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Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival 

dimond finances etc.   Taking care of your financial well-being and official paperwork is always important. In times of worldwide economic breakdown, having all the 'i' s dotted and 'T's crossed is crucial. You don't have to be financially wealthy to protect yourself against difficult times. You do have to use your common sense.

diamond community matters   On some level we're all agreed: the sense of community seems to have been lost in our lives. Preparing to withstand crisis, especially an event as multidimensional, and multifaceted as the Y2K, provides ample motivation to get to know your neighbors. Strong independent individuals, make for strong interdependent communities. What we do to and for another, we do to and for our self.

diamond help kids prepare Does your gut tense up at the thought of an earthquake; death of a spouse; your house burning down and the domino effects of Y2K??? Imagine how a child feels about losing a parent . . . losing their home . . . being in the dark . . . running out of food. Children need to be ready to cope with life turned upside down too. They need to know what to do to survive crisis. More importantly, they need to learn, by example, what it takes to grow into confident, interdependent, multi-skilled and talented adults.

diamond the GOOD news Crisis, regardless of the intensity, is painful. Sometimes the destruction is so vast and so deep that it rips away our comforting realities and nearly destroys our will to go on. No matter how it appears, there's always new promise look forward to.

The world is changing. (That's a good thing) Parts of everything we know may 'crash and burn' in the process. (That's sad and disturbing, but maybe necessary). When we rebuild, we'll rebuild it better than it ever was before. In fact, the human spirit is so vastly grand, impressive and creative - there's no limit to the wonder-full world we can create.



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