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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: Brown's Gas Fuel Saver news Free Energy Comments Brown's Gas news Reader Comments Coming Up   Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead -  
  WHAT'S NEW (top)

• The BG opportunity Package is ready! More below.

  • We are now ready to accept proposals from people who wish to manufacture ER1200 WaterTorches. More below.  


Issue Feature: BROWN'S GAS (top)
First three steps to Become a WTC Distributor   • Fill Out The Nondisclosure. and FAX or mail it to us. Without the Nondisclosure, sensitive information will not be available to you. http://www.watertorch.com/membersonly/nodisclose.php   • Educate Yourself.   • Read the websites Eagle-Research.com and WaterTorch.com   • Buy the BG Opportunity Package. It will give you the basics to understand the many ways to make money with Brown's Gas and why this is a technology that everyone will want.   • Research Brown's Gas online to see how our technology compares with our competition. Remember (when looking at all the applications on our competitor's sites) that all Brown's Gas machines produce the same gas (regardless of what they name it) and whatever one can do, they all can do.   We answer customer questions of practicality by providing superior initial price, customer service and machine reliability. Machine size, weight, efficiency, noise level and serviceability are also important practical considerations to compare.   The question of how our distributors make money is answered by building safe, reliable and inexpensive machines; finding practical applications of the gas; designing machines that make it easy to apply BG to those applications; and developing the literature to teach people why they must have Brown's Gas.   Filling market demand is also dependent on being able to manufacture the machines to fill the market demand. We can now train manufacturers and service technicians around the world.   • Attend The 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas Event.   We recommend that anyone wanting to make money with Brown's Gas (as a distributor or not) should attend. There you will learn the latest (and currently top secret) details of our marketing plan.  
How To Make Money With Brown's Gas
During our upcoming 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas Event we will:   • Present several ways to make money with Brown's Gas.   Brown's Gas is a world changing technology that's time has finally come, mostly due to the innovations implemented by Eagle-Research. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent literally billions of dollars potential income.   • Show practical enhancements for our ER1200 WaterTorches that make the ER1200 WaterTorches even more 'user-friendly' in specific applications.   • Reveal exciting technology that allows Brown's Gas to be used in EVERY home. This information is being kept top secret until the event, to allow our current and new distributors the maximum time to make money on these opportunities.   Eagle-Research 'Leader of the Pack' Brown's Gas Conference FRI MAY 13 & SAT MAY 14 2005 - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada   AGENDA PREVIEW: Get the scoop on the big $$$; See new Brown's Gas Product releases; See a WaterTorch™ being built; Get hands-on watertorch™ experience; ... plus ... an array of totally exciting 'top secret' information that will be revealed only at the event.   For 'Leader of the Pack' Meeting Details Go to: http://www.watertorch.com/news/news1.php http://www.watertorch.com/news/events/PBCform.php   Fill out the event registration form and FAX it to us. Seating is limited seating, seats are guaranteed as they are paid for. The early registration fee ($115) is available until March 30/05. Contact us if you have any further questions.  
Manufacturing WaterTorches   WaterTorch Collective Ltd. is accepting proposals from potential manufacturer/retailers. Proposals submitted by May 2/05 and interviewing applicants at/after our May Event. Proposals submitted after May 2/05 will be considered secondary and as time permits.   Now that we have developed the manufacturing of the WaterTorches to a practical stage; we want to pass the technology package onto people who can both seriously mass produce it AND take it to market. We are looking for at least one such manufacturer/retailer in each country.   We expect any proposal to include a significant upfront 'technology' deposit and then a royalty per machine manufactured. We also expect an outline of a marketing plan.   Successful contracts will get full training, specific access to our expertise, ongoing 'upgrade' innovations, serial numbers plates, specialized components, tie in to WTC marketing and our authorization to mass manufacture the ER1200 WaterTorches.  


     Next stage Of Fuel Saver Technology On The Honda:   We have reestablished the baseline mileage since we rebuilt the engine. It is the same as before. We have now installed the HyZor system and are going to install the Carburetor Enhancer, with electronic upgrade.   We don't yet have pictures uploaded for the HyZor installation. By next newsletter we should be able to report the mileage gains made by the HyZor.   Pictures and schematics of the upgrade are located at: www.eagle-research.com/fuelsav/83honda/83honda.php   Total time invested to date: 10 hours Total money invested to date: actual cost $270 (least cost = $150) Technology installed: fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum gauge, automatic fuel shutoff circuit with manual bypass. EPA highway mileage (US gallon) 34 mpg, current mileage 40 mpg.   See archived newsletters for previous stages.
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Dear Readers,

  Today's energy problems will continue to get worse until there are real practical solutions.   It really doesn't matter that I believe that free energy technology has been suppressed.   It doesn't matter that I think there will be real energy shortages.   It also doesn't matter that I think that 'artificial' energy shortages will be orchestrated by the energy monopolies at they use 'facts' of 'peak oil' to make profits.   What matters is that there are no 'off the shelf' practical technologies that will 'save us' all from the coming energy shortages. Even small shortages (real or artificial) will affect every aspect of our lives.   What matters is that only those people who independently wean themselves from 'public' energy sources will be able to maintain a secure comfort level.   I advise everyone to explore the energy conservation and alternative, independent energy sources available NOW; getting your systems in place before the energy shortages make changes difficult and more costly. Homepower.com and realgoods.com are excellent places to start.   We are developing alternative solutions as quickly as we can. We do not have answers to help everyone. At the moment, we can only help people who are capable of building projects themselves, have skilled friends or can afford to hire skilled help.   Our 'interim' solutions start with our fuel savers; which I believe to be the most practical on the planet. Vehicles are the largest energy consumers in most people's lives, followed by heating/cooling their home and then general electrical applications.   People who applied our fuel saving technology (since 1984) are saving thousands of dollars. This means they do not need to make as much money to maintain their standard of living or they can spend the savings on investments that further enhance their lives.   Spinoffs to our alternative energy research, like the 'Reverse Your Electric Meter' technique are helping make off-the-shelf energy gathering alternatives such as wind, solar, hydro, waste fuel and biofuel technologies practical for more homeowners; because they can use the Electric Grid like an unlimited battery, even get paid for excess power.   Our HEAT technology research is on the verge of developing two methods of generating home electricity using ambient (environmental) heat. We will develop that technology next.   What really matters is that we cannot depend on 'vested interest' to provide energy solutions that are against their profits. We need to help each other develop solutions independently of the energy monopolies; then present the solutions directly to the public, bypassing suppression and literally bringing Power to the People.   By 'investing' in our books, you help us complete the research that will help yourself and this entire planet. You also insure that if for some reason we 'disappear', the research to date is out in the public domain.  


  A customer recently sent us a copy of an article where the company H2O 2000 demonstrated their electrolyzer to a group of welders. They are now calling the gas "Klien's Gas"; I assume to get away from association with the name 'Brown's Gas' and the clear lead we have in the technology.  
ER1200 WaterTorch™ INVENTORY
We are now manufacturing enough WaterTorches to meet the present demand and (as this is written) we actually have inventory (It feels very good).   Since we announced the availability of the ER1200 WaterTorch (in 2002), we have nearly always had a 2 to 8 week 'queue' as they were coming off our assembly line.   Our years of manufacturing various WaterTorches (since 1996), and having them used by 'new' owners in many countries, has given us huge experience, not only to build simple, safe and 'user-friendly' machines but to design extreme efficiency, reliability and safety at half the price of our competition.   Further, we been able to support every single one of our customers, literally worldwide. This has actually been easy because of the extreme reliability of our machines.   An interesting fact is that we've been selling ER1200 WaterTorches literally around the world since 2002 and we have yet to advertise anywhere. All we've done to date is put up the website/s and let our past customers know that we were selling WaterTorches. Simple 'word of mouth' has been selling WaterTorches as fast as we could make them.   Now that we have manufacturing set up and technicians trained, we will start to advertise. We expect to sell a huge number of these machines because:   • We have developed a list of applications for which Brown's Gas is clearly superior to 'traditional' alternatives. Helping people save time and money while producing a superior product.   • We have experience with helping people make the conversion from their current fuel gas to Brown's Gas. Mostly this is a matter of convincing them to try it.   • We see potential markets that are not being addressed by any other BG manufacturer. Brown's Gas has applications that other industrial gasses simply cannot do.   • Our machines have proven reliability in actual use worldwide.    
  Due to world events, materials costs have continued to rise dramatically, so the price WILL be increasing to $3700 in the next run of watertorches.   I'm giving you, our newsletter readers, the heads up on this price increase so that, if you were considering ordering, you can (and should) do so now.  


  >Hi George: >Saw your latest newsletter. Keep up the good work.   Thank you :)   >BTW, if you need some electronics assistance with things like circuit board >designs, etc. please let me know.   I appreciate the offer.   >...so with this knowledge we may be able to take your FEA to the next step.   The problem is time to do the project.   >And I know it scares people as I have shown my own FEA design >(modified to reflect more what Tesla did) on paper to a few people in the >electrical industry and here are some of their comments: > >a. "This could wreck the electrical economy." Yeah, but not MY economy   Studies have shown that 'free energy' would enhance the economy. We need more power if we are to continue to grow. We also need to seriously cut back on our use of carbon-based fuels, particularly non-renewables.   Note the power blackout on the North America eastern area.   Power stations have been depending on the 'grid' not only for excess demand, but for normal demand too; instead of increasing generating capacity as their local customers continued to draw more and more power. Depending on the grid was a lot cheaper than putting in more or larger generators. This is a great idea except that ALL the generation stations were doing it, so eventually, there was not enough 'excess' power to supply when one generation station went down at a peak time. This is an inherent weakness in the grid.   The grid IS a great idea. I think an enhancement would be to create many smaller powerplants in neighborhoods or homes so that people could produce their own power, lowering their draw from the grid and/or feeding excess to the grid. Our book 'Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally' shows how this could be accomplished.   >b. "Is this really practical?" I need to do some more experiments with >respect to tuning frequencies, heights, distances, etc. >c. "What would the utilities do?" Hopefully shit a brick out sideways. I >would love to send all my utilities a letter telling them to take their >meters off the wall of my house and to cease and desist. Electrical >de-regulation in Alberta is a nightmare for the average homeowner as my last >bill came out as 16.8 cents/kWh of electricity (18 cents with GST added)!!! >d. "Why would you do this? It seems impractical." I am doing this because I >really want to give the utilities some honest competition and get true >de-regulation going. To me true de-regulation means giving the consumer a >choice in the matter. > >So we are onto something. Here are some reasons for making FEA's: > >a. Power available anywhere >b. No expensive solar panels to play with >c. No towers for wind farms required >d. No access to water required >e. No harm to the environment >f. You can then do everything with electricity - heating (I have a very >cheap electric furnace and a water heater design that can replace my gas >furnace and water heater but leave all the ducting and pipes intact), >cooking, lights, making water, processing sewage, etc. > >Let me know what you think.   I think you have caught the dream. Please do stay in touch.   > Have a great day!!!   You too   >Gerry Shand, P. Eng.  


  June/2005 will feature Water as Fuel  


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