation! Keep up the good work! You are making this world a better place! Andre Santerre    ---------------   Hi, Having decided to shift my efforts into alternative fuels (largely because there is little or no fuel in Zimbabwe - petrol queues of 100 to 150 cars at most petrol stations just sitting waiting for tankers to arrive) Ian Bennett  --------------- Hi everybody,   I am just curious how your lokal media informed you about the big protests in Europe (now France, Spain, Belgium and UK as I know) against the high prices of gasoline/diesel. In France the point was: 2.1 for liter and they want 1.2 per same. After yesterday evening it seems they could get the goverment to reduce the taxis for petroleum products thus lowering the prices.   My question: Have your TV informed you about these massive protestst (ie in France the refineries stopped production because they have not get the suplies) ??? (I have got the info from our "comercial" TV not the states TV.   Feed-Back-Welcome Peter    --------------- Here in the midwest the state of Indiana has temporarily suspended the state tax on gas. We are in pretty good shape. All this does though (and no one talks about this) is support the fact that the government has as much if not more to lose from drops in oil/gasoline consumption as the petrol giants.   I think something must break out though within the next 10 years or so because the known oil reserves and capacity are peaking right now. You may have noticed that oil is around $33 USDollar now. OPEC is back up to over 30% of the worlds supply. Their hammer is getting bigger. So watch out for that nasty inflation bug to get loose again, worldwide! And for prices to keep creeping up. Sam  --------------- The protests over the oil price hikes have reached every corner of the world, including my own. Maybe it's time to enlist the help of the press.   I'm writing a letter to the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) and urge them to write about additives in the gasoline and the low quality of pump gas (large amount of light diesel fuel in gasoline), as well as the research we're doing.   Anyone here got Steven Segal's e-mail address ? His movie "On Deadly Ground" was re-run here and yes, he talks about carburetors that get 'hundreds of miles to the gallon'. He even goes to say that the Internal Combustion Engine as we know it has been obsolete for 50 years. The movie itself was targetted against oil companies. It may seem that the Sensei is actually looking for allies in a fight that he thinks he's alone in. It's about time to inform him that other "resistance units" are operating elsewhere albeit separately from his effort.   Jobet    --------------- A mate of mine told me yesterday that in England, if you have more than 15 litres of fuel stored at home, and have no "good reason" to have it, you're likely to get fines 17000 pounds!!! MAN!!! And I thought that things were bad in Australia!!! Our prices keep on going up, but we still have the fuel there to use - we're an exporter of premium grade unleaded fuel!!! Most of our crude is in the "gasoline" range, and we have to import the heavier stuff to make the tar for the roads, etc. I'm glad I'm not in Europe!!!   Danny.   =====================================================
  October/2000 was to be skipped due to our planned trip to Australia but the trip got postponed till October/2001. This issue will be used to feature fuel savers, even though our website upgrade has not yet happened and it will be some time before it does happen because other projects are taking up our time. Sometimes you just don't get everything done and you go with what you've got.   December/2000 will feature Gravity Wheels. Anyone who has experience with them is invited to contribute < >.   February/2001 will feature Alternative Powered Vehicles *****************************************************


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