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WHAT'S NEW (top)
  Our Gravity Wheel project is still on hold. We were surprised at the response to our announcement that we were experimenting in this area; it is obviously a popular free energy concept. We appreciate your contributions and will continue to develop relationships with those who choose to work with us.   Our Australian trip has been rescheduled to October of 2001, due to developments that need our attention now. We are coming because we have family there and there is a sincere interest in our technologies that we wish to address personally.   The HyZor Manual is back in the production schedule, ETA February/01. I smile when I think of how you'll love the Manual. It is literally 'state-of-the-art' how-to information covering the latest and most efficient techniques to apply an onboard electrolyzer to your engine. Presented in an easy-to-understand format that has become the new Eagle-Research standard.   We now accept 'PayPal' as a purchase option for our books and products. This allows you to purchase products online, completely securely, without having to use a credit card. I've used this service to pay for online auctions like eBay and it can be used to send money anyone who has an email address.   PayPal has a $5.00 sign-up credit (PayPal gives you $5 for signing up). To sign up for PayPal, you are welcome to use the following address:   https://secure.paypal.com/refer/pal=wiseman%40eagle-research.com   (If you use this address, PayPal will also donate $5 to eagle-research when you sign up)   =====================================================
Issue Feature: FUEL SAVER FAQ (top)
  Readers, Here are some FAQ that I have recently uploaded to the eagle-research website at: http://www.eagle-research.com/FAQ/FS/fsfaq.php   Would a VERY amateur backyard mechanic such as myself be able to install your fuel savers?<   I have a 1977 Chevy van w/ a v-8 and would like to improve the gas mileage. After looking at your site, I was thinking about the Carburetor Enhancer...<   When should I add the electronic upgrade to the Carburetor Enhancer?<   When do I add the HyCO 2A system?<   Do I need an EFIE device if I install the electronic upgrade to the Carburetor Enhancer?<   I have a fuel injected vehicle, what can you recommend for me?<   What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Carbureted vehicle?<   What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Electronic Fuel Injected vehicle?<   What can I do to increase the efficiency of my Turbocharged Diesel Fuel Injected vehicle?<   What can I do to increase the efficiency of my normally aspirated Diesel Fuel Injected vehicle?<   How much do I charge to Enhance someone's vehicle?<   What is the best way to adjust the Carburetor Enhancer?<   I'm changing my carburetor, what do you recommend?<   Are there any installers that I could chat with?<   If I would put a 'Fuel Saver' into my vehicle, would that void my warranty?<   Have your fuel savers been tested for long term damage to the engine?<   I have heard of lean burning the engine which results in premature engine wear out.<   Is a HyCO 2A kit available?<   We do not put the HyCO 2A components in any of our advertising. Till December 21, 2000, we are going to sell all the components for the HyCO 2A container itself. This is to access the market and decide if (and/or how) we will continue marketing the components.   Some of our customers and distributors don't have the time to fabricate these custom parts, so we sell these specific parts to help get installations actually installed correctly. All the parts listed are engineered to be compatible with each other and include everything needed for the HyCO 2A container inside and out. These components have been fine-tuned over 10 years of research and using feedback from installations around the world. Everything else needed for the HyCO 2A system can be acquired in local stores (hoses, clamps, valves, etc.)   continued on website...   =====================================================
  Just so you (the reader) knows, I am not affiliated in any way with projects mentioned in this section and do not intend to be. My participation is strictly to facilitate getting viable free energy technology into public hands. My own business brings in enough money for my needs and I have NO interest in making money from other people's projects.   I define 'free energy' as usable energy that comes directly from the environment (you did not pay anyone for it). I tend to ignore 'traditional' sources of free energy such as wind, solar, water power and geothermal because such technologies do not need my innovation. I concentrate on energy sources that are not yet developed, such as gravity, ambient electrical potentials, orgone energy, etc.; unless I see technology that increases the efficiency of traditional applications.   In the last newsletter, we talked about some free energy rumors. Those rumors continue to develop and I will keep you updated. Quite a few people responded that they would be interested in these motors and would 'front' the $20,000 the 'magnetic motor' rumor was quoting for a down-payment on a license. Since there was the interest, I did follow up on the rumor and discovered that it was indeed via an acquaintance of mine, as I thought.   The 'magnetic motor' turns out to be three different designs by at least three different inventors, each with their own particular situation and paranoia.   Personally I grind my teeth as I run up against this type of problem. Greed and paranoia have always been the biggest stumbling blocks to free energy technology. That is one reason I developed my 'patent-free' philosophy. No one can steal what is given away freely. Once knowledge is released publicly, it is extremely hard for 'vested interest' to suppress it. 'Vested interest' then tries to see how they can capitalize on it; for example, the buying up of efficient solar cell technology and selling solar cells at high prices.   So, innovators won't get rich directly by not-patenting, but there are plenty of indirect ways to make money as others are helped to actually implement the technology. Patenting is still a viable option for some things, but in the case of free energy (as a category) I have discovered that the vested interest is so powerful that greed is their TOOL. They are greedy for control and they use the innovators greed to suppress the technology. My assessment is that the only choice innovators have is 1) 'greed and suppressed' or 2) 'give it away and make SOME money'. There are NO options that include 'greed and make money' in the free energy field, vested interest is too powerful.   Anyway, so far from my acquaintance I have the following data (all still rumor status as I have not personally verified or tested it) I apologize for the sketchy details:   First is a 60 KW motor/generator combination that is currently heating a private greenhouse; access to this motor is restricted. The generator is incorporated into the actual design so it's output is electricity of some form. The technology has been licensed to a company that is looking for investors. They are building another one that will be used as their demo, so that the one in the greenhouse can remain private.   The second is a magnetic motor (prime mover) that weighs about 600 lbs and puts out about 10 horsepower. One has been built but is unavailable, another is being built now.   The third is a 1 horsepower magnetic motor (prime mover) that was developed and is owned by a man that seems to have no interest in presenting it to market.   All of these 'motors' can be accessed through my acquaintance who has a limited amount of their confidence (how he finds all these people, I have no idea).   My acquaintance would like a 'finders fee' or some kind of compensation to connect the innovations to investors. In addition, each of the innovation entities has their own requirements. This makes a mess to deal with because with so many people's needs to be met (assuming the technology even works) it is very hard for progress to happen. I will help all I can.   Anyone who would like to finance actual working free energy devices, contact me and I'll put you on a list to contact when there is something I think is real. < >   Which is of course an additional problem; I will not recommend a device that I do not think has market potential, whether it 'works' or not. So I need to be convinced that the product has market potential, which means some sort of proof needs to be presented to me (best is if I test the device myself) before I will recommend it. OR I need to know that the parties I'm introducing to each other will treat each other fairly. This 'extra' layer of requirement makes the process even slower.   I am withholding my acquaintance's name (at his request) till we can make arrangements to confirm that there is a viable (marketable) technology. I trust him enough to tell you that HE thinks there is and he has told me what he's seen with his own eyes; which is enough to confirm that I'd like to see tests done. Since MY reputation is on the line, I've told him that I must be satisfied that the people that I recommend to him will not be defrauded from their money.   So the situation at the moment is that he is going to his various contacts and seeing if testing can be done by me (or someone else I trust). Or at the very least, that contracts can be set up to put investor license down-payment money in 'trust' till the demonstration proves that the technology has market potential. I expect this process to take some time and will keep you updated. ------------- Steve Elswick reports that they have successfully duplicated the 'Kipper Power System' and are selling the plans, These paragraphs are from his postings to me:   "THE SECOND MOTOR BUILT!!! APPEARS TO BE WORKING GREAT...   Mr. Kipper and have I just finished constructing a second copy of the Kipper Motor on September 19, 2000. Left running on table connected to battery with 10V charge, charged battery to 12V. In the photo taken moments later, we are lighting a lamp through an inverter... and ammeter reads 30A. Batteries maintained 12V charge while running DC motor, lamp & inverter... "   If you purchase the plans, build them. Just about every engineer, physicist, mechanic, or otherwise educated person will tell you the plans cannot work... ignore them! The inventor has heard it all from his neighbors as they scratched their heads in amazement! Go on faith, build it yourself and SEE it work.   The plans are currently $175 (as of 9/11/00) and are for private individual use only. Commercial ventures interested in manufacturing should negotiate directly with us. We provide some tech support over the phone if needed.. and as we upgrade our system, you will receive our recommendations (Tech Tips) for one year. Members get a 10% discount. You can join at the time you place order and get the discount. To order contact Exotic Research, PO Box 411, Stanfield, AZ 85272 ; (520) 424-3581. "   What do I think? I know Steve personally, I do not think he would risk his reputation and business unless he truly thought it works. I've ordered the plans.     =====================================================
  'Our' newest design ER4000 Water Torch (basic version) passed all tests and was shipped to it's new home, where it is performing well. This design was in 'interim' step between our previous technology (as in the ER1150 Water Torches) and the 'state-of-the-art' as developed here at Eagle-Research. We continue to lead the world in Brown's Gas technology, proving that NO-PATENT innovation works.   We have built large electrolyzers before, and they were the most efficient in the world; but this particular torch had features not included in any previous design. For example, it was designed to operate hot, not needing any temperature controls whatsoever. This 'inherent' feature allowed us to build a machine that is 25% more efficient than our previous most efficient designs (we are breaking our own records of efficiency).   Further, the machine puts out as much as 6000 liters per hour and weighs about 400 lbs (working weight). We are now designing the 'next generation' Water Torches that will incorporate all the insight that we've gained over our years of research.   Our market research is also showing us what is needed to incorporate the Brown's Gas seamlessly into existing industry infrastructure. By making slight modifications to their existing equipment, people can replace their existing gas (Acetylene, MAPP, Hydrogen and Propane) with Brown's Gas and essentially operate their equipment the same as before. We have already done the preliminary testing to prove direct gas replacement is practical (every shop we tested in LOVED the gas and wants a machine). All this technology is being designed now. It will be some time before it is complete.   We are going to have a meeting-demonstration for anyone who seriously wants to participate in the development, production and distribution of Brown's Gas machines and technology. We are organizing our Business and Marketing plans so that nearly anyone can participate, have fun and make money. This technology will not be controlled exclusively by any single entity.   Wed March 7th & Thurs. March 8th 2001 / Missoula, Montana LIMITED SPACE; Attendance by reservation ONLY, for details contact: < >     =====================================================
Dear readers, I appreciate the emails sent to me. I apologize if you do not see your email here. To keep the newsletter shorter, I select those that best represent the emails I get. Thank you :)))))  ---------------  George, I'm very excited to have found you on the net! I bought a carb enhancer from you about 6-8 years ago,put it on a car that was in bad shape,junked the car,and put the carb-enhancer away-until I found you again! Now I have dug it out and am going to put it on my 88 festiva!! I LOVE reading the news letter-KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Mike  ---------------  Hi George, I usually have ZDTV on in the room that I have my computer in and kind of listen to it in the Back Ground.. I just watched a show called Big Thinkers and they had a gentleman named John Seely Brown and he is the Director of new research at the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) (I'll make this quick) the one thing that he said that stood out very much to me was "We participate therefore we are" rather then "I think therefore I am" and that really hit home for me as I was going through you newsletter as he was talking.. Serendipity I guess..   I just want to Thank You for being a Participant in this world and let you know there are people out here that appreciate it.. Sincerely, Ben  --------------- Dear readers, here are excerpts from the emails I've received from PayPal.    Dear George Wiseman,   Thank you for joining PayPal, a free service of X.com! You can now send money to anyone with an email address. We are excited to have you as a member and look forward to serving your online payment needs for a long time to come.   To express our appreciation, we are rewarding our new users with the PayPal Refer-a-Friend program. For a limited time, PayPal will add $5 to your account for every friend or family member you refer to PayPal...  --------------- And 'BINGO' they really do pay up :)))))   Congratulations! We have credited a $5 New Account Bonus to your PayPal account.   You can withdraw your money by requesting a check from PayPal or making an electronic funds transfer to your bank account. You can also send the money on to any email user in the U.S...    ---------------  Oh, by the way, the color tunes are awesome! The basic carb enhancer-chev suburban with a worn out 350 and a rebuilt holley 600 with vacuum secondaries rochester replacement--mileage from 8 to13, vacuum lines to both float bowls! I now know my jets are too rich. No wonder I could never get it to idle. I can't get the blue flame. I applaude you sir in your fine work. Yours truly: Gary  ---------------  Dear George   I want to thank you for your Hyco. I had much enjoyment building designing and testing. It has help me discover the creative and inventive Alastair, I have leant an enormous amount of knowledge. I have found I now can understand electronics as I did not before. Alastair  ---------------   Here ya go,.... "Tx%TTL" is Taxes as a % of the total price. "Tx%Fuel" is Taxes as a percent of the fuel cost.   State TAX /FUEL PRICE/TOTAL / Tx%ofTTL /Tx%Fuel   Norway $3.05 $1.25 $4.30 70.93% 244.00% Finland 2.76 1.42 4.18 66.03% 194.37% UK 3.06 0.96 4.02 76.12% 318.75% Netherla 2.57 1.33 3.90 65.90% 193.23% France 2.67 1.14 3.81 70.08% 234.21% Belgium 2.46 1.26 3.72 66.13% 195.24% Italy 2.36 1.32 3.68 64.13% 178.79% Sweden 2.46 1.22 3.68 66.85% 201.64% Denmark 2.44 1.20 3.64 67.03% 203.33% Germany 2.42 1.08 3.50 69.14% 224.07% Austria 1.96 1.25 3.21 61.06% 156.80% Ireland 1.85 1.34 3.19 57.99% 138.06% Portugal 1.41 1.59 3.00 47.00% 88.68% Luxembou 1.60 1.25 2.85 56.14% 128.00% Greece 1.47 1.35 2.82 52.13% 108.89% Spain 1.62 1.17 2.79 58.06% 138.46% U.S. * 0.37 1.17 1.54 24.03% 31.62%   I can see why they're so ticked off in the UK - Tax's are over 3 times more then the cost of the gas itself! Don't hang the Arabs hang the politicians! Or hang yourselves for voting in those scoundrals. This also partially explains the lack of concern in the States. We just aren't getting thrashed as bad as some of you folks. Of course if politics goes as normal this will be used by US beaurocrats to show why we need MORE TAXES! Oh boy, mama get my gun! Now you see why, in Australia, they took your guns away! Now what was that Beatles song... "Ya think ya want a revolution..." They should dust that one off and play it long and loud in the UK. There is NO WAY a politician is going to mess with Supercarbs or anything that will increase efficiency in cars. Just look at the numbers those leeches are getting from a gallon! Oh and by the way, .37 sounds right for the US. I filled up today (in Michigan) and they post the tax on the pump. Tax's are 37.6 cents of each gallon here. And that's not counting the taxes on the materials that went into the gasoline. So more of that could be markup to cover those taxes!   If you count taxes starting at the wellhead and include the income taxes that people pay to get the dollar they spend on fuel, then in North America taxes take up nearly 70% of every dollar spent on fuel.   It looks like they'll be taking the guns away in Canada soon too. They are requiring ALL guns to be registered and gun owners to get special papers. This is exactly the technique used by Stalin and Hitler. Do you think the criminals are going to register their guns? Do you realize that if any presently 'law-abiding' gun owner does not register, then they become a new class of criminal? Sad... =====================================================
  December/2000 will feature Gravity Wheels. Anyone who has experience with them is invited to contribute < > .   February/2001 will feature Alternative Powered Vehicles   April/2001 will feature Water As Fuel ***************************************************** PROVEN RESULTS ON FILE FAIR MARKETING DISCLAIMER TESTIMONIAL DISCLAIMER Eagle-Research advocates fair marketing practices in all endevours.  Therefore, in support of government efforts to protect the common good, we have created these icons (left).   Statements on this page may be subject to any or all of these self-policing icons.   Click on the icons for detailed information.
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