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WHAT'S NEW (top)
  There will be another Eagle-Research Brown's Gas Meeting, for all of you that just could not make the first two. See Brown's Gas news below.   I (George Wiseman) will not be going to Australia this year. I'm just too busy getting the Brown's Gas business off the ground. I will save all the kind invitations to visit and let you know when I can come.   I just got back from Jerry Decker's Keelynet Alternative Science Conference. It was the most amazing conference I've ever been to. See the Free Energy Comments.   There is a techTV investigative news story about Dennis Lee at:   http://www.techtv.com/news/transcripts/story/0,24195,3330284,00.php (link now dead)   More on Dennis Lee at: http://www.phact.org   Dennis Lee's 2001 BWT 50 state tour schedule is now posted at:   http://www.jeffry.com/technology/bwt/free_electricity/tour.htm   Dennis Lee puts on a VERY good show. Just be very careful not to assume things he actually does not say. His presentation leads people to assume things that are 'vitual reality', you must listen very carefully.   His primary motive seems to be to sell distributorships. To the best of my knowledge, not one of Dennis Lee's distributors have ever made money (going back 20 years). If you want to give Dennis Lee money with no thought that it'll ever be returned, then go for it. But if you are investing with the expectation that you'll make money, then I suggest you ask Dennis Lee to have me test his technology first.   I am one of the few people in the world who actually understands what he is presenting, because I am actually inventing the technologies you'll see on stage. I promise you, if Dennis Lee really has something and truly wants to market it, he will not mind if any competent person tests it. I can sort the reality out of the assumptions.   I expect you'll hear all sorts of reasons why you shouldn't even talk to me, including "George Wiseman ... is a criminal of the worst kind". (Which I think of as sort of a complement from him). In my opinion, the worst kind of criminal is one who keeps his promises, tells only the truth, has integrity, has moral responsibility, delivers more than the customer expects, provides excellent customer service and helps customers maximize their gains.   Dennis Lee threatens his distributors with the loss of their distributorship if they even talk to me. And he can too, because of the papers they sign before he accepts their money.   Dennis Lee is a world class promoter. He is in a position to do much good. I am very impressed with his ability to put on a show. He will quickly state that he is not technically knowledgeable. He is not the inventor of most of the products he promotes.   The main problem I have with Dennis Lee is that he promises (by leading people to assume) that he has free energy technology and then he does not actually deliver to people's expectations. This has been going on since the 1970's.   This hurts the credibility of the very technologies with which I (and my peers) actually work. Drying up potential funding and creating public resistance to actual practical innovation. If that is his ultimate goal, then he is doing a good job. It has caused me to wonder if he is a pawn of the 'vested interest'  


Issue Feature: WATER AS FUEL (top)
  There have recently been several developments that look like they will make using Water as a Fuel for internal combustion engines a practical reality.   -------   People who have started building HyZor's are reporting excellent results, including some indications of Hyper Gas. Sometimes the gas from the HyZor seems to want to run the engine all by itself; this is still a spontaneous event and we have not figured out what we are doing right :))))   However, the HyZor does produce enough Brown's Gas to act as a catalyst to allow a significant volume of the fossil-fuel to be replaced by water. So after adding a HyZor, you can cut your cost of fuel significantly by adding a water injection system.   -------   Peter Lindemann has a lead on a material that spontaneously decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen. (see Keelynet video).   -------   Xogen is reviving Stan Meyer's technology (Stan died a while ago). I understand that some people who worked with Stan Meyer are in Xogen. I've been keeping track of this company's progress and am uncertain if there is really any potential there. All independent testing documentation shows me nothing of real interest; i.e.. over-unity gas production.   However, I believe Stan Meyer did have 'something' even though his literature had some fairly obvious errors in it. I think I know how to make the technology work, and will be implementing the results from such experimenting into further upgrades of the HyZor and Water Torch applications.   I think the key will include two 'frequencies': one of which will be short duty cycle high amperage pulses; the other for low voltage 'polarizing' and sub-harmonic.   I agree with Peter Lindemann that Stan Meyer misrepresented the actual working technology that he used to split water. It's possible that he didn't even really know (I'm not saying I do) and that he just found ways that worked without knowing exactly why.   Xogen is continuing that tradition, in that their public information gives few clues. The clues I do see (in the independent test reports) give me absolutely no reason to think they actually have over-unity gas production.   CALGARY, April 6 /CNW/ - Tathacus Resources Ltd. (CDNX: TTC) announces that it has received the independent test data from the Alberta Research Council (ARC) regarding Xogen Power Inc.'s ("Xogen") oxygen-hydrogen gas generation system. Tathacus owns 20 per cent of Xogen, a private Calgary-based technology and research company. Tathacus engaged ARC recently to conduct specific tests of Xogen's proprietary technology.   www.tathacus.ca   Patent US6126794 which is the basis of www.xogen.com   --------
See Reader Comments for more Water as Fuel 'rumors'.


  I have been asked by many people recently how they can make money with fuel savers. This trend is getting stronger as the fuel prices continue to rise. People are feeling the pinch in their own lives and are seeing a money making opportunity.   First, I advise people to sign up for one of our distribution options. You can start making money with a minimum (or no) investment. See:   http://www.eagle-research.com/bulkbuying/bulkbuy.php   Next is to actually use the technology yourself. Not only does it pay for itself and save you money, but your personal testimonial goes a long way to help your sales of literature and product.   And finally, you can install the fuel savers for others. A LOT of people are installing them for friends and family. A few are doing it as a business and some have already retired off the income they've made.   We are putting together a list of installers. If you wish to be on the list, send an email to our order_room and we'll send you the form for you to fill out and return. < >   Eagle-Research fuel saving technology is the most practical available. It creates a significant gain in fuel mileage while retaining power and performance. It is low cost, easily installed and requires little or no maintenance.   For more information on what fuel savers are available, see our FAQ and order (more info) pages:   http://www.eagle-research.com/FAQ/FS/fsfaq.php   http://www.eagle-research.com/store/  
  A real sleeper is the HyCO 2DT. It is meant to install on any vehicle that has a turbocharger. On large diesel engines, it gains 10% in both power and mileage at the same time. This means that a truck that uses $100,000 per year in fuel saves $10,000. The truck also saves hours in travel time, which allows more money to be made.   What is not generally realized is that the Gross annual income from such trucks is about $150,000 and the net income is about $10,000. So a fuel savings of $10,000 actually doubles the net income of the truck.   The HyCO 2DT can be made in a kit form that would sell for about $500 plus a $500 installation fee. It is an example of a technology that is sitting on Eagle-Research shelf, just waiting for someone to market it.  
EFI Water Injection:

  I am also designing a simple but extremely effective water injection system for Electronic Fuel Injected vehicles. For those people who have read my previous newsletter and are making their own system, I will be sending you the plans sometime late this Fall. I've gotten swamped with work and need to slow down.   =====================================================


  I am still shaking with the implications of the technologies that I learned about at Jerry Decker's Keelynet Alternative Energy Conference. http://www.keelynet.com/knconf.htm . Anyone who did not attend missed the most significant Alternative Energy Conference that has EVER been.   The 'free energy' technology presented there was top notch. To be fair, I'd say that most of it is not in a production state, but it is close enough that I know I could finish most of it myself.    --------   It was a real pleasure to actual be able to touch original Gray motors, which were proven to be seriously over-unity. One of my friends actually watched a demonstration where the motor was drawing 75 watts from a battery and producing 7 horsepower (5000 watts). These motors recharged their own batteries and were intended to be put in electric cars.    --------   Doug Konzen demonstrated a home-built motor that has been independently tested to be over-unity by two labs. He explains how-to build it.    --------   I advise getting the entire video tape set (I did) but if you can't afford that, then start with Dr. Peter Lindemann (be sure to pick up his book and the video from his site too). http://www.free-energy.ws   Peter has, in my opinion, cracked at least one of the 'secrets' of free energy that we researchers have been looking for. He's found the common link between almost all of the significant free energy events of the past century. In short, it involves a technology named 'cold electricity' or 'ethericity'.  -------- Peter also been in contact with John Bedini and verified John's research on the Gray motor. John had worked with Edwin Gray. John has also made public the "secret" of turning every lead acid battery into a free energy accumulator. The battery charging circuit is very simple and was demonstrated by a child in a local science fair. The circuit kept a small battery at full charge (while it was running a load) for the entire four days of the science fair.   To charge a typical lead acid car battery, the circuit uses high amperage for extremely short bursts of time (80 amps for 100 microseconds every 2 seconds) to start the battery charging and then the battery actually continues charging (by itself) between pulses.   Such a battery charger has a huge potential in both the electric car technology and the Brown's Gas technology. This is one of the techniques the Gray motor used to keep it's batteries charged.    --------   Peter's conversations with Bill Mueller have turned up a magnetic superconductor. A material that has zero electrical conductivity, so eddy currents don't heat it up. Yet it instantly develops a magnetic field when a magnet is applied and instantly loses it when the magnet is taken away. The material can be molded into any shape (by putting the powder in epoxy) and is 'dirt' cheap. It is the IDEAL core material for transformers and coils. It is called 'black sand' (the stuff people throw away when panning for gold) and I know where there is tons of it within 15 minutes drive of my home.  


  Our Brown's Gas presentation, June 2, in Creston, BC was absolutely packed. It was meant to update a few Canadians that didn't make it to Missoula. People started signing up so fast that we had to close off attendance. We thought we'd have 5 to 7 and had room for 10. We ended up with 22 people and every single person who signed up, showed up.   No Brown's Gas organization in the world has ever put together a marketing opportunity like this before. It has now officially started and is running smoothly. The potential for money making is HUGE.   Our next Meeting-Presentation will be November 17th and 18th in Spokane, Washington.   This is the Eagle-Research 'official' opportunity for anyone interested in reliable, practical, industry-transforming Brown's Gas technology. There is opportunity for Investors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Application users.   To See What Will Happen At The Meeting, See These Pages:   View as PDF:   If you do not have Acrobat Reader (to read PDF files), you can download it FREE from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.php   View as HTML:   ---------
Dennis Lee has threatened to sue me ... again ...
  He threatens anyone who challenges him in any way. A good technique, usually, because most people back off when threatened, leaving Dennis no competition or conflicting 'opinions'. Since I'd love to get Dennis Lee in court, the threat doesn't work with me.  
Dennis Lee has implied that he owns Yull Brown's technology.
  Dennis Lee does not hold any patent rights associated with Yull Brown. This is easily proven by doing a patent search on Yull Brown and seeing the 'assigned' section to see who was assigned rights to Yull Brown's patents. Any agreement that he made with Yull Brown himself is suspect because of his subsequent dealings with Yull Brown.   Dennis Lee had a temporary alliance with Yull Brown, during which time he convinced the Chinese to sell their machines directly to him, by convincing them that Yull was not serving their best interest. Thus he bypassed Yull Brown, who had the North American rights to sell the China built Norinco Machines. Yull Brown returned to Australia a sick and broken man, and died soon after.   Dennis now infers to 'own' all rights to Brown's Gas everywhere. All he 'own's is the North American 'rights' to sell the China made Norinco machines. Rights given to him by a company that voided an agreement with Yull Brown, who helped them develop the technology in the first place. I'd think those 'rights' are on shaky ground because the company has already shown that they could care less about honoring 'agreements'.   Eagle-Research has absolutely no technology in common with the Norinco machines, we do not infringe on any such patents. We don't want to use any of their technology because our technology is vastly superior.   Absolutely everything about the Brown's Gas machines built by George Wiseman is based on information that is in the public domain. Either because it is known to those 'skilled in the art' or the patents have expired or because George has put it in the public domain deliberately.   Further, George Wiseman has the blessing of the actual originator of Brown's Gas, William Rhodes, who is still alive and quite healthy.   George Wiseman built his Brown's Gas technology from scratch and has the documentation to prove it. If he'd copied technology existing in the marketplace he wouldn't have been able to achieve machines half the size and weight that were twice as efficient in producing gas. Only by throwing away tradition and starting fresh was he able to achieve such startling efficiency and simplicity.  
No one 'own's Brown's Gas technology, it is in the public domain.
Dennis has claimed to 'own' the name 'Brown's Gas'.

  Yull Brown himself had lawyers after me (twice) because I published the 'Brown's Gas Books'. I proved that even Yull Brown didn't have the rights to the name, he had allowed it to go into the public domain.   --------- Dennis Lee is saying Yull Brown left parts out of the patent so that it couldn't be built from the patent, ... and of course Dennis knows the "secret."   It is very common in patents for inventors to leave out information, or give false information. If discovered, the inventor could lose the rights to the entire patent. Patents that do not include 'full details' for people 'skilled-in-the-art' to duplicate the device in the patent are automatically invalid.   So when Dennis Lee is claiming that he knows information was left out, he is also claiming that he doesn't have a legal patent. It could also bite him if someone else discovers and patents the 'secret', because Dennis then couldn't use his own 'secret' without permission. Or it could mean nothing if the 'secret' becomes public knowledge.   George Wiseman could care less about Dennis Lee's "secrets". George's machines demonstrate a magnitude higher efficiency than anything Dennis Lee is selling. And George developed the technology completely independently of Yull Brown, achieving efficiencies greater than any that Yull Brown demonstrated. George Wiseman already knows the "secrets" and is working to make them public domain.   To equal performance, Dennis Lee would have to copy George Wiseman, not the other way around. If Dennis Lee 'patents' George Wiseman's patent-free technology, his patent is worthless, because George Wiseman has already made the technology public domain. =====================================================


  John Sorrenti, and his water motor, for which he was issued a patent in 1999. I found his website when I decided to see what hits I got when I searched 'water motor.'   You can access the details of his motor through the Canadian Patent Office at:   http://patents1.ic.gc.ca/srch_num-e.php then, input his patent #, which is: 2054007   his website: http://www.mnsi.net/~joso   ---------   From: "WAYNE HEMMERICH" Date: Sat May 19, 2001 12:11 am Subject: THE GASOLINE CONSPIRACY BEGAN IN 1946 by Nino De Santis   The world had a chance to use lead or water injection with cheap gasoline after the Society of Automotive Engineers ( S.A.E..) test paper 215 - 216 released the findings that engines could run on cheap clean straight cut gasoline or alcohol with simple water injection . The findings continued to indicate that fuel savings could average 40% , and engine life , over 50% .   Later in 1980 , the U.S.D.A. released another Feature Bulletin , stating that AQUAHOL ( 50% alcohol / 50% water ) was 800% more efficient then Gasohol ........   On May 9 , 1979 , I demonstrated the system on a Hollywood, Florida Police car, Pepsi Cola and Marriot Hotel . The Police fleet director announced a 50% increase on national T.V. , while a Pepsi Cola truck showed a 30% increase . Marriot reported a 40% increase .   After the national publicity, my life was threatened, tests findings disappeared and anti - credibility strategies were released against water injection ...... Now over 20 years later , we have Global Warming , that the U.N. states is due to the burning of fossil fuels ...... Some scientist say we are creating an atmospheric gas chamber! Want more , contact me .........   Nino De Santis ( el nino ) Environmental Agent and Producer Former Sr. Technology Advisor U.N. / U.S.A. Nominated Entrepreneur of the Year ( Canada ) (868) 669-5433 B.W.I.   =====================================================


  August/2001 will feature Brown's Gas   October/2001 will feature Extreme Mileage   December/2001 will feature Electric Cars *****************************************************

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