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  WHAT'S NEW (top)   We are working hard to upgrade our books and get them into a wider market (retail store shelves). This process will take a couple of years. As we upgrade the books, we offer our previous customers the opportunity to upgrade older versions they've bought.   So far, we've upgraded the 'Super Gas Saver Secrets'. The book now contains twice as much information and has a great new cover. Just send in the cover of the old manual as proof of purchase to get a $10 credit toward purchase of the new version (send to: Eagle-Research, PO Box 118, Porthill ID, 83853).   We'll tell you as each of the old books gets it's upgrade. The books 'as they are' are still the very best information on the market and they provide practical information you won't find anywhere else. The upgrades allow us to edit the text; chance the format for 'readability'; and incorporate the very latest updates.   Our newest books are published in the new format. This includes the 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' and the 'HyZor Technology Manual'.   For those people who applied for the Brown's Gas Investment package (or were wanting to), I apologize. We have decided that we need to actually meet the people who are joining our organization. Thus, to take advantage of the opportunity, you must actually attend our November meeting (see below).   I feel I got carried away in my last newsletter, allowing my personal feelings to influence my presentation of the facts. I apologize for the tone I took to present the information on Dennis Lee and his tour. In the future I'll do my best to present the facts without prejudice.   Dr. Lindemann has written an article on the difficulties facing the free energy field at this time in history. It is titled "The World of Free Energy". You can get a copy of this, plus another article written by Dr. Lindemann, "Thermodynamics and Free Energy", by sending an email to:   < >   Also, both of these articles are available on the Clear Tech, Inc. website:   http://www.free-energy.ws   Just follow the links to Dr. Lindemann. =====================================================

Issue Feature: BROWN'S GAS (top)
  Brown's Gas has amazing potential in today's world. The implications of this technology are staggering and we are learning more nearly every day.   Reading the information on the Eagle-Research website will take you through some of the preliminary data, including miss-conceptions. We've learned so much more and have not had time to upgrade the website yet. Because this newsletter features Brown's Gas, I'll give you a taste.   Any technology needs to have applications where it is better than anything else on the market or else it doesn't have a chance to 'make it'. Part of finding those applications is to understand the technology advantages and disadvantages compared to existing (and other developing) technology.   (Note: when I speak of fuel-gas below, I mean gases like Acetylene, MAPP Gas, Propane, etc. When I speak of iron, I also mean any ferric material that contains significant iron, including steel. BG = Brown's Gas. The advantages listed are in no particular order.)   Some Brown's Gas Advantages In The Application Of Cutting Iron:   -BG Flame can punch holes in iron and other materials without additional oxygen. The gas already contains all the oxygen it needs to burn perfectly.   -BG holes have very little taper (compared with fuel-gasses) and 'throw-back' significantly less material when punching through iron.   -BG Flame cones are long, allowing the torch to be held farther away from the work. This results in virtually no torch cleaning maintenance or tip damage. We've been using the same torch tip for over four years and have never needed to clean it.   -BG Flame cuts iron much faster than any other fuel-gas on a BTU to BTU basis.   -BG Flame will cut thicker iron with the same torch tip and oxygen pressures.   -BG Flame will cut the same thickness of steel using a smaller torch tip. This allows for faster, cleaner cuts with less kerf.   -BG Flame cuts from 10% to 25% faster with excellent quality and no slag or dross.   -Faster cuts allows jobs to be done quicker, saving operator wages or allowing more work to be done in the same time, increasing profit potential.   -Faster cut, smaller tip and no added oxygen to maintain the flame result in about 40% less bottled oxygen used when cutting iron.   -BG Flame does not require extra oxygen to maintain itself and (optionally) only uses bottled oxygen when actually cutting iron. For all other BG torch operations no bottled oxygen is needed, resulting in a significant reduction or elimination of oxygen costs as well as the originally replaced industrial bottled fuel-gas.   The reason bottled oxygen is added to any fuel-gas flame to 'cut' iron is because the iron is not being 'cut'; it is 'oxidizing'. Once the iron is hot enough to oxidize, the extra oxygen assists this oxidation process.   Ordinarily, it doesn't matter which fuel-gas you use, the oxidation process (cutting speed) is limited by the oxygen assisting the oxidation, and so the cutting speed of most fuel-gasses is exactly the same.   Brown's Gas has a significantly faster cutting speed because the 'new oxygen' in the Brown's Gas actually speeds up the oxidation process. The 'new oxygen' is more 'reactive' than bottled oxygen.   -BG Flame preheats cheaper than any other fuel-gas method.   -BG Flame cuts are straighter than any other flame or plasma.   -BG Flame can cut very thick iron, or can cut on angle through several inches.   -BG Flame can melt nearly any material on earth.   -BG Flame has zero radiant energy that can hurt human eyes. No protective goggles are needed to look at the flame.   -BG Flame heats material much less than other fuel-gasses during cutting, thus has:
  • less heat hardening compared to other flames
  • less heat distortion (buckling) of the metal
  • less stresses in the metal
  • Less dressing costs before machining (if any)
  • Cut has little or no slag (because molten metal doesn't stick to cold metal)
  • can cut very thin slices of metal, which a 'hot' flame cannot do.
  -BG Flame will cut through rust with much less spitting and popping compared to other gasses   -BG Flame will cut iron out of wet concrete without the concrete exploding   -BG Flame will cut wet metal without spitting   -BG Flame will cut iron oxide   -BG Flame can 'surface treat' iron to increase rust resistance. BG flame cuts are very rust resistant.   -BG Flame can 'surface harden' iron to increase wear resistance.   -Brown's Gas has less density than most fuel-gasses, so more volume comes out the same size orifices.   -Brown's Gas weighs about 1/2 atmosphere, so is a 'Lighter Than Air' gas that does not concentrate to form explosive mixtures.   -BG Flame has 'imploding' characteristics:
  • long thin 'laser-like' flame as it makes a tunnel in the air
  • very directed energy, can be pin point precise
  • has very little 'radiant' heat; advantages include:
easier not to burn oil, grease, rubber and wires under vehicles easier not to burn wood when soldering plumbing prevents operator burns   -BG Flame is 'imploding'; the 'vacuum' drawing smoke from the workpiece back into the flame and burning it.   -BG Flame implosion has a sustained inner vacuum that can be used for special effects.   -Brown's Gas is easily adapted to current fuel-gas torch technology:
  • 'consumables' cost is almost nothing, torch tips stay clean. Significant time savings because torch tips do not require maintenance.
  • Torch tips stay cooler, helping them stay clean and reducing operator burns.
  • Use all the same equipment (hoses, valves, torch tips, etc.) as all other fuel-gas. With other fuel-gasses you need to change hoses when changing the gas.
  • Quick change between BG and fuel-gas technologies
  • Use of BG in current equipment requires minimal training.
  • Flame ignites easily and does not need adjustment to get the perfect mixture, saving time and not wasting gas.
  • Need for bottles, rental, transportation, handling, demarge (bottle) charge, contracts can be reduced or eliminated.
  -Need for secure bottle storage can be reduced or eliminated. In remote areas, there is a serious problem with accumulation of propane, oxygen and acetylene bottles because the cost to transport the bottles back to be refilled exceeds the cost of a new bottle. In this case, local water and electricity (may have to transport fuel for generator) can eliminate this waste and cost. Further, room is freed up in the transports for other cargo. Further, the danger of transporting the bottles is eliminated.   Some Brown's Gas Disadvantages In The Application Of Cutting Iron:   -BG Flame may require a longer preheat in cases where the torch tip is not optimized. On a BTU to BTU basis, nothing beats BG for preheating.   -Brown's Gas can only 'cut' iron. Any other fuel-gas can only cut iron too and BG cuts iron faster than any other fuel-gas. Other technologies like plasma and water jet can cut nearly any material.   -Currently used fuel-gas equipment may need slight modifications, like air purge and perhaps ignition timing change. We know these issues and have designed our BG technology to fit seamlessly onto currently used equipment. These modifications allow the use of other fuel-gasses at will.   Conclusion   All the above information is only a taste of the information we've gathered for just one application of Brown's Gas (cutting iron). There are dozens of applications where Brown's Gas is superior to currently used technology. You can see why our website is seriously behind in explaining about the advantages of this amazing gas.   A few Other 'Interesting' Brown's Gas Applications:   Brown's Gas has been proven to efficiently and economically neutralize radioactive waste. This neutralization treatment can take place right at the nuclear reactor so there is no need to transport or store nuclear waste.   Brown's Gas has been proven to help burn water : fossel-fuel mixtures in a ratio of 90% water.   Brown's Gas has been proven to have several medicinal benefits. It can relax muscles that are cramped and speed healing of wounds.   Brown's Gas has been proven to produce 'new water' which can produce health benefits and a kind of transmutation. A wide variety of minerals have been produced from 'pure' water using a simple and inexpensive technique.   Brown's Gas has been proven to inexpensively produce semiprecious stones (like rubies) from low cost material.  
  Because of our expertise in Brown's Gas; our superior technology; our policy of empowering people on an individual level; our desire to make money and our wish to actually get Brown's Gas used in industry ... Eagle-Research is sponsoring a business into existence.  
This business is named the 'Water Torch Collective'.
  The Water Torch Collective is made up of individuals who are specifically interested in getting Brown's Gas technology into industry. Brown's Gas is a technology that's time has come. Industry NEEDS this gas.   Our next meeting will be in Spokane, Washington on November 17th and 18th. This will be the absolute last chance to buy Phase 1 membership units. If you miss this opportunity, you'll forever kick yourself like "why didn't I buy into Microsoft?".   As before, seating is limited and preregistration (with payment) is mandatory. It is first come, first served. We state this up front because we've had to turn people away from all our previous meetings.   At the meeting you'll see the leading edge of Brown's Gas, the practical standards that are far in advance of current industry standards. And you'll see how to make serious money by helping put Brown's Gas into industry.   No Brown's Gas organization in the world has ever put together a marketing opportunity like this before. It has now officially started and is running smoothly. The potential for money making is HUGE.   This is the Eagle-Research 'official' opportunity for anyone interested in reliable, practical, industry-transforming Brown's Gas technology. There is opportunity for Investors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Application users.  
  Registration form as PDF   If you do not have Acrobat Reader (to read PDF files), you can download it FREE from: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.php   Registration form as html   If you can't print out the registration form, you may simply email your registration information to: < >  



  Fuel prices continue to rise, and OPEC just cut back on deliveries so you can expect another price jump soon.   Energy costs money, so making energy use efficient just makes sense. Eagle-Research provides home-built solutions. We believe our fuel saving technology is the most practical on the market.   I started my fuel saving research in the 1970's, for myself. I did 'impractical' things just to see if they could be done (like getting 200 mpg) and in the end decided to make publicly available some of the more practical spinoff's of my research.   For various reasons I decided to make the information available in books. This has been one of the best decisions of my life. Books allow people to build and maintain their own fuel saving systems without needing to rely on mechanics that do not understand this technology (because it is excluded from their training). Nearly 100,000 people have taken advantage of the information to improve their lives. I get testimonials and thank you notes everyday, mechanics included.   If you haven't checked out our fuel saving information, you may be missing out. I calculate that some people who installed the basic Carburetor Enhancer (our first book) back in 1984 have now saved over $5,000 worth of fuel. Their engines last longer, they have more power, performance and they pass emission testing standards of modern vehicles.   We have excellent fuel saving (by increasing efficiency) solutions for every type of vehicle fuel system. =====================================================

  Our newly upgraded 'Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally' will make a significant contribution for people actually applying 'Free Energy' technology.   One of the main factors that prevent people from building a home power system is the high cost of the components. The Reverse Electric Meter (REM) technique reduces home power-plant cost significantly, usually at least by half.   We lower cost by eliminating (or postponing) the need for power storage (usually a battery bank) and an inverter. The book also explains why you can take motors that you can buy for $1 per horsepower and turn them into efficient generators.   The totally upgraded the 'Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally' now includes:
  • A chapter on practical 'Free Energy ' for home power-plants. There are a lot of potential 'Free Energy' sources to choose from.
  • Details how to turn a (scrap priced) induction motor into a high efficiency generator.
  • Shows (with drawings) how to connect your home power-plant to the Utility Grid.
  • Explains how to sell your Free Energy to your local Utility and gives you references to the laws that make it MANDATORY that the Utility buy that power from you. Laws that they don't want you to know about.
  • Shows you how to do all of this in low cost, efficient, safe and legal ways.
Not Bad For $14, Wouldn't You Say?

And finally, the new cover on the book, designed by my wonderful wife, will cause a big smile on your face :)))

  Order Now, You Can Finish This Newsletter Later :))   We are making a limited-time preproduction offer of our newly upgraded 'Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally'. The book will retail for $14 (plus p&h). Any orders placed before September 16 will be charged only $12 (plus p&h). The pre-purchased books will be delivered during the first week of October/01.   http://www.eagle-research.com/store/   Customers who have the original version can send in the front cover (or cover page) for a $2 credit toward purchase of the upgraded version. This offer can be combined with the preproduction offer. Send page (and order) to: Eagle-Research, PO Box 118, Porthill ID, 83853.


  Brown's Gas was this issue's feature, see above.  


  Hi mr. Wiseman, last year, i ordered some material from your company, i found quite interesting. ...I agree wholeheartedely with your views on the environnement and the gas companies and try to do my share to save the planet.   thank you   alain mc innis   -----------  
Patents are useless without sufficient money to back them up!
  The first thing a new inventor does when he believes he has something unique and valuable is to patent his invention. That's just what I did and learned the hard way that it is not necessary. How often do you hear about companies being sued for breach of patent... hardly ever? There was of course, the famous one between the two giants, Kodak and Polaroid. But for the average small firm or individual, forget it because it is too costly and offers very little protection unless you are loaded.   Most people think if they have a patent the government or some other authority will automatically protect them if someone breaches it by taking the culprit to court? No way. It will be up to you and you will have to pay dearly for "the privilege". Patent attorney's don't come cheap and you will be the one paying their cost.   What I found by experience was the best defence was to keep your product technologically ahead of any competitors. In the 1980's I was the founder and technical director of a small public company called Unipower International here in Australia that produced unique alternator based equipment that I invented. Later we licensed a South African company to manufacture our products for sale in that country and elsewhere. Some time later a large German based multi-national company decided to copy our design and market them under their own name even though we had a patent in South Africa and other countries stamped on our products. We heard this company invested over $2million on this venture, but to no avail. What we did was, as soon as they put their product on the market we brought out a superior model so nobody wanted theirs. After this happened a second time they closed their doors and left our market alone. That action didn't cost us, or our partners anything as these improved models were just our natural upgrades.   To confirm the above, and I have heard this sort of story many times, is a (example) about a man who had his invention stolen from him by a large company.   FROM: FLOYD DATE: 7/15/2001 DELTONA, FL 32838 http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/071501.htm   "About 20 years back, I had major patents on a new type insulated glass sealant, which were simply used and stolen by a major company. They simply said, screw you. Sue us. I went to a major patent law firm for advice and they said I could cost them millions but to put it in litigation it would cost me a quarter million. My company was too small to afford that. These major companies use such monetary leverage against the small inventor."   So, my advice is don't bother about wasting your time and money on patents unless you have the recourses to challenge the largest of companies. There are better ways to commercialize your inventions without running the risk of unscrupulous stealing what you have taken so long to create.   On the positive side a patent will provide a certain deterrent effect. In other words it will keep honest people honest, but not those who are not.   Regards... Trevor Osborne   ---------   George,   I really enjoyed your presentation at the Keelynet conference and I truly appreciate the honest virtue with which you have run Eagle-Research.   After having purchased and read several of your fuel saver materials, I noticed that you have said that you have put your fuel savers on some customers automobiles.   I am writing on behalf of a good friend of mine who drives a dodge 1 ton cummins turbo diesel truck for a living. He has his own small, struggling hot shot business hauling loads across the country.   I know you are really busy ... and I'm sure that you don't make a habit of doing the conversions for the public. So what I'm asking is, do you have an associate that would do a conversion for him.   I really don't feel comfortable doing the conversion myself (on someone else's vehicle) as I am not that confident in my own mechanical ability.   Good day, Brett Nichols   Brett,   I sincerely appreciate meeting individuals like yourself, interested in getting practical technology applied. Your friend would be using the HyCO 2DT.   You are right, I have no time to do installations, that's one of the reasons I wrote the Manuals.   I recognize the problem of 'installers' and am putting together a list of people who are willing to install our various fuel-savers. I'm sorry to say that that list has been put on hold because other projects are taking up our time. We will get it done.   In the meantime, I'm quite certain that you can find a mechanic that can install it. I am available for consultation if he has any questions.   ---------   Hi George, dl found out about my wind turbine through The Inventors Clubs of America, they gave me an award in May of that year for my patented wind turbine, dl also used my turbine on his road show and tell things to sell dealerships for his scam, this is his approach, use some legitimate patents/ideas along w/ his so called free energy devices to fool the public into thinking it's all legal.   I worked briefly w/ dl in 1996, was there (N.J.) for aprox 4 months, the best part was that I got to work w/ Prof. Yule Brown, what a wonderfull person he was ...   ....dl,s big secret about the Browns Gas was that you had to add sodium hydroxide to each machine to "kick it off" like adding electrolite to a storage battery, that was his big secret.   He tried his best to reverse engineer the machines behind Yules back, this is why Yule left and refused to sign away any rights to dl.........it took me nearly 4 months to find out the truth, then I left, same as Yule. You'll notice I won't capatolize his name when I use it, this is becouse I know about his scam game.

george sikes

  Dear readers, This is the type of information that I run across nearly every day. I'm including it here without prejudice, simply so that you can learn from others who have had personal experience with Dennis Lee's business practices.   --------   You said, regarding Dennis Lee...   > This hurts the credibility of the very technologies with which I (and my > peers) actually work. Drying up potential funding and creating public > resistance to actual practical innovation. If that is his ultimate goal, > then he is doing a good job. It has caused me to wonder if he is a pawn > of the 'vested interest'...   Bingo!!   How do you divert a bus to nowhere unless you own its driver.   Every piece of that puzzle fits so far. The only piece missing is: Who bought him?   The only other possibility: No, nobody could be that stupid and incompetent for real.   -name withheld by me, to protect this Dennis Lee distributor-   Dennis Lee is presently on a nation-wide tour. Eric Krieg is organizing volenteers who wish to enhance Dennis Lee's tour presentations with truth. If you wish to help, contact: eric krieg,   ---------   To end on a positive note; have some fun with these science sites:   http://www.sciencenews.org A site put up by the excellent weekly Science News magazine, Shows selected stories of the current issue (with archives).   http://www.improb.com The GREATEST science news site of them all: The Annals of Improbable Research.  



  October/2001 will feature Extreme Mileage   December/2001 will feature Electric Cars   February/2002 will feature Free Energy *****************************************************

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