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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: Extreme Mileage Fuel Saver news Free Energy Comments Brown's Gas news Reader Comments Coming Up   Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead -  
  WHAT'S NEW (top)   We have skipped a few issues of this newsletter. We are extremely busy on several time sensitive projects, including writing books and Brown's Gas related business.   I know you look forward to the newsletter, I like writing it. I apologize for not being consistent. Please forgive the missed issues. Be assured that it is because a lot is happening 'behind the scenes'.   The Eagle-Research Chats are still postponed. We are just too busy to properly prepare and support them at this time.  

We are experimenting with an 'Energy Club' which meets at the Eagle-Research Lab on scheduled Saturdays. The idea is to have volunteer people working on Eagle-Research projects; with George Wiseman mentoring and Eagle-Research partially funding the parts (depending on the project).

  The volunteers build one project for themselves and one for Eagle-Research, E-R getting the choice once both are finished. This will help projects that have been starved for time to get finished to commercial product status.   This allows people who want to be 'trained' in Eagle-Research technology a way to do it. Some of these people wish to become installers of fuel-savers.   Our published literature usually lags behind our 'state-of-art' because our various technologies are always developing. This 'Energy Club' allows people to work on the leading edge of the technology with Eagle-Research.   Another of our 'Alternative Energy' peers has died. Bill Muller was living in Penticton, BC. He did a lot of experimenting with innovative electric motor and generator designs. A visit to his workshop was always a thrill.   We offer 2 hour Brown's Gas 'Mini-Demos' in our Shop/Lab in Penticton, BC. See our 'More News' to learn the dates. They are free but pre-registration IS required.  


Issue Feature: EXTREME MILEAGE (top)
  Previous Newsletter discussing Extreme Mileage: www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2001/2001_10.php   In the mid-1980s we proved (to ourselves) that Extreme Mileage is possible. Since that time I've been promising to write a book explaining the principles and techniques that we used.   We finally completed the book called 'Extreme Mileage 101'. This completion is made possible by the organizing and editing efforts of my wonderful wife, Tenaj.   'Extreme Mileage, 101' reveals strategically suppressed data collected from associated industries, trades and professions. We show how it's possible to get greater than 200 MPG while increasing performance, extending engine life and lowering harmful emissions … to nearly zero.  

  You need to forgive mechanics because they were not taught that such technology was possible! The 'keys' to extreme mileage have been purged from all mechanics courses decades ago and some information was never taught to them; so even the mechanics teachers do not know the full truth.   Mechanics are taught to fix what exists, not to improve upon it. So they aren't taught (and usually don't want to know) organic chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, ect.   It's bad enough that information has been purged but mechanics are not even taught to use the information they ARE given. I know this because I'm a mechanic and I've communicated with thousands of mechanics. 'Extreme Mileage, 101' takes information that IS in mechanics textbooks and shows you how to use it to prove that mechanics are not taught the full truth.   'Extreme Mileage, 101' is an introduction to the mind-opening information that quite clearly shows WHY we could and should be getting over 200 miles per gallon in our full sized four door vehicles.   The information presented in 'Extreme Mileage, 101' is the beginning of a 'training course' that starts with our established literature and will continue to be developed in future literature.   'Extreme Mileage, 101' concentrates on information and techniques that apply directly to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Application of these techniques to external combustion will be covered in other literature.   The information in this book is 'known' to industry on a 'need to know' basis. So a chemist in a petroleum refining plant will know how to split hydrocarbon chains but he is not taught how that affects combustion efficiency. And an automotive mechanic is not taught how petroleum is cracked and why cracking would help fuel mileage.   Each occupation is taught only what they need to know to maintain the industry in its current paradigm. This paradigm has been maintained since the early 1900s. The techniques to maintain it are so subtle that it would be easy to 'explain' it away, except that the 'blatant' actions of suppression finally bring it all to light.   We've spent decades learning this information contained in 'Extreme Mileage, 101', so that we can now tell you that it has been possible to achieve greater than 200 mpg (in a 2,000 lb. automobile) since (at least) the 1930s.   First, we present evidence that >200 mpg is possible, has been done and some thoughts on why it isn't being applied. Second, we outline the combustion process and factors needed to maximize efficiency. Third, we discuss design considerations for engine-drivetrains that would achieve over 200 mpg in a full size, four door passenger vehicle.   We also include our history of how we achieved over 200 mpg in a 1973 GMC 1/2 ton pickup with an unmodified 292 ci engine.   And finally, we mention some solutions we've worked out to modify the vehicle you own now. Actual plans for these solutions are detailed in other Eagle-Research books/Manuals.   We have decades of training, research and experience to back our statements up. We've made a good living selling fuel saving technology and teaching people how to go farther on a tank of fuel. We have helped over 70,000 people cut their driving costs. We have also helped people make their own profitable businesses.   Our purpose in writing this book is to assist researchers to come up with solutions even better than what we've accomplished. This can only be done by working with correct information.   How To Buy 'Extreme Mileage, 101'   'Extreme Mileage, 101' release date is March 4/ 2004 (retail $24). You can get a 10% 'newsletter' discount by entering the Referral ID code EM1-204 on our order form. http://www.eagle-research.com/store/   =====================================================

  Next Stage Of Fuel Saver Technology On The Honda:   We have had the engine rebuilt, it was time (after 290,000 Km). We are having it done by Honda themselves to make sure the engine is OEM standard. Since this is simply to establish credibility for experimental documentation, we will not include these costs in the 'normal' time and costs for the project.   We will reestablish a baseline mileage once the rebuild is complete; then turn on the 'enhancements' to determine gains. Then we will continue installing the Carburetor Enhancer, with electronic upgrade, and the HyZor system.    Note: As we've been driving with the rpm version of the deceleration shutoff, we've discovered one problem. When using the MSD rpm switch, the contacts for the adjustment module became slightly corroded. This caused the switch to send out 'false high' rpm signal when the engine was idling, causing fuel to shut off. We cleaned the probes and everything was fine. We feel the probes should be treated with an anticorrosion fluid, like 'Fluid-film'.   We have now started a page to show pictures and schematics of the upgrade. www.eagle-research.com/fuelsav/83honda/83honda.php   Total time invested to date: 10 hours Total money invested to date: actual cost $270 (least cost = $150) Technology installed: fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum gauge, automatic fuel shutoff circuit with manual bypass. EPA highway mileage (US gallon) 34 mpg, current mileage 40 mpg.  


  Dear Readers,   I have been invited to speak at the following Conference. I am declining this time because of pressing commitments. We are arranging for the ER1200 WaterTorches and Brown's Gas to be represented.   Institute for New Energy and TeslaTech Alt. Energy Conference on July 29-August 1, 2004 in Salt Lake City, UT.   http://www.greaterthings.com/News/FreeEnergy/Directory/  
Here is progress on innovative wind power http://www.windcrank.com/  
Warning on climate change:   http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1521&e=2&u=/afp/britain_us_environment  
comments or remarks, anyone?   http://www.paranoiamagazine.com/   http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/Home.php  
From: Alternative Energy Institute, Editor@altenergy.org
For a group of geography students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a class project has morphed into a Web presence. Students at the college are examining the connections between the Iraq War and the energy polices of the United States and the world community. The recent conflict in Iraq has focused their attention on global environmental issues in several ways. Years of war have crushed the Iraqi economy and generated a water crisis for the country's 23 million residents. The countryside is littered with spent munitions, depleted uranium metal, oil spills and possible biochemical contamination. Wars are increasingly fought over natural resources such as petroleum to feed industrial civilization's unquenchable thirst for energy. Despite many renewable energy options available, our national and global society is still wedded to fossil fuels, a source of energy that is both finite and environmentally destructive. This school-sponsored website covers the gamut of energy sources in an easy to read text loaded with links.    


  Dear readers,   We are hosting the next Major Brown's Gas Event in Penticton, BC on October 15-16, 2004. Note that the advance registration discount ends on June 24, 2004. Find out more !!! http://www.watertorch.com/news/news1.php  

Learn about practical applications that can make money for you. Brown's Gas is an industry changing technology that's time has truly come, mostly due to the innovations implemented by Eagle-Research. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent literally Billions of income potential.

  Learn how you can join the team that is already out in the marketplace, making money and having fun, go to: www.watertorch.com   The ER1200 WaterTorch is an absolutely 'Basic' machine. No bells and whistles, just low cost and high quality. Exactly what it takes to efficiently, reliably and safely produce 1200 liters per hour of Brown's Gas. (see more)   For the last two years, we have now sold ER1200 WaterTorches around the world, the list of countries is impressive. Awesomely, all our customers are very happy, particularly if they'd had experience with BG machines made by some 'other' manufacturers. Our machines significantly outperform the competition in every way and our customer service is worldclass.   As our customers have been using the ER1200 WaterTorches, they have been giving us feedback.   First, sharing the results of their experimentation in many applications, which has been very impressive and we will discuss in future issues. The information is so fantastic that it needs to be independently verified before we can openly talk about it.   Second, machine enhancements that they would like to have to make the ER1200 even more impressive. We are in the process of developing several options that will make the ER1200 Watertorches even more 'user-friendly' in specific applications. I will report on these options in a future newsletter.  
  We are working hard to keep the retail price of the ER1200 Watertorches at $3700. Increases in production volumes has helped us, but due to recent substantial rises in the cost of both materials and labor, we may have to increase the price to $3700.   I'm giving you, our newsletter readers, the heads up on this potential price increase so that, if you were considering ordering, you can do so now. We are going to hold the $3700 price on the next 25 machines. After that, if the production costs have not dropped, we must raise the price.   I was at first concerned about the incredible rise in materials costs because that historically means a country is going to war. Then I realized that the USA did go to war, is still 'at war' and is now using huge amounts of resources to rebuild Iraq.  


  > Good Day George Wiseman, I have enjoyed your fuel saving manuals and >newsletters from www.eagle-research.com. I don't know if you have seen >this 15 minute video of the vehicle that runs on tap water and salt, but I >have not heard any mention of it in your newsletters and thought you would >be very interested. It takes a while to download with dial-up, but well >worth it and pretty good quality.   >http://www.mysticfamilycircus.com/Pages/Community/Projects/h2oh29MB.mov   >Daniel Dingle (the inventor) seems very idealistic and sincere. I hope >his technology gets implemented soon. He says he has worked on this since > 1968. From what I have found, he started fixing car batteries, like you >teach in your "battery charger" manual, and saw the electrolysis taking >place. He went on from there. I hope you enjoy this and some other video >links at the end of this. Maybe he could be encouraged to take your 'patent >free' stance- just hate to see vested-intrests curbing this technology in any >way. This contact info was found on a german site: >Private number: 0063/2/8054436 >Office: 0063-2-7880767 >dddingle@yahoo.com >God Bless!! Romans 10:9-10 !In Christ,Brian German >http://www.freie-energie.net/index/dingel_reaktor/dingle_2000_movie.WMV >http://www.wasserauto.de/video/Wasserauto_Philippinen.wmv >http://www.wasserauto.de/video/WasserautoMeyer1.mpg >http://www.wasserauto.de/video/WasserautoMeyer2.mpg >http://home.nexgo.de/weltgeschichte/watercar1.asf >http://home.nexgo.de/weltgeschichte/watercar2.asf  


  August/2004 will feature Gravity Wheels  


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