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Eagle-Research has a FREE eNEWS (previously posted about once every two months) covering subjects like:

• How to make money promoting Alternative Technology (with no investment).

• How to Home-build Alternative Energy home power systems (practical, low cost).

• How to be Self-Reliant. A strong community is made of self-reliant individuals cooperating.

• How to make Brown's Gas. An amazing gas, made from WATER, that can replace acetylene, propane, MAPP gas, etc.

• How to significantly increase the fuel economy of your vehicle with a performance increase while making less pollution. (what 'vested interest' doesn't want you to know), Running vehicles on water (and related technologies), Latest developments in Alternative Energy (the facts and myths)

Advances in Fuel Saver technology

Inventor assistance:

– Peer review of ideas
– Connecting people doing similar research
– Providing a forum to bring innovation to market,
– Providing advice and education to inventors and marketers
– Helping inventors and investors to connect.

Eagle-Research has become a center and focus for alternative technologies by openly sharing important, factual information on our OWN research and the developments of those who are sharing with us.

Our special marketing techniques show innovators how to make a living, instead of being suppressed.

With this newsletter we help bypass every traditional obstacle to innovation and implementation (bypass greed and 'vested interest') by sharing these technologies directly with YOU.

This newsletter is moderated, meaning that only Eagle-Research can post to it. If you have information you'd like to contribute or comments on postings to you, email your contributions to us.

Check us out at: http://www.eagle-research.com Pay attention to our 'We Don't Patent' section.


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