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  WHAT'S NEW Issue Feature: Water as Fuel Fuel Saver news Free Energy Comments Brown's Gas news Reader Comments Coming Up   Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

– Margaret Mead-

WHAT'S NEW (top)
• The Penticton Energy Club has helped get two products ready for release (details below).  
• We have completed an extraordinary Brown's Gas event that has launched Brown's Gas to the next level (details below) 


Issue Feature: WATER AS FUEL (top)   ER has have a series of books that help people understand why water can be used as a fuel and (for some applications) exactly how to do it.  

• 'Super Gas Saver Secrets' has a section that gives an introduction to Water Injection as liquid, vapor and steam.  
• 'Water as Fuel, Book 1' introduces a dozen different Water as Fuel technologies that have been developing over the last century.  
• 'Water Injection' details 'how-to' inject liquid water into engines to replace a portion of the fuel. When applied with a HyZor, larger gains can be expected because the Brown's Gas helps more of the water 'burn' to produce power.  
• 'HyZor Technology' details 'how-to' apply electrolyzer (splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, ['Brown's Gas']) technology, specifically for use in vehicles.   There have been many similar technologies in the past which have been proven to work well, despite the fact that combustion experts are still undecided why it works. see: http://www.aermb.com/Roy%20McAlister.htm  
We've researched the technology for years and have developed a theory as to WHY it works. I'll keep the explanation as brief and simple as possible. - It is heat energy that is converted to mechanical energy for engine power.  
- Fuel has a certain heat potential (Btu) when burned (combusted).  
- Gross Btu (total heat energy available) is absolutely fixed by chemistry.   - Fuel molecules need to be broken apart into elements (carbon and hydrogen) before they can recombine (combust with oxygen) into carbon dioxide and water.  
- After initial ignition energy, a portion of the heat generated by combustion is used to continue breaking the fuel molecules apart (self-propagation heat). This combustion energy input is called endothermic energy.  
- Net Btu (the heat available to power your engine) is NOT fixed. The ER, 'Extreme Mileage, 101' book, outlines several ways to increase net Btu. Excess heat of combustion is called exothermic energy.  
- One way to increase net Btu (exothermic energy) is to use a catalyst to lower the endothermic energy needed to break the fuel molecule's atomic bonds. There are several catalysts that can do this. One of them is Brown's Gas.   - Example: If your fuel has 100 Btu of gross potential heat and it uses 40 Btu to self-propagate, you then have 60 Btu to power your engine.  
- If you used a catalyst, the fuel would then need only 20 Btu for self-propagation. You'd get 80 Btu to power your engine, thereby increasing power and mileage.   Theory and fact agree. Onboard electrolyzer technology has been proven, by independent testing, to work. Now... to make a marketable product.   Over the decades of our research, ER has seen several companies try to market onboard electrolyzers. There are several reasons they didn't make it: Cost, marketing, efficiency, installation skills/knowledge required, technology application issues not addressed, customer support lacking, ...   We have developed the world's most practical onboard electrolyzer system. Besides fuel savings, it helps clean the carbon out of your engine, increases torque, reduces pollution and increases the oxygen content in the exhaust.  

• It is simple to install and requires only minimal tools and skills to do so. We had a young woman, who only recently learned how to change a tire, completely install her own EFIE and HyZor system on her '97 Mazda Protégé. So far, she is reporting mileage increase of 25%+ highway and 50%+ city).  

• It is extremely efficient, taking advantage of the most practical Brown's Gas technology on the planet. Example: the HyZor circuit controls amperage with 'state-of-the-art', highly efficient hall-effect technology.   It is vital to keep the HyZor system efficiency high to maximize gains, because you are using about 6 watts of fuel to create the electricity to make 1 watt of Brown's Gas. That one watt of Brown's Gas needs to increase your over-all combustion efficiency by more than 6 watts to realize gain. 'Others' technology is uses up to 10 watts of fuel to make 1 watt of Brown's Gas. They will not get as high a gain.  

• ER has addressed technology issues that others don't even know about. Like developing the EFIE so that combustion enhancement technology can work on modern computerized fuel injected engines.   The ER HyZor electronic circuit is designed to: - Interface with all 12 volt vehicle electrical systems

- Interface seamlessly with other Eagle-Research projects like water injection, deceleration fuel shutoff, power booster, ECE, ED, etc.

• Shut off if the engine is not actually running (safety).  
• Shut off if the HyZor water level is too low.  
• We've made the HyZor in a size and shape that can be mounted in nearly any vehicle.  
• We've been in the fuel saver business since 1984. We've helped nearly 100000 customers achieve greater mileage. We literally wrote the book on the HyZor technology!   We know that kits really help people actually implement our projects. We are proud to present the HyZor Kit as the latest in a line of the most practical fuel saving technology on the planet.   Previous Eagle-Research newsletters discussing Water as Fuel:

www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2000/2000_12.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2002/2002_10.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2003/2003_08.php www.eagle-research.com/newsletter/archive/2004/2004_08.php 


The HyZor Kit was presented during our Brown's Gas Heaven' Event in May. Our 3 vehicles were on display so that attendees could see how simple it is to install. There were almost 50 event attendees and they bought over 50 HyZor kits!   The basic HyZor Kit is now being offered to YOU, our eNews subscribers, at a limited time, introductory prerelease rate of $398 USD until September 08/05.   We are not yet offering the HyZor Kit to the general public, so it is not on our order form. You will need to order via: email to: < > Subject: HyZor (basic) Kit FAX to: 250-492-7480 or postal mail to: Eagle-Research, c/o Betta's Services, 1306 Main Street, Oroville, WA, 98844   Include a payment method for 50% deposit ($199) to put you on the queue, your shipping address (so we can send you the Kit) and email address so that we can quickly contact you in case we need to clear up any details. Orders with missing or incorrect information will not be processed. This referral code will qualify you for the eNews special price; HZ0605.   These HyZor Kits are scheduled to start shipping on September 26/05. The Kits will be shipped out in order of the queue. Buy as many of the HyZor Kits at this price, as you wish, until September 8/05. After that, they will retail for $418. (less than 1/2 the price of the obsolete technology competition).    The HyZor Kit comes with all the parts to assemble the container (it glues together) and the circuit board (solder on components). You will need to spend an additional $10-$20 on parts like solder, glue, wire and hose.   Carbureted vehicles need a basic Carburetor Enhancer kit, as well.   If your vehicle has oxygen sensors, you will need an EFIE on each oxygen sensor that is located BEFORE the catalytic converter.   Carburetor Enhancer Manuals/kits and EFIE devices can be ordered from ER: www.eagle-research.com/store/ 

Next Stage Of Fuel Saver Technology On The Honda:   We're still in the process of building a Carburetor Enhancer, with electronic upgrade, for the Honda. The HyZor is now installed and performance data is being collected.   Pictures and schematics of the upgrade so far.
Total time invested to date: 15 hours Total money invested to date: actual cost $430 (least cost = $150) Technology installed: fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum gauge, automatic fuel shutoff circuit with manual bypass, HyZor with manual shutoff. EPA highway mileage (US gallon) 34 mpg, current mileage 44.6 mpg. 



Dear Readers,  It is time to pay attention.   This is far more important than the Y2K bug because this matter is poised to collapse civilization as we know it.   This issue is also one that won't happen on any particular day, it is progressing every day and will gradually choke millions of people (living in FIRST world countries) to an extremely low standard of living.

There is still time to mitigate the effects to you and your loved ones. The time to prepare is NOW.   The issue is ENERGY. Don't take it lightly. Look around and pay attention. EVERYTHING we take for granted takes energy to make and operate. Our civilization (with it's associated standard of living) cannot exist without huge volumes of easily acquired and inexpensive energy.   To put it in perspective: "one person power (PP) is 0.25 hp = 186 watts = 635 Btu/hr. If we paid people $5/hr to produce the energy available in one barrel of oil, we would pay $45,000... The average American uses 8000 pounds of oil, 4700 pounds of natural gas, 5150 pounds of coal and 1/10 pound of uranium each year." 'The Hydrogen Economy' by Jeremy Rifkin.   We live in a time of 'bloom'. In nature there is occasionally a situation when an organism will have a huge food (easily available energy) supply and no environmental limits to reproduction. Typically they bloom, constantly growing until they use up the energy supply, usually polluting their environment as they do it. Once the energy runs out, they die.   We are blooming but, unlike most other organisms, we also have the ability to regulate ourselves.   The Y2K bug ended up as not a big deal because the people who owned the computer systems (collectively) invested billions of dollars to prevent an easily seen and preventable disaster. Unaddressed, Y2K would have cost all of us (collectively) trillions of dollars in damages.   The energy issue is staggering in its size, so big that most people ignore it because they can't even conceive of what they can do to change it. They go on with their lives, ignoring the dwindling supply of the energy that keeps the lights on, home warm and food available.   I hope I am a good enough writer to open your eyes to the impending disaster that is going to affect our lives in the next couple of decades. It's started already and is growing to completely change everything we now 'know'.   One thing is absolutely certain. For many reasons, the world as we know it is going to seriously change. Since the 'powers that be' are unwilling to mediate the change (the last hope was Jimmy Carter), your path through this will very much depend on your personal choices, specifically making yourself as energy independent as possible.   I hope you'll feel a bit of panic because you'll need it to keep you motivated when everything around you seems normal and people are telling you that you are paranoid.   Some Quick Energy Facts (out of hundreds) are:  

• The USA now imports over 50% of its oil. It has become increasingly dependent on international sources of oil and has proven that it will take military action to acquire and sustain oil supply.  

• China and India are becoming 'first world' energy gobbling civilizations. Their nearly explosive growth is causing a worldwide strain on all resources. They are also competing with the USA for oil. This presents global war scenarios. Note that 'modern' war uses huge amounts of energy.  
• 'Peak Oil' is predicted to happen in Fall of 2005. That is THIS year. So far, advances in oil finding, drilling and recovery technology has held off Peak Oil. Now, with a large percentage of the planet wanting a higher energy standard of living, the use of oil is outpacing supply.   We can expect technology to continue to mitigate the immediate consequences of Peak Oil and we can expect that as fuel prices rise (due to demand), that previously unviable sources will be tapped. We will also continue to develop more efficient ways to use the energy available.   However, in the next 10 years energy demand is expected to at least double and there simply aren't the resources to fill the demand. Thus, we are all going to feel the consequences of energy limits.
• There are NO viable alternatives to oil as an energy source. All the alternatives combined, including nuclear, cannot cover but a small fraction of the energy provided by oil.   Energy alternatives take energy to develop. As oil supplies diminish, the cost to produce energy alternatives will increase. We shouldn't expect energy alternatives to become significantly more viable as the oil price rises; because their cost rises too.  
• Worldwide oil transportation is seriously fragile. There are long unguarded pipelines (and many more proposed). Huge ships travel specific routes through areas of terrorist activity. Like our unprotected power grid, oil supply is fragile, easily 'broken' with low 'terrorist' investment. You need to prepare for the results of such potential disruption.   'Protecting' the energy transportation is unviable because it would take more energy than is being transported.   A 5% shortage of oil is calculated to bring back '70's style gasoline lines. This time, the oil shortage,will be permanent.
• A small reduction in oil supply will seriously affect our economy. Example: We already have truckers that must choose between routine maintenance on their trucks or putting fuel in the tank. Since nearly everyone will put fuel in the tank (to keep making money) this choice reduces the life expectancy of the truck AND makes a safety issue.   The only solution is to raise the cost of all goods and services as the price of fuel goes up. It took 50 years for fuel cost to double, then 25, and now it has doubled again in the last 10 years. The price was already rising faster and faster. We've now reached Peak Oil. Our cost of living is about to spiral upward.   The effects of diminishing oil availability will happen slowly at first, then increase in intensity. This next (very few) years is our last chance to use 'cheap' fuel to implement personal energy alternatives.   I feel it is our individual responsibility to strive for energy independence, to help ourselves and to be an example for others. My advise is to examine how you can become energy independent NOW. Then plan and implement steps to actually becoming energy independent.   Obviously, my first advise is to structure your life to:  

• Use less energy. Review your life and identify the things you can change to eliminate excess use of energy and then to make the energy you do use as efficient as possible.  

• Become independent of 'public' energy. I know this is not easily done and I wish that I could personally help you all. We have a good team here that is working very hard to come up with viable solutions to help you; but you'll need to do the work yourself.   I highly recommend realgoods.com. They constantly do the work of finding energy efficient solutions for you, put them on their website and print them in the 'Alternative Energy Sourcebook' along with a complete course (with forms) to help you do your personal energy audit. 

For your home, I recommend 'The Renewable Energy Handbook for Homeowners' by William H. Kemp. ISBN 0-9733233-0-2  

For your vehicles, I recommend Eagle-Research technology. I do think it is the most practical on the planet. Some people who applied our technology 10 years ago have saved many thousands of dollars in fuel.   Paying attention now will save you a lot of expense and trouble in the future. As is said 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. 



'Brown's Gas Heaven' (May/05 Event) was inspiring for the Eagle/WTC team and the people who came from around the world.   Attendees received confidential update on the progress we've made in the promotion of Brown's Gas, commercially.   They got to see and put hands on both our current product (WaterTorches) and two of our future products, the HyZor (basic) Kit and a mini-BG machine (the ER50). The market potential of these two products wowed the attendees.  

The HyZor is applicable to every vehicle, carbureted and fuel injected. It is applicable to every carbon-fuel, like methane, propane, gasoline and diesel.   The ER50 is specifically designed to be used in home health applications, although it will (with options) also provide gas for a mini-torch.   Disclaimer: I cannot give any medical advise or I'd be 'practicing' medicine without a license. I'm reporting 'rumors'. Experiment at your own risk.   I am a very embarrassed man. When I first heard about using Brown's Gas to help bodies heal themselves I laughed.   Since we've been selling machines around the world, customers have been experimenting with the gas and reporting back with testimonials that are... incredible.   Talk of wounds healing far faster than 'normal'. Carpal tunnel syndrome completely gone in one treatment. Fast weight loss. Eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome and much, much more.   There are two methods currently being used.  

• Drink nothing but pure water (deionized or distilled) that has been 'hydrogenated' by bubbling Brown's Gas through it. About 5 minutes bubbling per liter of water using a BG gas rate of 30 liters per hour. This water seems to be 'super-hydrating'.   When we are dehydrated (today most people are chronically dehydrated) the body will take whatever measures it can to maintain body moisture, including shutting down organs. Research is showing that most of the disease we face today is nothing more than symptoms and results of chronic dehydration.   The drug companies do NOT want you to know this. They would rather sell you pain killers, antihistamines, antacids, and a multitude of other drugs designed to mask the symptoms of dehydration.  

There are many oxygen therapies and there is now an established belief that oxygenated water is good for human health. Certainly, oxygen has been proven to reduce or eliminate some pathogens in water.   We are (by weight) mostly oxygen and oxygen is needed by nearly every chemical process in our bodies. As much as we need it, oxygen is also a poison that can kill us if the mechanisms in our bodies don't control it. Free oxygen, known as free radicals, cause huge damage inside our bodies.   There now seems to be some evidence that 'hydrogenated' water is much more 'healthful' than oxygenated water. It seems that most of body ills and aging are either caused by or predisposed by a lack of hydrogen in our bodies. 

We are (by volume) mostly made of hydrogen. Hydrogen is essential in nearly every chemical reaction in our bodies. It helps maintain cell vitality and absorbs free radicals before then can do much damage.   Everyone should be drinking at least 2 liters (quarts) of water per day to maintain hydration, more if under stress, pregnant, outdoors, etc. Most liquids that we drink today, even some water, are 'dehydrating'. Impurities in the water could be taking more hydrogen from the body than the water is giving back. This causes the body to become chronically 'dehydrated'.   Brown's Gas is a mixture of energized hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor.  
Topically applied, BG hydrogenated water has been promoting the healing of wounds, infections and (we hear) skin cancer. People have been using cotton balls to hold the water and plastic bottle caps to hold the cotton and to keep the cotton from drying out. Change the dressings frequently, as intuition guides you. (Remember I'm not making claims or prescribing, just reporting and commenting).   Internally applied, this water should 'hydrate' the body like nothing else on earth. Seeming to enhance all body functions. I've now drank it for a year but I've promised my very smart lady I won't tell you of the benefits I feel I've gained. She points out that it will sound to good to be true and we must have independent verification or I will lose credibility.  

• The second application method is to apply the gas directly on the skin. Example: to treat hands, a technique is to put on rubber gloves and feed the gas into the glove.   You do not need much pressure or gas volume. Imagination is needed to make apparatus for other parts of the body, like suction cups or such. I've heard of full body suits, like dry suits. Maybe even a huge plastic bag.  

IMPORTANT:   Brown's Gas is an explosive mixture, you must have NO ignition sources - even static electricity can ignite Brown's Gas.   Direct gas application is being used for carpal tunnel, muscle cramps, arthritis, gout etc. A 'retired' chiropractor in Washington State, has been doing credible research on this application for over 4 years. His patients now insist on having Brown's Gas as a part of their treatment.   I think this works because the hydrogen in the Brown's Gas can go right through the skin, into the bloodstream, and directly to the dehydrated area.   This has been a very brief introduction to Brown's Gas for health. By the time I've reported what we now know, I'm sure you'll agree (like the event attendees) that nearly every person in the world will want an ER50 in their home. The market potential is mind boggling.  

The basic ER50 Kit is now being offered to YOU, our eNews subscribers, at a limited time, prerelease price of $378 USD until September 08/05.   We are not yet offering the ER50 Kit to the general public, so it is not on our order form. You will need to order via: email to: < > Subject: ER50 (basic) Kit FAX to: 250-492-7480 or postal mail to: Eagle-Research, 1306 Main Street, Oroville, WA, 98844   Include a payment method for 50% deposit ($189) to put you on the queue, your shipping address (so we can send you the Kit) and email address so that we can quickly contact you in case we need to clear up any details.

Orders with missing or incorrect information will not be processed. This referral code will qualify you for the eNews special price; ER0605.   These ER50 Kits are scheduled to start shipping on September 26/05. The Kits will be shipped out in order of the queue. Buy as many of the ER50 Kits at this price, as you wish, until September 8/05. After that, they will retail for $398.  

The ER50 Kit comes with all the parts to assemble the chamber (it glues together). You will need to spend an additional $40-$60 on parts like wood, glue, wire and hose. 

Phase 1 of the Water Torch Collective closes on July 31/05. This means that:  
• We are finishing up the initial startup Phase of the project. The business is now making enough money to be self-sustaining. With the introduction of these new products, is positioned for rapid growth.  
• Distributorships Phase 2 (after July 31/05) will cost $15000 USD instead of $10000 USD. Anyone considering applying for a WTC distributorship should contact us now - save the $5000 USD.  



George >I started reading your fuel saver material a long time ago and it looks >like you have veered away from the "fuel saving kits" that you used to >sell. Is that because of the "pressure" from the forces that be?   No, we still sell them and are upgrading them.
See: http://www.eagle-research.com/FAQ/FS/fsfaq.php http://www.eagle-research.com/products/pfuels.php http://www.eagle-research.com/order.php   > ...since you do not "patent" your fuel saving >products/ideas/materials. How come someone does not just apply your one > or more of your fuel saving ideas, double their fuel mileage and market it to >the big car companies or you will go to the media?   That is a very good question, with long and involved answers. In short:  

• No one who has lots of money and time believes they work. And if they do consider it, their greed prevents them from tooling up on a product that is 'public domain'.  

• Those that take the risk and apply it personally simply are satisfied and DO tell their friends, which is our biggest marketing strategy.  

• Many more such reasons... http://www.eagle-research.com/noppatent/patfree.php   >That seems like a sure >fire way to make alot of money?! >David   Man, I wish :)) In reality":   • The vehicle manufacturers already know this stuff. They choose not to apply it.   • The 'vested interest' suppression machine is too powerful (for me at least) and it's difficult to get the media to print such stories.   George 



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