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WHAT'S NEW (top)
  This survey is new:))). Anyone who answers this survey completely by Dec. 21/00 will receive a free copy of the first resulting mini-booklet.   Eagle-Research is making mini-booklets, each containing a simple project or information on a popular subject. We need to know where our customer interest is, so that we can write booklets that will contain information of value to you.   Find following, a list of 10 titles/subjects for the mini-booklets. Copy them, paste them into an email and rate them from 1 (most interesting) to 10 (least interesting). After the mini-booklets, there is a list of upcoming Eagle-Research books that you can rate as well.   ( ) Why 200 MPG is Possible: Gives mind-opening FACTS (easily provable data from reputable sources) that shows 2000 pound vehicles with engines greater than 300 ci should be getting over 200 mpg if the 'vested interest' choose to do so.   ( ) Suppression: An outline of suppression by 'vested interest' over the last century that has prevented high mileage and free energy technologies from reaching public domain. Also includes suppression techniques commonly used and how to by-pass most of those techniques.   ( ) Power Booster Circuit: A circuit that shuts off accessories when power is needed. You can gain as much as 20 horsepower for acceleration by automatically shutting off unneeded (temporarily) accessories like air-conditioning, alternator, heater fan, etc. Of course you can have normal operation at the flick of a switch.   ( ) Fuel Saver Indicator: How-to home-build a circuit that lights a series of LED's; telling when you are using more fuel. Based on measuring the intake manifold vacuum.   ( ) Air/Fuel ratio indicator: How-to home-build a circuit that lights a series of LED's as the fuel mixture gets richer. Based on oxygen sensor signal.   ( ) Fuel Saver Tips, selected suggestions: Eagle-Research goes through all it's knowledge to publish the most practical 'quick' do-it-yourself, fuel saver tips. This information is all easy to do and could result in as much as 25% increase in mileage.   ( ) Free Energy Receiver: New circuit that produces three times more power than the previous Eagle-Research circuit. Gather electrical energy out of the earth and sky with a simple device that uses NO moving parts. If you have one of the old FER mini-booklets or the old Free Energy Accumulator book, this is an upgrade circuit.   ( ) Capacitive Battery Charger: Plans to build the world's simplest and most efficient battery charger. If you have the old CBC pamphlet, here are extra details never before printed.   ( ) Alternator Efficiency Booster: A technique to rewire your alternator to achieve higher efficiency. This will result in direct fuel and power gains. Since you use 6 watts of fuel to get every 1 watt of electricity from your alternator; making your alternator (and general electrical system) more efficient quickly saves you fuel and increases your available horsepower.   ( ) Active Water Injection: A circuit that allows you to put more water into your engine when it needs it; to increase performance and lower toxic emissions. Also helps keep carbon deposits from forming in your engine, helping it to last a lot longer.       Please rate these upcoming Eagle-Research books in the order you'd like to see them published.

( ) High Mileage Secrets:

Gives mind-opening FACTS that prove 2000 pound vehicles with V8 engines should be getting 200 mpg. Fully illustrated with charts and data that the 'vested interest' does NOT want you to know. Outlines the Eagle-Research fuel system that allowed a 1973 GMC 1/2 ton pickup with a 292 ci engine to achieve over 200 mpg consistently. This is a 'why' book (not a 'how-to' Manual) that contains vital information needed by anyone who is researching extreme high mileage.  

( ) Electronic Diverter Manual:

Details how to home-build a circuit that allows you to literally control the air-fuel ratio of Electronic Fuel Injection. This circuit will allow you to maximize the efficiency of any (in addition to Eagle-Research) combustion enhancement technology that you choose to add to your engine. Includes Deceleration Fuel Shutoff option. This would become a stand-alone Manual, fleshing out the circuit outlined in the 'HyCO 2A Manual Update'. This circuit is specifically designed to be compatible with (no way it can hurt) any electronic fuel injection computer.  

( ) Electronic Carburetor Enhancer Manual:

Details how to home-build a circuit that allows you to literally control the air-fuel ratio of Carburetors. This circuit will allow you to maximize the efficiency of any combustion enhancement technology that you choose to add to your engine. It is an upgrade to the 'basic' Carburetor Enhancer and needs the basic Carburetor Enhancer to work. Includes Deceleration Fuel Shutoff option. This would be a completion of the current 'Electronic Carburetor Enhancer Notes'. Eventually this information will be enclosed in the Carburetor Enhancer Manual (when it gets it's next upgrade).  

( ) Vortex Burner Manual:

Complete details on how-to build a burner that will burn oil, grease, fat, dirty gasoline, any material that is flammable and a liquid at about 200°F. The burner is super efficient and burns very clean. Details how to add water to make the burner HOTTER using less fuel. This burner can be used to heat your home at the same time as creating all the electricity you need. You can convert an automobile to run on steam or you can charge an electric automobile.  

( ) Air Cars:

A study on vehicles powered by compressed gas (usually air). Including Eagle-Research ideas on maximizing efficiency.  

( ) Eagle-Research Electric Cars:

A study on vehicles powered by electricity. Including Eagle-Research ideas on maximizing efficiency. Gives an outline of a simple electrical system you can home-build.  

( ) Hydrogen Peroxide as fuel:

A study on using hydrogen peroxide to power vehicles or for home power generation. How it is already powering vehicles and some ideas to make it practical for the home-user. This is a 'Water-as-Fuel' technology.  

( ) HyMiler Manual:

Details How-to-Build a fuel system that uses aluminum and water as fuel. The system would get about 300 miles to the pound of aluminum (scrap aluminum is just fine to use). The system would operate either as a 'combustion assist' for your regular fuel system or you can use it as a complete 'dual-fuel' option. Your regular fuel system stays intact. The technology would would well for home energy production as well. This is a 'Water-as-Fuel' technology.  

( ) Fuel Savers Guide:

Details Fuel Savers (combustion enhancement technology) that has existed and does exist in the marketplace. The pro's and con's that we've learned over decades of information gathering and research. Includes history (when possible) of suppression techniques used by 'vested interest'.  

( ) Gravity Power:

A study on using gravity as a power source. How it's being done now and research to prove practicality on a home-builder level.   Please feel free to suggest additional subjects, projects or title changes to either the mini-booklets or the full sized Books-Manuals.   To receive your free mini-booklet, be sure to include your postal address in your email. Send the email to: < >   =====================================================

Issue Feature: GRAVITY WHEELS (top)   Our Gravity Wheel project is still on hold. I apologize for not having something more to report. Other projects have taken all our resources and we simply haven't had the time to assemble the parts we already have in our shop. I will let you know when it is done.   Several people have requested Gravity Wheel plans from us, and we will get those plans out to them ASAP. At this time, that looks to be sometime in Feb./01. These plans go out 'free of charge' to those who share their research with us. These plans are untested and we make no guarantee that they will work. They simply represent our best thinking to date and we are looking for outside inspiration and duplication.   Find following a letter from Eric Krieg, a skeptic whom I truly respect. An honorable man, who honestly sorts through piles of garbage looking for answers. He reports both sides of the issues, yet manages to stay apart, acting as a mediator and facilitator to give any new technology a chance. If there's fraud, he says so. If there's potential, he keeps an open mind (at least publicly :))) Speaking as an 'alternative energy' inventor, a skeptic like this is a precious gem.   My answers are within...   >"George, >I can understand people hoping to find a cold fusion loophole, and I can >almost understand a hope of magnetics & wires getting ahead - but a gravity >wheel? Isn't that something that after centuries of failures we can safely >dismiss out of hand? are there any mythical claims you don't believe in?"   Eric,   As a researcher 'on-the-edge' of energy science, I cannot afford to dismiss ANY myth, even after I've proven it wrong myself. I know this may sound silly on the surface but as an inventor I must work with the philosophy that 'the impossible IS possible'; else why bother? Inventors are a bit twisted from 'reality' because they don't accept that the world as-it-is is the same world that will-be. When there are problems looking for solutions, there will always be some humans that look for those solutions.   There is much we do not know and unless someone keeps pushing the edge, we won't find out. Thus, even after I'm convinced that something is 'impossible', I still don't dismiss other's claims that it IS possible, because they may know something that I do not.   In my research I have personally seen many 'impossible' things. Some I've managed to replicate consistently and either have made extremely practical applications (like my fuel savers and Brown's Gas) or I am in the process of making practical applications.   I do not really care if the scientific community agrees with my findings or not, in most cases it's a moot point anyway because they won't pay any attention to inventors that don't have scientific credentials and the time to convince them is just not worth it. I take my innovations directly to the end users and have developed the reputation of 'delivering the goods'. My customers don't really care how it works, just that it DOES work.   Some of the 'impossible' things I've seen I have not been able to duplicate consistently. But since I know what I saw, I know I just have to learn whatever it is that I do not know to make it happen consistently. An example of this is what I call 'Hyper Gas', a way to split water using very small input of electricity.   >"Or perhaps my idea of gravity wheels may be different than yours? I'm >picturing an overbalanced wheel. could you clarify out on your list or >mine."   My Gravity Wheel design is what I'd call 'over-balanced' not by weight, but by torque.   I've been collecting ideas for years in several files and I cross reference things in the files; looking for similarities and for ways to put two or more technologies together.   It so happened that an article in my 'Gravity' file sparked some thoughts in my mind and I started to doodle with a compass, making circles to find a relationship I could 'feel' existed. I found that relationship. The result was a geometry (and apparatus) that would allow weights to move (swing) with little friction between an inner and outer radius. The power to move the weights coming from gravity itself. The weights on one (let's say right) side of the wheel always being on the outer radius and the weights on the other (left) side of the wheel to be on the inner radius.   I'm sure many people in the past reached this point and discovered as I did that the torque was balanced because the weights on the left side were always more in number than the weights on the right, because the distance per time on the inner radius required that the left weights move slower than the right weights on the outer radius.   What I'm sure very few people have discovered is what I call 'holder rods'. These rods change the effective torque of the wheel dramatically, making the right side weight a farther out effective radius and the left side weight nearer in effective radius. Suddenly, it looks good on paper. I can see no reason it won't work; and I'm very good at seeing why things won't work.   The next step in my usual research procedure (when I've done all the paperwork I can) is to set up I set up a small experiment to prove/disprove the concept. I put a single weight on a balanced apparatus (3 pound weight on nominal 1.5 foot radius) and measured the torque in 15° increments for 360°. I subtracted the total negative torque (left) from the total positive torque (right). I did this many times and with two entirely different measuring apparatus (an inch pound beam torque wrench and a balance beam scale) and I had a millwright duplicate my tests; the net result was positive torque. The problem was that the net positive torque was within the limits of error of my testing equipment.   Since the initial test was not 'negative', I go to the next step. In this case to actually build a complete wheel. I have all the parts and the plans, I do not have the time to build it right now. I'm NOT saying it will work. I can only say it MIGHT work, based on my experiments. I'm hopeful, because the tests so far are positive and gravity would be an ideal energy source for anyone, anywhere on the planet.   After I discovered the geometry and the holder rods. I did some research and found the Bessler Wheel Myth. My data gathering indicates that my geometry and holder rods fits with the description of that wheel. Was it real? I don't know. But in the centuries of 'failure' it is the only one that seems to have worked (if the myth is correct) and my wheel design (as far as I can tell) is similar if not exact. -----   >Dear Sir, >I read you newsletters with interest, and if your work in sincere, then >bless you, and good luck. I usually don't respond or contribute, but your >mention of "Gravity Wheel" experimentation concerns me greatly. Several >years ago, I did a great deal of visualization, and (what Einstein called) >thought experiments on something that may be similar to this "Gravity >Wheel". I called it's principal "The Redirection of Gravity's Energy Through >Inertia." I thought for some time that I'd hit on an idea for "perpetual >Motion" of sorts, but eventually realized that the energy gained would be >drawn from the motion of the planet itself. That's not a good idea, as I'm >sure you'll see. So, I must encourage you to stronglly discourage the use of >this principal in this way. >Thanks, >Chris   I appreciate your concern and value your input. I don't believe my design draws energy from the planets rotation because it would work equally well if the planet was stationary. This is a good point, because we don't want to trade one energy source with problems for another energy source with worse problems. I do try to consider all possible ramifications to each of the options we research. ----- >George, > >If you do not already have this information, the following website >has some good drawings and commentary on the gravity wheel >built by ORFFYREUS in the beginning of the 18 century. > >http://homepages.picknowl.com.au/astro1/jan/default.htm Larry


>George... >A John Collins in UK www.free-energy.co.uk claims to have figured it out >and applied for a patent. Unfortunately he writes he hasn't built a working >model yet. I did a brief UK patent search and didn't uncover any patents filed >under his name. > >A Canadian Douglas Massey has a patent 2,194,305 for an interesting idea >but due to his nursing home room, hasn't built an full proof of principle >model yet. Buster   Buster, I have the John Collins book 'Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved?' I'd say it's the best overall history on the Bessler (Orffyreus) Wheel I've yet seen. =====================================================

  The HyZor Manual is NOW WRITTEN and is going through the editing and formatting process, ETA February/01.   Nothing like this HyZor Manual has ever been published before, even by Eagle-Research. The technology presented in this book is a great leap ahead in home-builder, fuel-saver practicality. And the information is presented in an easy-to-understand format that has become the new Eagle-Research standard; thanks to my editor (and wonderful bride) Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman.   The HyZor is designed to work universally on carbureted and fuel injected engines and in conjunction with all other Eagle-Research technology. During the development of the HyZor we finally achieved our goal to merge together the EFIE, ED, Carburetor Enhancer, HyCO 2A, HyCO 2DT, technologies to provide customizable practical home-buildable fuel efficiency solutions for everyone.   You can start with a very simple project and keep adding options till you have a system that is right for you. Each step is a fuel efficiency solution in itself and you can stop anywhere you feel comfortable.  
  We have decided to sell these parts as a convenience to customers. We sell the HyCO 2A container, all the inner parts and the outer fittings. You can see a picture of these parts at:
  We sell these specific parts to help get installations actually installed correctly. All the parts listed are engineered to be compatible with each other and include everything needed for the HyCO 2A container inside and out. These components have been fine-tuned over 10 years of research and using feedback from installations around the world. Everything else needed for the HyCO 2A system can be acquired in local stores (hoses, clamps, valves, etc.)  

  All of our original Manuals are being upgraded to the new formating standard, having newest technology added and receiving much needed editing that makes them easy to read and understand. The 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' is going through that process now (has many 'secrets' added) and will be ready in Feb./01 at the same time as the HyZor Manual; they make excellent companion books.   For people who have bought a previous edition of the 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' from Eagle-Research; we are implementing a new policy here at Eagle-Research. When you send in the cover of a previous edition of 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' with a nominal printing and postage fee; we will send you a copy of the new book. =====================================================

  The Alberta Magnet Motor rumor is 'on hold' awaiting further information from the man who is negotiating with these various inventors. I am keeping on file the requests of all of you that asked to be put in touch with this man. I will send his contact information to those requests as soon as I feel comfortable that the rumor has some practical commercial validity. He sent me a FAX last week saying that the negotiating is taking longer than he thought and asks for patience. I know that is hard in this 'free energy' field, where rumors come and go with nothing ever seeming to come of them.    This is a classic case of 'suppression' as I've discussed in previous newsletters.   First, there has to be a situation in which innovation can come about; a unique combination of skill, resources, opportunity, and creative thought. Then the innovation has to overcome the greed of the innovator and his associates. Then the greed of the product developing and marketing associates, who incidentally, have to have as much (or more) skill, resources, opportunity, and creative thought as the original innovator. By this time, most innovation has died, a rumor started that goes nowhere. This is where the Alberta Magnet Motor rumors are hovering at the moment. Most innovation is squashed by greed long before any 'vested interest' intervention is required.   Second, assuming that there really is a product that could become viable and the innovator has put together a situation that could actually get it into the market. Then the 'vested interest' suppression really starts and their techniques use greed to their advantage. In my opinion, the only way to actually get these technologies into actual use is a 'Patent-Free Philosophy'. This gets information into public domain and bypasses most kinds of 'vested interest' suppression. It also accelerates technology development so people get actual practical products faster than any other technique I know. -------------
The 'Kipper' Power System seems to be floundering.

  I have not yet and will not for some time in the future build a 'Kipper' Power System. I'm still in the information gathering stage and have other projects that I must do first. I am keeping track of reports sent to Eagle-Research about people who have acquired the plans and built the system.   So far, I am not aware of anyone who has successfully independently duplicated the 'Kipper Effect'. I do not say that it is valid or invalid, true or untrue because I do not yet know enough to comment.   I'd like to believe in the possibility and there seems to be rumors of additional information being developed. The 'key' to the effect does not seem to be as firmly in Steve Elswick's grasp as he thought it was.   In the meantime, Steve is not refunding those people who purchased his plans, so don't buy them thinking you'll send them back if you're not satisfied. Steve says what you are buying is more than just the paper of the book, he sells a one year update service with the book and once you've 'looked' at the information, he reasons that you can't give it back out of your head :)))   Still, I do not agree with Steve's business practice in this case and I think it's not a practice he agrees with either. I think that it is forced on him by lack of funds; he can't return the money because he doesn't have it.   Personally, I have the plans and am acquiring the additional information as I can. When there is something that I think is practical I'll let you know. =====================================================


  Dear Brown's Gas Enthusiast,   Our Brown's Gas presentation in March has limited seating that will be reserved on a first-come basis. This is the Eagle-Research 'official' ground floor opportunity for anyone interested in reliable, practical, industry-transforming Brown's Gas technology. There is opportunity for Investors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Application users.   No Brown's Gas organization in the world has ever put together a meeting like this before. Here you'll see what has been, what is and what will be. Brown's Gas technology has now reached practical commercial viability with over $300,000,000 per year income potential. If you want in on the ground floor, this is IT.   To guarantee a seat, you must actually reserve it (with payment) before they are all gone. Reserving sooner is also less expensive.   We have posted the reservation form on our website. Send the reservation form to Eagle-Research via FAX or postal service. Forms are dated when received.   View and print registration form as PDF:   If you do not have Acrobat Reader (to read PDF files), you can download it from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.php   View registration form as JPEG:   This form does not print out well; a jpeg allows you to see what it is.   If you cannot view (and print) this reservation form off the website, please email us with your postal address and we'll send it to you by post.     Wed March 7th & Thurs. March 8th 2001 / Missoula, Montana LIMITED SPACE; Attendance by reservation ONLY, for details email: < > =====================================================

   Hi George   "Well I have rebuilt this thing (kipper motor) several times trying to follow Steven's Plans and or new ideas and as of this time still don't have it working yet.   The concept is of corse not on the surface a viable device. However they say that they were able to make it work. I think that it is very probable that the device was working. The problem may be that when it was working nobody took it very seriously and just built another one without touching the original. It seem that it is very likely that the wiring diagram is not actuary the way the schematic shows (I am on my third or fourth change). I think by this time it is obvious that we are not copying the original because we didn't take note of the original schematic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I really hope that this does work, it is only a $50 dollar project, well within the reach of almost everyone. You don't need a lab and machine shop to do it..." Larry  ---------------   "The idea of over energy devices is not new but some folks exploit the naive. In that vain, visit the following two web site:   http://www.free-electricity.com   Both of these outfits are apparently dealers for the "International Tesla Electric Company" (ITEC). They claim to use a (over energy) device that uses a generator called "The Hummingbird" that is driven by a 50 hp DC "Sundance" motor. One claims that ITEC currently has 600,000 registrants for "Free Electricity". If you figure that their system cost $5,000 (just a guess) to build, your talking about a capitalization of 3 times ten to the ninth Dollars for ITEC! I think this is a scam for the purpose of selling dealer ships at the "ground floor" price of only $30,000 if you hurry up and buy in now. When you want to have some fun, take a look at their webb sites and check out the pictures." Den

I'd certainly hold onto my $30,000. ITEC is a venue for Dennis Lee. Dennis Lee has a long reputation for making money primarily by selling distributorships and not delivering on his promise of 'free energy'.

Machines demonstrated by Dennis Lee during his last nationwide tour were tested by Eagle-Research associates and found that Dennis Lee was not measuring 87% of the input power so his readings 'appeared' to be overunity. I'll believe he has something viable when he allows me to test it and prove it viable.

 --------------- Dear friends, Please come visit my new website! http://www.free-energy.ws Jackie and I have been working for weeks to get it functioning. 99% of the links are working now and the video is available. The book will be ready in early January 2001. If you like it, tell your friends! Thanks for helping spread the word.   Warm regards, Peter   Peter Lindemann is a researcher with a sterling reputation for accomplishing 'impossible' things. Anything you get from him will be of the highest quality. It is an honor to count him as a friend and peer.  ---------------   This is for Jobet in the Reader's Comments section of the August 2000 newsletter. If you want to find Steven Seagal's contact info, you might try going to http://www.loompanics.com and in the search category put: Celebrity Directory. Then see if this is something you are interested in...   Loompanics is interesting    ---------------  "FROM INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA:   How soon will we see $3.00 @ gal. gasoline in middle America? I have already paid over $2.00 @ gal. for premium, on a drive this past summer to Pittsburgh, PA. The price rise will be epidemic, at least for a while, as OPEC fattens it's wallet, while laughing at the rest of the world!   Of course, the 'system' will eventually absorb the difference & we'll all go on our merry-way! UNTIL the next ACUTE-SHORTAGE. We simply must take back control of our own destiny. Otherwise, we're continually going to be at the mercy of the next despot (or group) in line."   Ted   It's true that we are at the mercy of global based enterprise. And true that if we don't take responsibility for our own lives that our children's future is dim. At Eagle-Research we are working to help people find solutions that are practical today.   =====================================================

  February/2001 (skipped)   April/2001 will feature Alternative Powered Vehicles   June/2001 will feature Water As Fuel


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