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Self-reliance is not just a lifestyle choice for the offspring of aging flower children, anarchists or 'new age' wing-nuts. A self-reliance renaissance has begun to creep into, and in some sectors sweep through, mainstream thinking too. Huge segments of conventional society, as well as those on 'the fringe', have been touched in some way by the crumbling of 'rock solid' institutions that can't be relied upon anymore.

These changes include: rules that can't be counted on; the downsizing of 100 year old companies; the speed of technological change; information that becomes suddenly 'wrong' by discoveries of more efficient methods; economic 'cycles' that can no longer be accurately predicted . . . and hundreds of other light-speed changes have forced even mainstream to reconsider their dependence on 'them' being reliably 'there' to 'take care of things'. The world is in flux - a fact we can't afford to deny any longer. A return to self-reliance is a sound, necessary lifestyle choice - no matter what your philosophical sensibilities.

• Your Future Depends On You!

Self-reliance is about taking personal responsibility for your own well-being. It's about having the courage to recognize that our civilization is due for a cleansing, and about preparing to help with the building of a better, more effective model for conscious living. It's about learning to see, think, plan, independence, liberty and eventually true proactive interdependence.

In the process of researching, gathering, organizing and experiencing the challenges associated with becoming independent, you'll grow so much that you'll hardly recognize yourself.

• The First Step Is the Hardest

Sometimes, maybe most of the time, you'll feel like you've taken on a part-time job in the beginning stages of preparing for self-sufficiency. But, the feelings of overwhelm, impatience and weariness will relax once you can look back at your progress. Take it step by step, don't try everything at once but keep trying new things. Gradually, the initial feelings of distress get replaced by confidence, strength and self-reliance. Though that's not the greatest benefit of the process.

After a while, becoming self-sufficient changes the way you think. Even mundane choices are based on whatever will retain your independence the most. Self-reliant thinking changes you into a better version of yourself.

• Is It Really Worth It?

The principles of self-reliance are worth the labor to assimilate into a regular model for living because it's the right thing. The strongest civilizations are made of strong individuals. But you will only find that out by working through the process.

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