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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: Brown's Gas Fuel Saver news Free Energy Comments Brown's Gas news Reader Comments Coming Up   Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead -  
WHAT'S NEW (top)
  Since the excellent and exciting Brown's Gas Meeting in Spokane, Washington last April, we have been preparing for our next Meeting in November, more details below.   I've (George Wiseman) just acquired a1978 265 Volvo to use as a runabout, more details below.   The new Brown's Gas Brochure and the Brown's Gas Video 3 will be out soon. If you wish to be on our Brown's Gas 'information' list, send an email to < >   The HyCO 2A video is being scheduled now, and the HyCO 2A Manual is getting it's update incorporated into it. All those people who have been asking for a video for over 10 years will now be able to see George Wiseman showing how it's done.   (5) The new shop in Penticton, BC has been taken over by the pre-production line for the ER1200 WaterTorches. Torches are coming off the line while we are fine-tuning the production process. To find out how to buy a WaterTorch, follow the links below.   (6) The next Eagle-Research Chat information is at: http://www.eagle-research.com/chat/chat.php

(7) The Eagle-Research website has just been upgraded, particularly in the WaterTorch section:



Issue Feature: BROWN'S GAS (top)
  It occurs to me that people may be asking themselves questions like:   (1) What is Brown's Gas?   (2) Why would anyone want Brown's Gas in their lives?   (3)Why has Free Energy researcher George Wiseman devoted so much attention to Brown's Gas?   (4) How does a person make money with Brown's Gas?  
  • What is Brown's Gas?   Brown's Gas is the entire gas mixture coming out of an electrolyzer specifically designed to NOT separate the gasses. It is mostly hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor. (see more) (and more)   • Why would anyone want Brown's Gas in their lives?   We have discovered that Brown's Gas has the potential to affect every area of our lives. It can lower our cost of living, improve our health, allow our civilization to stop pollution, reverse existing pollution and provide huge economic gains.   One extremely small example is the focus of the Marketing Plan for 'Water Torch Collective, Ltd. When using Brown's Gas instead of traditional torch gasses (like acetylene) for cutting, preheating, welding, soldering, brazing, etc. it lowers the fuel cost by as much as 98%, while doing the work faster, easier and with much higher quality results. Also, the exhaust is water, absolutely no pollution.   WTC is going after the torch gas applications first, because it has less political issues for a startup business, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made. See a profile of using Brown's Gas for cutting steel.   Examples of 'traditional' applications are listed on www.watertorch.com  
***************Too HOT to touch**************
  We mention these applications here so that you can see why Brown's Gas would be of interest to nearly anyone. Some of these applications are politically too hot for us to touch right now. We have enough internal (Eagle-Research) evidence to mention these uses as potentially real and are working to get independent verification. DISCLAIMER: Until we have independent verification we are describing the below information as RUMORS.   In the meantime, we feel that it is important to get as many ERxxxx WaterTorches out into the world as possible, so that the technology has public acceptance when we then tell people the many ways to use the Brown's Gas for their personal benefit.   • Pure 'New' Water Manufacture   We're learning that water can be 'programed' to pass on health. This is easy to do with the water formed by the 'exhaust' of the Brown's Gas flame. The production of Brown's Gas 'erases' previous programing and then we can impress new programing on the water as it is newly reformed. We can make water that gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being just by drinking it.   • Hydrated Water For Health   When Brown's Gas is bubbled through clean water, the water absorbs oxygen and hydrogen. We think there is an additional energy (electrical in nature) added to the water as well. We find the drinking the resulting enhanced, oxygenated and hydrated water to bring us alert like drinking a cup of coffee, without the side effects.   Many people know that oxygenated water is healthful. There are many companies selling water that has had oxygen added to it.   What is generally unknown is that water is even more healthful when hydrogen is added to it. Drinking water is called hydrating the body. An astonishing fact is that chlorinated water, coffee, carbonated and sweetened fluids are generally dehydrating. Most of the diseases known to mankind (including aging) can be prevented or mitigated by hydrating the body.   Every test of Brown's Gas enhanced water shows it to be super hydrating, far superior to regular water (as much as 10 times).   Enhanced water is an essential key to keeping an active youthful body as the years go by. We have reason to believe this water enhances every chemical process in the body, making a super immune system and mitigating the symptoms of aging, mostly caused by dehydration.   • Detoxifying Water   In North America chlorine is used to purify water, intending to kill microorganisms that cause disease. Chlorine is a deadly poison and attempts are made to put in just enough to kill the microorganisms and not the person drinking it. Most of the rest of the world purifies water using Ozone, a form of oxygen. Oxygen kills the microorganisms without harm to people. Brown's Gas is an excellent way to oxygenate drinking water.   • Atmosphere Enhancement   We now live in an area that has very dry air. We were using nearly a gallon (4 L) of water a night to keep our bedroom moist enough so that we could breathe easily. We are finding that the Brown's Gas gives us the same results using only a cup (250 mL) of water per night.   • Muscle Relaxation; Pain Relief   When Brown's Gas is applied to the skin, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which then flows (via blood) to muscles and joints that have problems due to dehydration, resulting in nearly instantaneous relief of pain caused from cramps and swelling. This relief continues for extended periods of time.   • Speed Healing Of Wounds   When Brown's Gas is applied to a wound, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which kills aerobic microorganisms and assists cell regeneration.   • Help Plants Germinate And Grow   Plant growth can be enhanced by either hydrated water and/or 'programmed' water. The resulting plants and fruits are more healthful to eat, providing nutrition and energy that most current produce cannot.   • Neutralization Of Radioactive Waste   It has now been officially proven (in Canada) that Brown's Gas can neutralize radioactive waste in seconds, easily and extremely inexpensively. This neutralization treatment can take place right at the nuclear reactor so there is no need to transport or store nuclear waste.   This issue is so politically HOT that we deliberately do not promote it. Brown's Gas technology is not firmly enough in general use to prevent suppression by 'vested interest'. This single application is worth billions of dollars and can revolutionize the nuclear power generation industry.   • Creating New Industrial Materials   Brown's Gas can both make and weld rubies together. Brown's Gas can weld sapphires together. When Brown's Gas cooks rocks, it turns then into semiprecious material; for example feldspar (30% of earth's crust) turns into a transparent form of moonstone, which can be used as a nearly indestructible building material (colors can be added).   • Transmutation   We've learned of two ways of using Brown's Gas to make materials that did not exist in the original samples. We can make metals from water. Again, too politically HOT to touch.   • Inexpensive Toxic Waste Disposal   Brown's Gas is an implosive flame, with the power to reduce nearly any material to it's basic components (usually nontoxic). So enclosed chambers can be built to vaporize PCBs and other toxic waste.   • Vastly Increase Recoverable Ore   In tests conducted by several mines, Brown's Gas treated ore allowed recovery of up to three times more mineral. Brown's Gas can be used to treat waste dumps of obsolete mines, recovering more mineral than the mine originally produced. Again, this application is worth billions of dollars.   • Underwater Breathing Gas   Brown's Gas is nontoxic and breathable. When used as an underwater breathing gas it allows divers to stay underwater longer and come up faster because the hydrogen does not cause the bends as much as nitrogen or helium. This would allow much more use of ocean resources.   • Super-efficient Room Heating   Generally, Brown's Gas is a poor way to space heat, because the flame radiates very little infrared (heat) energy.   However; there is evidence that, using catalytic materials, a Brown's Gas heater can be constructed that radiates huge amounts of heat and does not require any room venting. The efficiencies stated are 400%. In other words, a 1000 watts input will produce 4000 watts of heat. Eagle-Research has not yet verified this, but has seen enough evidence to list it here.   • Surface Treatment Of Materials   When a Brown's Gas flame is played over the surface of materials, there are effects that can be beneficial. Iron becomes rust resistant, and can be surface hardened to prevent wear. Brick and cement become corrosion and water proof.   • Combustion Enhancement   Brown's Gas has been proven to help burn water/fossel-fuel mixtures in a ratios of up to 90% water. This works in internal AND external combustion (from vehicles to home heating and electrical power plants).     • \Why has Free Energy researcher George Wiseman devoted so much attention to Brown's Gas?   Mr. Wiseman got into Brown's Gas simply because he wanted it in his own shop. As an inventor he is always building things that are not 'on the shelf'. and he learns every welding technique he can. He needed Brown's Gas because it had properties that he wanted. Since at the time (1991) Mr. Wiseman could not afford to buy a Brown's Gas machine, he applied his considerable innovative resources to build his own. By applying techniques learned during his Free Energy research, he ended up with a technology that was half the size and weight, while being twice as efficient as traditional electrolyzers. He wrote books detailing his research and how-to build the world's most practical electrolyzers. Now anyone can build them. Incidentally, the Brown's Gas research to write Brown's Gas Book 2 ended up costing over $250,000; so Mr. Wiseman's torch cost more he expected :))   In the process of developing the Brown's Gas technology for his own torch use, Mr. Wiseman started discovering other uses for the gas. Realizing the tremendous benefits possible to civilization (and the profit potential), he started to manufacture versions of his design.   • How does a person make money with Brown's Gas? George Wiseman has put together a team of people to promote Brown's Gas. This team works under the umbrella of a Company called Water Torch Collective, Ltd. (WTC). WTC has a marketing plan that can make any who participate a lot of money both by direct sales and by residual income (which is willable). To see details of this marketing plan, you must attend one of the Eagle-Research/WTC 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas Meetings. See Brown's Gas News below.   (see more FAQ)  


  • Pet Peeve Feedback:   Dear readers, Thank you for being patient with me. I went a little overboard in the last issue and am a bit embarrassed, particularly as I didn't point out the other side of the situation.   First, I really do appreciate when people ask questions (even if the information is in the book), because it tells me that there is more information needed to be included or the information that's there is presented in a way that makes it hard to understand. I want people to actually be able to build these projects so questions and feedback are VITAL.   Thank you to all those who have sent in their questions, comments and results. We love testimonials, so anyone who has one can lift our day by sending it in.   Second, when I'm answering questions, sometimes I think of a better way of explaining something.   Third, when I'm 'rethinking' on a subject, I may get a flash of insight that improves the technology. Or the person I'm talking to may suggest something that improves the technology, so everyone benefits.   Fourth, Some of my readers actually go beyond my research and I help them develop in areas I haven't gone yet. This helps us all because such research will always improve the technology.   In conclusion, I'm asking that my readers truly try to read and understand my books before asking questions (to respect my time), then I welcome questions and comments.   ---------   • Brown's Gas To Enhance Combustion   The HyZor Technology is 'state of the art' onboard electrolyzer technology, there is nothing more practical out there.   In addition to making a superior electrolyzer (water splitter) in the HyZor design, we tell you how to reduce the amount of electricity you use to make the gas.   The power supply is vitally important because you are using engine energy (fuel) to make the electricity that makes the gas. Generally, for every watt of electricity that the alternator produces, you had to use 5 watts worth of fuel.   So the combustion needs to be significantly improved to get any fuel gain. The HyZor uses super-efficient electrolysis (using a technique independently tested at 98% efficient) combined with innovative, efficient, practical power supply options. For most applications, the HyZor produces huge fuel savings.   The HyZor makes Brown's Gas from water, and then uses the Brown's Gas to enhance combustion, specifically in vehicles. It is simple and straightforward to build, install and operate.
"I bought the Hyzor Manual(along with others). I finally got around to installing a test model on my 2000 Dodge Caravan; 4 cylinder. I made the EFIE device and instaled it also. I worked it up untill I had a noticable loss of power and drove it to dallas and back (120 Miles each way).. WOW! I got 50 MPG the first time and 52 the second time!! Amazing!! Due to the power loss however I now run at about 38 MPG.. The factory milage is 18/20 MPG.. I would say not bad at all! Thanks for making this info available!! -Daniel "  
  Then, once you have the HyZor installed, the Brown's Gas not only significantly enhances combustion, it acts as a catalyst to allow you to replace up to 50% of your fuel with water, with no significant performance loss. The 'Water Injection' book tells you how.   For more information on our fuel saver recommendations see: http://www.eagle-research.com/FAQ/FS/fsfaq.php   ------------   George's 'New' Volvo   I don't believe in owning an automobile unless I really need one (see SGSS for first step in fuel saving) and I sell them as soon as I don't need them anymore. Usually, I drive vehicles that other people lend me to repair. I now need a car for WaterTorch business.   As a mechanic, I really like Volvo engineering, except the fuel mileage isn't as high as it could be. As I get the time, I'll be upgrading the fuel mileage with Eagle-Research technology and I'll report on it here.   Up until now I've been hogging the use of my wife's 1983 Honda Civic (I could just fit a crated ER1200 WaterTorch in it). Now she will have the use of her car anytime she needs it.   Next Stage Of Fuel Saver Technology On The Honda   I did not complete the next stage yet. I have been entirely consumed by the ER1200 WaterTorch manufacturing project. I should have people trained in the manufacturing and be back to my research by the end of the year. See archived newsletters for previous stages.   www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2001/2001_10.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2001/2001_12.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2002/2002_02.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2002/2002_04.php
• HyCO 2A Video Finally, it's being made. People have been asking for it for over 10 years. We show how to properly install a HyCO 2A system on both carbureted and fuel injected vehicles. It will be selling for $22. Until October 1/2002, (as a newsletter subscriber), you can pre-order it for $18 (plus $1.80 s&h). Delivery of orders will start toward the end of September.  



FREE ENERGY COMMENTS (top)   "Here's a link to an interesting article on the free section of the Nature web site detailing an instance where the second law of thermodynamics is broken.   http://www.nature.com/nsu/020722/020722-2.php   BTW - for those who are not aware of this fact, the second law of thermodynamics is not really a law - it is based on observation and statistics. I.e., the majority of observational evidence indicates that systems tend to lose energy; however, for certain systems, such as the one detailed in the article, this is not always true.  All the best, Matthew"   -------------------   JOHN BEDINI - Free Energy Researcher (copied from http://www.altenergy.org newsletter) "Among his many innovative inventions John Bedini has designed a breakthrough battery-charging device so simple that a 10-year-old girl built an actual working prototype. Student Shawnee Baughman entered the novel charging system in a science fair and the device took the top awards. Bedini has had his hand in the New Energy field for years and he is committed to sharing his experience and success with anyone who wants to duplicate his efforts. On his website, John Bedini has posted the design plans for his Bedini Free Energy Generator. The free energy generator does not run off conventional power sources - it taps the zero point energy field and the very high electrostatic scalar potential of the vacuum. For a complete and detailed explanation on the Free Energy Generator and his collection of alternative energy devices check out John Bedini's website."   http://www.icehouse.net/john1/   -------------------   ZPOWER CORP. (copied from http://www.altenergy.org newsletter) ZPower Corporation was formed in 1995 to be the vehicle for ongoing development, stewardship and commercial maximization of breakthrough energy conversion technologies in a world burdened by outmoded and environmentally destructive energy systems. ZPower's mission is to become the global leader in providing viable fuel-less and pollution-free energy alternatives that can deliver electrical, mechanical and thermal power. To this end, ZPower has negotiated exclusive world rights or licenses to several different new energy technologies. These technologies are currently in the development stage, and will be released into society via the ZPower global marketing structure when they are completed.   http://www.zpower.net/   Note: My experience with ZPOWER is that they have excellent intentions. Used honestly, such companies can be useful to find, develop and implement alternative technologies. I think the procedure they have chosen to implement their goals (old paradigm secrecy and patenting) is causing them to spend way more money and time than they need to. For example, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a technology that I had already evaluated. When they told me what they had been experimenting on, I told them (in about 30 seconds) why it wouldn't work. They verified that I was right, after having spent months of time. Because they are trying to keep everything secret, they do not have access to sources that they need. They could have hired my time for about $80 and even if they still chose to go ahead, they would have known what to be looking for and would have saved time and money.   Many of my peers (free energy researchers) are now coming to the same realization that I have. Open disclosure and public domain has the inside track on actually getting alternative technologies developed into practical applications and used in the marketplace.  


  Fabulous Uses of Brown's Gas, Video 3 "See Water Burn" is now being made. See the unique Brown's Gas properties that make it the most desirable torch gas in the world. We show Brown's Gas actually working, outperforming traditional torch gasses in every way!
  • Up to 90% less fuel gas cost
  • Work done 25% faster
  • Precise, higher quality work
  • safe, eco-healthy gas
  • User-friendly flame
  See an ER1200 WaterTorch being setup and operating. Simply replace the torch gas you now use, with Brown's Gas.   The Brown's Gas Video 3 will be selling for $30. Until October 1/2002, (as a newsletter subscriber), you can pre-order it for $25 (plus $2.50 s&h). Delivery of orders will start toward the end of September.    ----------------------   • Leader of the Pack Brown's Gas Meeting   The attendees of the November Meeting in Penticton, BC will get a chance to actually use an ER1200 WaterTorch to make samples that they can take home. There is also get a 'Meeting Special' purchase price of $3200 for any attendee who buys machines at the meeting. (layaway plan available)   This is the next 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas meeting. So you can make money several different ways by joining us in our incredible Brown's Gas Marketing Plan. We already have distributors making money selling WaterTorches, and are well on our way to Phase 2 of the marketing plan.   The ER1200 WaterTorch is selling 50 times faster than any previous WaterTorch (including the competition). Technology innovations allowed us to lower our retail price by 64% (from $9900 to $3700) while maintaining the world's highest standards for machine safety and user-friendliness. This lower cost is selling machines even faster than our market research indicated.   The ER1200 WaterTorch is an absolutely 'Basic' machine. No 'bells and whistles', just low cost and high quality. Exactly what it takes to efficiently, reliably and safely produce 1200 liters per hour of Brown's Gas.   This is the most exciting potential that has EVER been in the 35 years since Brown's Gas was discovered. Up till now, no one has been able to manufacture a high capacity watertorch that anyone could afford and safely use. We are the first (and most practical) because our machines incorporate leading innovations and technology that no one else has put together.   Eagle-Research has also developed a worldwide network of Brown's Gas researchers. We do lead and will continue to lead the competition in practical application of Brown's Gas technology.   Follow the links on the Eagle-Research events page to view information on how to attend the November 'Leader of the Pack Brown's Gas Meeting':   http://www.eagle-research.com/events.php   As before, seating is limited and preregistration (with payment) is mandatory. It is first come, first served. We state this up front because we've had to turn people away from all our previous meetings.    At the meeting you'll see the leading edge of Brown's Gas, the practical standards that are far in advance of current industry standards. And you'll see how to make serious money by helping put Brown's Gas into industry.   No Brown's Gas organization in the world has ever put together a marketing opportunity like this before. It has now officially started and is running smoothly. The potential for everyone involved to make money is HUGE.   This is THE opportunity for anyone interested in reliable, practical, industry-transforming Brown's Gas technology. There is opportunity for Investors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Application users.   Brown's Gas is a technology that's time has come. Both people and industry NEED this gas. Like 'Alternating Current electricity,' Brown's Gas is one of the technologies that must be embraced for our civilization to continue to grow.   Because of our expertise in Brown's Gas; our superior technology; our policy of empowering people on an individual level; our desire to make money, our wish to actually get Brown's Gas used in industry and the fact that our design of WaterTorch is the world's most practical... Eagle-Research has sponsored a business into existence.  
This business is named
Water Torch Collective, Ltd.
  Water Torch Collective, Ltd. is manufacturing the ER1200 WaterTorches, under license from and paying royalty to Eagle-Research.   You can make money selling these WaterTorches and/or products made from owning these watertorches. In proper applications, the WaterTorches pay for themselves in as little as two months.  


  Readers, Wendy is asking if anyone in Australia would like to contact her with their success stories, with the intention of implementing Eagle-Research technology.   "Hi Yes that would be great to put a request for any Australians with success to feedback their details so we can talk!!!! Thank you for your reply   Wendy Wendy Hall, WendyHall4096@aol.com"   -------------------   "Hi George,   In trawling through the back issues of your newsletter I came across your comments about suppression of technology. A publicly available record of proof is in James Dyson's autobiography 'Against The Odds', ISBN 1-58799-014-8 (the inventor of the dual cyclone vacuum cleaner, as I previously mentioned). Comments made by Mike Rutter, then Vice President of Hoover Europe, commenting during The Money Programme on the BBC about Dyson's vacuum cleaners he said, "There are two reasons for taking new technology. The first is to put it into your product range. The other is to take it off the shelf to make sure nobody else uses it". (!!!) He continued, "I do regret Hoover, as a company, did not take it off the shelf, take it off Dyson. It would have lain there on the shelf and not been used". Page 248 (softback). Just in case you want to use that for your next newsletter to demonstrate that industrial giants do indeed deliberately suppress technology.   Regards, Mike Hersee   ---------------------   Readers, Byron Peck puts out a nice e-newsletter and wants it to have accurate information.   "Hi George I also need your help with getting to the bottom of this Dennis Lee mess. In your newsletter could you run the following:   Is Dennis Lee running a free energy cult and actually believes he can make happen what he proposes? Or is he just a con artist as many allege? I need your help to resolve this matter once and for all. If you or anyone you know has had dealings with Dennis Lee, good or bad, please contact me. byron@theogc.com or by snail mail, Byron Peck, PO Box 36, Cinebar, WA 98533. Cell 360-269-2393"   ------------------   "George -- You seem to vent when you want so I have a gripe for you: I admire you and your researches into various gas and energy saving technologies in automobiles and vehicle engines -- but, your exercise with your Honda illustrates my gripe: as a technology laboratory an old carbureted Honda might have some value, but as a way of defining technologies useful to readers or buyers of your manuals it turns out to be little or no use because over 90% of vehicles on the road today (at least in the US) use factory EFI systems and NOT old-fashioned carburetors!! They are becoming history.   So my only gripe is, why are you wasting your time and experience on carburetor improvements?   What is needed is a way of beefing up the performance and mileage of vehicles with EFI systems to make them run more fuel efficiently. I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with 4-cylinder 3.0L and although it runs reliably, it lacks power, pickup, acceleration and is a gutless pig on hills or under load, like driving a VW bug with 4 people in it. Tune-ups amount to changing the plugs and oil, there's not much to do for it to keep it "tuned up" or make it pass Smog test.   I wasted some money on one of those "Fuel Magnets" which hasn't changed my mileage one way or the other. I bought a couple of your manuals but again those were aimed at carbureted cars so they didn't help me.   The one for a "O2 sensor fooler" is too inexact for my engineer mind to grasp, I guess.   Can we move on to Fuel Injection now? That's all I wanted to whine about...   --Tom Detweiler in Grass Valley CA"   Tom, You would be amazed at how many people are still using carburetors, particularly as our technology makes them compete very well against fuel-injection systems for performance, fuel-mileage and low pollution.   Further, most of my customers still drive older carbureted vehicles for various reasons, so supporting them is wise for me.   Even so, I do realize that fuel injection systems need help too and have developed several enhancements for them. First, you need to install an EFIE, so combustion enhancement technology will work. Then you can install the HyZor and/or Water Injection and/or the HyCO 2A system.   For more info, see: http://www.eagle-research.com/FAQ/FS/fsfaq.php  


    October/2002 will feature Gravity Power  


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