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  WHAT'S NEW (top)   The Brown's Gas Meeting in Spokane, Washington, April 13-14/2002 is going to be very exciting, more details below.   The 'Water Injection Manual' has been delayed, you can purchase it NOW and it'll be delivered as soon as it is published (see order form).   We now have a CHAT archive on the Eagle-Research website, where we place past chats for people to read. We've also addressed the issue of people around the world missing the chat by coming at the wrong time. http://www.eagle-research.com/chat/chat.php

Welcome to the people who have joined this newsletter via the cards we sent out in the JC Whitney catalog.

We now have wholesale pricing on EFIE devices. http://www.eagle-research.com/bulkbuying/bulkbuy.php  


Issue Feature: FREE ENERGY (top)   For this feature I'm going to post a conversation that happened on the 'supercarbs' egroup. When looking for 'free-energy' it is important to know what to look for, so you'll recognize it when you see it.   >>>if the idea of energy from nothing is possible then it must be supported >>>mathematicaly, as this is what the creation is all about. If you take the >>>subject seriously, you will eventually realize that nothing can happen >>>unless it can be explained mathematically. That is a cruel truth which >>>all innovators must take into consideration.   Ah, but is the math based on actual facts? In my research I've discovered that often the math used by industry is very application specific and if you vary parameters, it no longer works. Check out my 'Why 200 MPG is Possible' pocketpal to see some examples of this.   >>>George you make my point perfectly...   Eh? I thought I was saying that often math follows innovation, where there is a working process that must now be explained because the 'old' math did not cover those parameters.   It is gratifying when you can work out the math, predict the outcome and have it happen that way. When you can do that, you can assume you understand what's happening.   The 'problem' I find is when my experimental results do not fit the predicted mathematical outcome. At this point, I know that there is something I do not understand. Once a process is understood, a mathematical model can be made to cover it.   The biggest problem with current science is that the students are taught that everything is known, so they cannot and/or will not question the teachers. 'Impossible' is a word that gets used a lot. People forget everything was impossible till someone did it.   The fact is there are a LOT of very basic unknowns and most of them lie in the range of things that today's science cannot measure or explain. There is a huge tendency of modern scientists to state "If we can't measure it, it doesn't exist". This blinds them to wonderful possibilities.   A second problem is the attitude "If we can't measure it, it isn't science". While this may be true, according to some definitions, it seriously prevents a possibility from BECOMING science.   In my work, I look for the unexplained or the unexplainable and then try to find the explanation. Modern science tries to ignore what it can't measure. This attitude prevents discovery of significant new knowledge. As an inventor I need to have the opposite attitude.   >>>No one has ever even been >>>able to attack the universally accepted theory that no energy can be >>>released without heat being dissipated. If that basic concept can be >>>disproved then perpetual motion just might be possible.   Perpetual motion. I see the universe working on a fair enough version of it. I've done some thinking of the 'theory' of it. Trying to learn to ask the right questions. My research comes (or goes) in that direction as I search for 'free energy', which is what I think you are meaning when you say perpetual motion.   >>> Until such a time that a good argument is presented perpetual motionists >>> are out on the same limb as were all the perpetual motionists have been >>> since the start of the eighteenth century.   I've seen this 'Law' of thermodynamics stated in a lot of different ways. If I may be so bold as to restate it within the context of your words?   I think you mean that every time there is an interaction that involves energy, the end result is increased entropy or a devolution to increased disorder or a net stabilization at a lower energy state.   People who believe this are certainly not going to be the ones to prove any differently. Inventors like myself have to be a little crazy, actually questioning accepted theory. This 'craziness' is how all progress actually happens. As I'll show eventually, this 'law' is only correct within the context of it's 'box'. When you look outside the box, you find amazing possibilities.   >>>Not one managed to make any movement without some >>>provable loss of heat except resorting to deceit, if you disagree I am all >>>ears to a constructive argument..   I appreciate your willingness to look at another point of view. That's very rare, I know from long experience. So here are some thoughts that float about in my brain.   First to illustrate entropy as commonly understood. If you leave a pile of brick in the woods for a thousand years, you'd be surprised to come back and find a brick house. On the other hand, if you leave a brick house in the woods, you would not be surprised to come back and find a pile of bricks. Positive entropy is increasing disorder or 'the Universe is slowing and eventually coming to a stop' theory.   My thinking and research show a more positive outlook. Once I understood the 'Law' above I knew to look for examples of 'negative' entropy. Where an energy interaction actually causes increasing order. I find myself surrounded by examples, most of them having a common denominator. So common in fact, that I smile every time I hear someone state that 'entropy Law'; like saying 'the world is flat, it's obvious'.   Before I state my common denominator of negative entropy, does anyone want to guess what it is? I promise you, when I tell you and you 'get it', you'll never look at 'laws' the same again. (see answers below)   In the meantime, my work in the free energy field got a big boost because I became aware of what to look for. First, and fairly obvious, I needed to find 'energy hills' or unidirectional energy flows or energy potentials that are replenished by nature. Once I locate such a source, the trick is to invent a machine or process that can convert that energy into a form that can integrate with the machinery of our civilization, usually as a 'prime mover', heat or electricity (our most desirable form of energy).   All this is being done everyday, in all the power systems we commonly use. For example, the sun causes oceans to evaporate, the water falls on mountains and the streams turn turbines that provide us with electricity. The utilities are simply tapping 'free energy' flows that already exist and selling it to you.   Eagle-Research goes looking for other energy sources that the utilities have not yet tapped, with the goal to make them practical for home-builders to utilize. While I cannot say we've achieved that lofty goal, we have found lots of 'side effects' and 'spinoffs' that can save people money and increase their ability to be independent. And I can say that we have discovered several energy potentials on which we are now thinking/working to find ways to make practical.   Our free energy accumulator technology is a good example. We have an apparatus with no moving parts that gathers 'random' energy from the environment to charge batteries. This is making order out of disorder. In the past, there have been such (home built) devices that output continuous 50,000 watts. The inventors died without giving out their secrets. We are reinventing that technology so that we can write a set of plans to make sure it won't be lost again.  

(answers to negative entropy question)

  >>>Life (ie: living organisms, rather than hussle and bussle)! eg: >>>plants take in light and neutrients which are anything but orderly. >>>They then produce highly ordered and organised arrays of cells with >>>specific chemical composition, and all ordered perfectly around it's >>>own "fractal type" (look at a fern - each leaf is made of smaller >>>leaves that are the same, and these are made of smaller leaves that >>>are the same, and so on until it's just veins of a particular part of >>>a leaf because there's no space between them to be able to call them >>>individual leaves any more, and from there, it's just too small for >>>us to see)... They also put out O2, taking in CO2. In all, nature had >>>less orderly than before the plant was there...   VERY VERY EXCELLENT :))))))))   Yes, that's the first very obvious one. So the scientist stating that there is only positive entropy while standing in a body that is demonstrably negative entropy ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.   That was a good answer, and the most obvious. Anyone know of any more, less obvious?   >>>Joe cell (Orgone energy)? >>>Actually, Orgone is similar to my idea of picking up ambient energy, >>>converting it to a useful form, using it, and putting it back where >>>it came from (in its original form). With Orgone, it is said to >>>accumulate (say in a Joe cell), do the work in the engine, and then >>>go back where it came from in its original form. It's a type >>>of "ambient energy" that isn't measurable (at least by todays >>>technology), in a way that I'm thinking about the ambient heat >>>energy...   >>>Gravitation. Think about it. If you have an area of outer space >>>containing particles and objects (unaffected by the gravity of nearby >>>bodies, or the kinetic energy of trespassing particles and objects), >>>the particles and objects over time will all come together because of >>>gravitational attraction. Affected by the nearby bodies, the >>>particles and objects will come together with those bodies. Of >>>course there are other forces opposing this process of gravitational >>>attraction, like the release of energy by all other natural processes >>>(nuclear energy release by stars, meteorological storm processes on >>>many planets, life on earth, etc). If indeed our theory of gravitation >>>is correct then our second law of thermodynamics (increasing entropy) >>>must not apply to all natural processes, since the effects of >>>gravitational attraction is a natural process (or is it?) and it >>>tends toward order. Some geologists even believe that gravitation is >>>what causes most of the internal heat of the planet Earth. Imagine >>>that; a natural process that produces energy and order. Could this >>>really be?   >>>The formation of baby animal within it's mother - relatively ordered >>>elements (within food) are made less orderly within the digestive >>>tract, then made more orderly in the transition between the digestive >>>tract and the blood, then more orderly still when it goes to the >>>unborn animal, where it all gets placed into specific places in >>>specific ways, forming the parts of the animal that is yet to be born.   >>>Then there is also the formation of mineral crystals within rocks >>>(igneous rocks - especially those formed miles underground, such as >>>granite and lavakite) and staligmites/staligtites (orderly >>>arrangements of molecules of the same type).   >>>Social interaction (you might think "huh???")... It takes no effort >>>at all for people of like mind to form some sort of association (ie: >>>a certain degree of order within an otherwise jumbled-up community), >>>where it takes a lot of effort for people who have nothing in common >>>to form a coherant group.   >>>Hard-weathering rocks generally end up being mountains, while soft- >>>weathering rocks generally end up being mud in estuaries (this is a >>>form of natural ordering - soft separate from hard).   All good examples, and the correct kind of thinking that will lead to new discoveries. Other examples come to mind: Vortexes; Concentrators (like parabolics and magnifying glass); Osmosis; natural refrigeration...   ------------   Now here are some answers that I didn't expect to hear but was leading to.   >>>In every instance of higher order from lower order, there is an outside >>>source of information, energy or both. Disorder does not become >>>organized without outside intervention.   >>>In some of the cases you mentioned, you are forgetting the input of >>>information in order to go from a state of lower order to a state of >>>higher order.   >>>This is very true, and I will NEVER argue against it (there must be >>>a "device" set up to do the ordering). However, just because energy >>>is put in, it doesn't mean that it isn't negative entropy. Energy and >>>entropy are NOT THE SAME! Energy can be USED to decrease entropy >>>in a particular system, while effectively "exporting" the entropy in the >>>system to its surroundings (including the entropy created in removing >>>entropy). However, there still are situations where (despite >>>the "device" being there), there seems to be a net entropy decrease, >>>where there is no "export" of entropy to the surroundings.   >>>No arguments about there being an input of energy/information, etc >>>from outside. However, the order has increased (as opposed to the >>>chaos). If you look at an airconditioning system, there is a point >>>where the entropy is decreased, due to adding in energy, however, in >>>doing this there is an increase of the entropy outside the system due >>>to the way in which the energy is put in (thus, a net increase of >>>entropy in the "universe". This might also be true of bodily >>>functions ("exporting" entropy), and I can see that in >>>staligmite/tite growth, there might be a certain amount of the same >>>thing happening (entropy export), however, in the social example >>>provided, I fail to see where any social entropy could be created >>>(even in the "exported" sense of the word).   True and perceptive.   This is also one of the points we look for when we are looking for negative entropy. Order doesn't just happen, something causes order. It is always an arrangement of circumstances; sometimes (seemingly) without intelligence and (mostly) associated with what I call 'life intelligence'. I find that there is an 'intelligent order' to the Universe. There seems to be a great organizing force, encompassing all. =====================================================

FUEL SAVER NEWS: (top)   Here is another post from the 'supercarbs' egroup.   >>>Oh? Can you suggest a way of doing this "channelling into one direction" >>>with an engine's heat to make kinetic energy? It would render a >>>vaporcarb useless but who'd care then?   Somewhere in my files I have an article about a man who won a Nobel Prize for doing exactly that. I'm sorry that I do not have time to look it up and I do not know what became of him. It is one of those examples I collect to prove that negative entropy is possible.   As far as vaporcarbs being useless ... The technology of burning fuel for energy has been obsolete for decades. One of the reasons I don't bother to pursue my 'HyCO 3' technology is because I realized that I had the ability (with about the same research resources) to make the internal combustion engine obsolete. There are several technologies capable of doing it and I've mentioned some of them in various places on my website.   I support supercarbs because that is one of my areas of expertise. And there are a half billion vehicles that need improved combustion so there is some money in it. Even if the new technologies were to be implemented today, internal combustion engines would be with us for several more decades because it is nearly impossible to shift an infrastructure that large, any faster than that.   Next Stage Of Fuel Saver Technology On The Honda  

See archived newsletters for previous stages. Total time invested to date: 1.5 hours Total money invested to date: $110 Technology installed: fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum gauge. EPA highway mileage 34 mpg, current mileage 38 mpg.   My next step was to install an intake manifold vacuum gauge. This took about an hour and cost about $70. I could have spent only $5 for a surplus vacuum gauge, but I wanted on that would look like it belonged on this particular dash. I installed it where the clock would have been mounted if the car had one OEM. This made easy power connection for the gauge backlight and power available for future circuits. (We have an after-market digital clock mounted on the steering wheel.) I think the vacuum gauge is much more interesting to watch than a clock :)))   The intake manifold vacuum is required to help vaporize the fuel before the spark plug fires. With OEM fuel systems, the more vacuum you have, the better your mileage will be.   A vacuum gauge gives the driver a chance to modify driving habits to maximize gains. The idea is to keep your vacuum as high as possible as you drive. You quickly see how to turn the suggestions in the 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' book into actual mileage and keep dollars in your pocket.   The vacuum gauge teaches the home experimenter about the vehicle's power requirements and it is also a useful tool for engine diagnosis, you can tell many things about an engine by watching this gauge.   When the Carburetor Enhancer is installed, driving with highest vacuum will increase it's efficiency because it is vacuum activated. The Carburetor Enhancer really rewards people who drive with fuel saving techniques.   The vacuum gauge also allows us to learn where to set the vacuum switches when we install the deceleration fuel shutoff (more on that in the next newsletter). =====================================================

  Free energy rumors continue to abound. There are several 'alternative' technologies that I think either are or could be made viable.   We will be personally experimenting on some of these possibilities as soon as we clear some other projects out of our shop.   Currently we have a demonstration 'Reverse Electric Meter' apparatus nearly finished (as per the Reverse Your Electric Meter book); and we have the ER1200 Watertorch, in final development.   Our next projects will include:   1) Finishing the Gravity Wheel we've designed and bought the parts for. Our experiments to date give us hope that it'll work.   2) Resuming work on the Energy Conserver technology. Since the early '90s when we first initiated this line of research, we've been experimenting and gathering data. We now think we have enough information to actually make it practical by applying ideas from Tesla-Bedini-Gray-Newman-Lindemann-Muller; using our own theories. The net result should be electrical circuits that put out useful power while are 'closed loop' self-recharging. Hopefully we can make it simple, duplicatable and inexpensive.   If one believes all the stories floating around, this has actually been done several times in the past; using several different techniques. According to rumor, all those technologies and/or their inventors were suppressed.   Eagle-Research differs from all previous innovators by freely sharing the technology; thus is not susceptible to ordinary suppression techniques. This may be the key to practical 'free-energy' home power and electric vehicles.  
Here's a post that I thought I'd pass on:
  I've heard that one person has tried to replicate the Henthorn vehicle and was unsuccessful. My suggestion to him was to build the car in Yucca Valley, CA where Wayne lives so he can monitor the construction which he has agreed to do. Wayne demonstrated his vehicle to me while I was visiting a couple years ago and it worked fine. He has incorporated a few tricks of his own such as the fwd and rev feature and flow of current between the alternators and batteries. Wayne is getting on in age and if anyone would like to duplicate his work, I suggest they do it soon. All the parts needed can be purchased from a good junk yard except for maybe the coil he uses which can be made locally. His email address is awhenthorn@uia.net. and his phone number and address is 760-365-8577; 7113 Barberry, Yucca Valley, CA 92284. To those interested in this type of transportation, this is an opportunity to take advantage of a very low cost vehicle and at the same time make some money on it by mfg. and selling them. He offered it to the car manufactures but they turned it down. Tracy  


  The Brown's Gas meeting in Spokane, Washington, April 13-14/2002 will be one of the most exciting that the world has ever seen. This is an industry changing technology that's time has truly come. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent literally Billions of income potential.   You can see a list of those applications at: http://www.watertorch.com  

The Brown's Gas meeting in Spokane, Washington, April 13-14/2002 will be one of the most exciting that the world has ever seen. This is a industry changing technology that's time has truly come. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent income potential literally in the Billions of dollars.

  The attendees of this meeting will not only be the first to view the new ER1200 Watertorch, they will also learn about the Watertorch Collective opportunities, and really make money by joining us on the ground floor of our updated Brown's Gas Marketing Plan. This is the 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas meeting.   Development of the ER1200 Watertorch represents a radical departure from our previous marketing strategy. We know we have the world's best machines and, in the past, our policy has been to price our machines above the competition because we wanted to have our machines priced for their value.

We've raised every standard of watertorch efficiency, safety, reliability, user-friendliness and NOW we'll set the new price standard too.

  The ER1200 Watertorch is an absolutely 'Basic' machine. No bells and whistles, just low cost and high quality. Exactly what it takes to efficiently, reliably and safely produce 1200 liters per hour of Brown's Gas. We will unveil the ER1200 watertorch at the 'Leader of the Pack' Meeting.   This is the most exciting potential that has EVER been in the 35 years since Brown's Gas was discovered. Up till now, no one has been able to manufacture a high capacity watertorch that anyone could afford and safely use. We are the first because our machines incorporate leading innovations and technology that no one else has put together. We lead and will continue to lead the competition in every aspect of Brown's Gas technology.   See the Leader of the Pack Brown's Gas Meeting registration form at:   view/print registration form and agenda as PDF or HTML 


  The ER1200 Watertorch:   Is smaller and lighter than any other 1200 L/h machine in the world.   Is silent in operation (there are no fans or transformers). Competitors machines are very noisy.   Uses about half the power (of the competitors) to make this significant volume of gas. You can plug it into common household receptacles.   Is designed for a minimum of a 20 year life span. Most of the competitor machines have trouble lasting a year, particularly the China built ones.   Is very user-friendly to operate. Competitor machines have needless computer controls (bells and whistles).   Is being sold for less than half the current retail price of the competition.   Note special introductory price of $3200 USD (save $300). This price will last until April 30/2002; to give a VIP deal to all the people who have contacted us in the past. Thank you for your interest, now we want you as a customer.   Note:   If you have any plans on attending the April meeting, book your rooms now, because there is a major Amway meeting in Spokane that weekend and the rooms are already being booked up. If you can't make it, you can cancel room reservations but if you're too late...   - Hampton Inn, 509/747-1100 (This is where the Brown's Gas Conference is being held. 24 hour FREE Airport shuttle) - Motel 6, 509/459-6120 - Days Inn, 509/924-9100 (Airport shuttle) - Ramada Inn, Airport 1/800/272-6232(Airport shuttle) 


  We are reducing the price of our ER1150 Watertorches to be in line with our new policy of setting the world price standard.   The ER1150 Watertorch is still our full feature unit, with ALL the automatics, electronics, CAL technology, extra safety features, modifier and bubbler tanks built in (with infinite adjustment controls), oxygen bottle bracket, complete torch set and hoses, etc. New retail is now $5,500 USD.  



  >Mr Wiseman looking at the up dates its good to see that you and Mr Lee are >progressing in the development of his product.1 i lived with him for a >while and i read paper work because he couldnt read the fine lines . But i >dont care how much money you make or any one else but why does my > Ninna Lilla have to depend on a benifent to live . ive seen the gewellers >welder work and i seen the brick with the coat hanger handle on it and he >grabed my hand run the flame over it and felt nothing but in one spot it >would of cut my hand off . I new years ago that space is cold and cold >creates water and that creates hydroren . ive been in his office many times on >his leather chairs and im privlidge to sit there and listen to what he had to >say . why cant u help my Ninna Lilla. >phillip007@ukonline.co.uk   Phillip,   I can appreciate your position.   Your God father mismanaged the technology he was working on and died penniless, with no legal rights to pass on to heirs. You are asking for a portion of the income that the technology would generate from the people who are benefiting from his work.   I hope you can appreciate my position.   1) It would set a bad precedent for me to distribute assets to friends, relatives, associates and investors of Yull Brown. Just the thought of the mess he left makes me shiver. The best I can do to honor the decades of his life he spent working with and promoting the gas, is to give it his name.   2) I developed the Brown's Gas technology completely independently of anyone, including Yull Brown. In fact, he would not work with me when I asked him, told me not to experiment with the gas and he tried twice to sue me; both tries were ineffective because he had no rights covering my work.   I've achieved machines significantly more efficient and practical than any he ever built, because I applied my own energy saving research using my own theories of Brown's Gas. I had no help from Yull Brown; did not benefit from his assistance and thus feel no obligation to support his estate.   3) Dennis Lee is selling machines built by the Chinese to Yull Brown's specifications. In return for Yull Brown's assistance, the Chinese gave him the North American rights to sell those machines. Yull Brown made a partnership agreement with Dennis Lee. Yull Brown taught Dennis Lee about Brown's Gas and how to operate the machines. Dennis Lee went directly to the Chinese and caused Yull Brown to lose his North American distribution rights and then Dennis Lee negotiated to assume those rights. Yull Brown went back to Australia and died shortly thereafter. In my opinion, Dennis Lee is making the money that should have been going to your God father and his heirs. =====================================================

  April/2002 will feature Water as Fuel   June/2002 will feature Water Injection (skipped due to work over-load while setting up manufacture for the ER1200 WaterTorches.)   August/2002 will feature Brown's Gas  


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