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Bulk pricing is avalable on select Eagle-Research publications & products.

tabBrown's Gas

Eagle-Research is one of the leading authorities on Brown's Gas research and product development in the world. We have written the only books on Brown's Gas technology, to date, that tell you what the Gas is and how to build the world's most efficient Brown's Gas machines.

tabFuel Saver

Eagle-research combustion enhancement technologies are available NOW! Over 60,000 users are very satisfied with these fuel saving methods and devices.

To write our manuals we examined hundreds of patents, government studies, refinery data, and consulted experts who have set world records for fuel economy. (The current World record, for specialized vehicles under controlled conditions, is over 9000 mpg.) We then took all the information and set up our own lines of research to find practical solutions for the vehicles people already have.

Our fuel savers are the most practical because they get the greatest gains for the least amount of money and time to install. They're designed to enhance your regular fuel system,while keeping your fuel system intact. so at any time you can shut off our fuel saver and operate on your regular fuel system. You can also be installing our fuel savers in your spare time, as you use your vehicle, then connect the fuel saver after it is installed!!

Every book and product we sell has a satisfaction guarantee.

tab Free Energy

Eagle-Research has been doing much research into practical energy saving and generation of energy from alternative, environmentally sustainable sources. We concentrate on technologies that are NOT 'on the shelf'; stuff that regular science generally ignores because it isn't understood or taught in school. Interesting though, after we prove it possible, regular science adopts it as 'standard'!

tab Tesla Technology

Nikola Tesla pretty well discovered most of the basic technology that drives our civilization. A few examples are: Alternating Current (all civilization operates with his electric motors and power distribution system), robotics, radio, incandescent, florescent and neon lighting, advanced turbines and pumps, medical discoveries and much more. He was far beyond an inventor, he labeled himself a 'discoverer.'

tab Misc.

These are products that don't fit in any of the other lines of research categories above. Includes: Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival and The Coming Energy Revolution.


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